12 muses of old. 1st qtr: Gorgonites

Spin me a web my beautiful gorgon

Spin me a tale of deciet and destruction

Treachery , twists and tragedy

would be loved ones at bay

Delusions, grandiuer and mockery

at best beside me

I will make out

I will succumb

but not muse i can put

my sights on.

Hear me now

Here i am,

at the precipice

of my psyche,

my own 


So go please

Id like to know. 

A part of me,

that makes

myself a good and bad twin self of my own


πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ β˜»πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜£πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ˆπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
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personal collection.


Run pt.5

1789, Boston. Xavier Cromwell has perfected a hydrogen fuel. A fateful night in the late december 1789, seven days before christmass came a stranger convinced Mr. Cromwell first to sell the paper for hydrogen fuel. Mr Cromwell and his legacy never dealt with poverty since that eventful day which he gave a theory in which water can be turned into a greater fluid for any locomotive, automotive or any of the sort. 


Three days before Troi Ah Te’ Lek, rebelled and took the prototype of HOP transport, had the knowledge of his brethen who took a theorem of Hydrogen fuel took it to the stars and exceeded the achievement for humans in third earth. He knew of the name who gave the Hydrogen fuel to the visiting Zadokian then in 1898. That was why he wanted nothing but to watch the extraordinary event that took place in that era.

Now he is about to die in the year 1948, he didnt want all this, but he had to and pulled that trigger.


“Mr Kaperch, why are you staring intently into a blank scren”asked the private.

“I know why they are here.”

“What are you talking about?”, asked again the private.

“Tell your staff sargeant, to stand down and buy me time, if not its the end of everything.”


“Then we all are dead, if you will not take me seriously.”


With two hands in the air Kaperch and said 

“I duncare no more, we mankind has lost all hope, all hope of living because of people like you, who thinks nothing more to be a puppet first of the system and of our own thinking. I simply duncare. The rest of mankind depends on you. Go ahead mock me, go ahead ignore me, we are dead because you, private cant make a conclusion at least hear me out and make me plea for us humans. I simply do not care anymore.”

“As you said I simply do not care.”, and with that the future ended there.


It was an endgame strategy for all world decision. They took the bait of the Zadoks, and retaliated.

In a day, The world plummetted into a chaos. Two days, near apocalyptic end.The third day, all means of life in Third earth was near at its bitter end.


end trnasmission….

Run, pt4

“‘Troi isnt it’, ‘i am zadokian and they will come for you'”. Kent Kaperch heard the news today that the aliens calling themselves ‘Zadokians’ has landed. 

He knew what the world would led to, if the world would retailiate and make that move that the aliens wanted. For he himself watch Troi Ah te lek died 60 years ago on that table.

A stun vaporizer gun held by that alien, it took the weapon held it up from its own chin and took his own life. Kent knew nothing then about aliens and all that technology.
1948 November 5

“Acti nyoregi Troi”

“Ayhnn nect toi Hatpathi”

A booming loud noise as the positron magnetic discharge after Troi pressed the hop sequence, although he wanted to traveled to 1848 and witness the Zadokian empire first landing on Aldeberran. He made a crucial mistake of the digits, prior to pressing the activation sequence


Hop tech is almost complete at the year 2023 earth year, it was Kent Kaperch’s baby on timewarped wormhole. Now that all Aeuronautics have united to move on with the Mars Initiate Program.


Troi crash landed at unknown part of third earth. 90% of life support is drained and his vitals are waning to the last drop, figures came in and out of his hop vessel. He was lifted  and put on a stretcher. It took all his spiritual essense and took his own life with his vaporizer up to his chin saying in human common language “You people have no morals, let me die peace!!!” As Troi ah te lek slumped on the floor.

Run. Pt3

“They are bluffing” Gen. Braddock intentionally browbeated the current president.

“You think? Did you look over at the vid that was captured in this footage?” Fumed the president of U.S.A

“Sir i admit that these are stange times, but this could be a front for something else.”

“Shuddup Braddock, for national and international security for the love your money, shut up.”

