Exbl. the proposal.

exbl, and wants to know how to expand.

Q. I want to be tall as the next pillar, can ya help me extend?

a1. Let me extend upward please reply back so i can grow.

  • 1d. if u do reply please reply back as 2c so i can have basic stuff.
  • 1e. if u do reply that I need more than basic, please reply back as 2d.

a2. I want to be a stump forever and dont reply at all.


To all those who are about to. . .

I want to present to my audience a new type of blog,

although this blogs would create interaction.

so please do bare with me,

and come along and ride that caterpillar

and lets follow the slowest rabbit 🐇,

so we can chase that slug to its eye socket,

and give em what fer. hehe.