Braddock gritted his teeth and wanted nothing but this answer, infuriated him to the max.

“And please dont slam the door on your way out.”

Ah te’ lek wanted nothing but to reclaim once was his lonestar wayward son. It has been eons since his son used and played with the hopper shuttle. The hopper shuttle was to give them access to he new breed of fuel, wormholes. In the wormholes while using the hopper, it was to prick the space time continuum for a megasecond then it would use its negative repulsor so it would not affect time itself. But his son wanted to use this to prove to his father, that using the tech only to play around the galaxy.

 In 1948 earth time, Troi Ah te’ lek used the positive charge instead of negative to hop from alpha centauri.  With the positive charge, from the year 5050 earth time to 1948, the hopper went to the past. Those years reigned alien tech from 1950 and onwards. 

“Grah nikae shaae brahmasik”, barked Ah te’ lek to a radio tech com officer.

“Are you ready to invade, and plunder earth for the taking?”

A brahmin grey appeared in the monitor.

“Zhay zgir zureh Ah te’ lek?”, Braghur smirked.

“When the time has come, then i will plunder my share of that wretched planet. Let your underling locate Troi first, so we know if the hopper has been breached or not.”, Braghur secured a grin and questinable eye to Ah te’ lek.

“I see your point, now we have to wait, if these insignificant disobedient men of earth can even dare to invade our space.”

“The supreme said once to us grey men of third earth, ‘Hail them as children that does not even listen to a father who loves them very dearly. And if you dare do a genocide on them, evidently i will hear of it. Be gentle with them, i asked only for your race to help them with agricultural advances. If i hear any other things that you will do, eventually your terms of visits will be very limited.”, Braghur lowered his third eye.

“These children of earth neve cease to amaze me.” Ah te’lek dimmed he monitor.

“Once the confirmation is complete, there would be no one to stop us.”

Both smiled and curled their uneven lips.


arstydhude ’11-16 @ image

Run. Pt2

Bleeding massively and barely can make it alive, Stephanie Summers looked at the sky and wanted to give up the ghost but her friend JP is reaching out to her with his battered hands.

“S.s..step…” JP stuttered, with a heave of forced breathe Steph tried to reached at JP. No luck her body convulsed as JP gave up his ghost. Alone and bloodied, she closed her eyes and prayed.

As soon as the beam shuts the towering transformed mothership, lowered to the ground and figures emerged from it.

“Acta dulok dhernaba, shekao dinesh dos thekta” General Dhalok of the Zadokian empire barked orders to get the bodies.

“DWAI!” Dhalok shouted as quad of zadokian pawns marched to the bodies and took them.

More ships arrive one by one and transformed into platforms. The night was filled with terror as he ships kept pouring and little by little the whole armada of Zadoks emerged from and to the dark of night.


“We of the Zadokian empire will be your new masters, do not retaliate or your whole kind will be wiped out!”Dhalok transmitted this to all known frequencies.

“We are the Zadoks, we will make you suffer if you dont co-operate and if you do, go ahead and make mankind meet its maker. No ultimatum, no deals, we are here to make your life more easier. One military move on all of your efforts, i tell you now, it will be an annihilation. So please i beg you masters of mankind, do not attack my facility.” Dhalok squinted long and hard and reported to the commanding officer in Alpha Centauri homebase.

“Vishnakae vishu bom-bau tu’a ganath” Dhalok reported.

“Locate Base 1 at roswell. We end it now.” Ah’te lek barked.

“Not to be insubordinate, but sir we need to facilitate and make a hq here.” Dhalok insisted.

“Locate Base 1 now and extract all known structures in so doing we need that which they stole from us.” Ah’te lek commanded.

“I will obey.” Dhalok rose from his knees and took something from the nearby table.

“Soon your species will be at my mercy…”

Tbc γ€Šγ€ŠβŠ™

Artworks by artsydhude 08′-16


“Run as fast as you can, they are coming.”,Ryan kept chanting

“Hate this!!”,JP shouted

“Are there no more hills to run to?”,Brice asked rhetorically.

“As if, please keep running!”, Steph ran the past the boys.

The four figure ran into he clearing then stopped.

Panting and trying to get calmed and at least composed, Ryan saw four massive motherships and with a tentacled claws it shown an eye of a massive proportions.

“I remember two of my uncles kept re telling that 1950’s radio show, War…” a gasp an awe came from the four as one of the motherships transformed into an organic techmech. 

From the base of the mothership came forth eight limbs, from the eight two of it was hard as concrete, the four bulged as an even torso as hard as muscle like an olympian and the last formed a frame up on the  top of the ship in a form of a face.

A face that shocked the four and shook the ground as hard it can. The four got propolled into the air as rag dolls. Ryan and Brice hit the ground and doa’d on impact. The others heavily injured and staggered.

It looked to the sky and lit a spread of beam as light passed through the clear dusk sky of Nebraska.
TBCγ€Šγ€Šγ€ŠβŠ™ @ohmz 16.

The one who sold time 7:00

September 29,3069 at 7:oo am

Mars Second National Bank Consolidated was looking dumfounded when it kept checking where did all funds go.
Moon base 3 accounting division at around 7:30am, can’t trace a single thing connecting that all terran credits are depleted down to zero. And in conjuction with Earth Federation Banks are chaotic. All credits are nowhere to be seen. 

At 8:00am all division heads in Accounting in the main office of Baltimore Maryland are bickering. This situation is going deep and wide as chaos reigned supreme on this very day.

November 1st 3069, all forms of life in the known territories of mankind has been apocalyptic. Monetary value of life as we speak has been degraded and life halted. 

December 24th, 3069 the bleakest and chaos of every known worlds has degraded into massive wars, now every nation has blamed each one.

December 31st 3069, A new phase in mankind comes. Money has been vanished in their existance. “What do we do without money” says an official of the Confederate Federation corporate offices in Maryland.

It is now January 1st, 3070 a lone figure stands in the north tower at downtown San Jose of Adobe Systems.

“So it begins anew, this is what money can really do”

A second figure emerges from the air.

2: “i cant find any timestealer”

1: “Shit, who took those creds?”

2: “its as if the tracks are well covered and sealed shut”

1: “who really did all this?”

2: “our existance was based on money value, what do we now?”

1:”activate the jump sequence, we need to trace back to hq. All we can do now is make a contingency for all this”

2:”All this chaos from money. Maybe it ought to be this way from now on.”

1:”you are right, what would do without money?”

2:”share and be civil for everybody, Nahh”

1: ” cycle complete, coming?”

2: ” right behind you.”

It has been 3 months span, April 12, 3070. The contigency plan was set and acted. Basis of life now as follows. All consolidated metals are scrapped and can be recycled and turned into supplies. Lumber and water are the source of living settlements. Life was simmering and settles. Civility and the barter system of old is acted through known worlds.

The one who sold time. 7:15

Dagoth: Veepah urs nama

Shoggudh: duggu nama sheku

Dagoth: let them be, they took it from us. Now is the time for us to have retribution

Shoggudh: who will they blame?

Dagoth: such time has passed, and they still use that blame game

Both creature laughed as they leave the whirpool with almost the credits of the known worlds has been depleted.

Dagoth: ohh, such waste wanna go to casino at Aldeberran sector?

Shoggudh: you sure you wanna go to aldeberran?

Dagoth: money is nothing is nothing to us anyway, right?

Shoggudh: But time does matter.

Both shriveled at the face of greed

Dagoth: we stole from them, that time spent and stolen, which they keep wasting. That is their problem, in which case one can undo, if he only answered the right time and the moment has passed. 

Shoggudh: then it is done. Time is now sold and the their ways will be as old as time itself.

The two parted at 7:15 pm at september 19th of 3069.

Unknown to third earth and to the colonies of its moon and Mars, all the credits has been depleted and now it begins.
γ€Šγ€ŠβŠ™ to be continued  ΒΏβ™§ΒΏ

The one who sold time. 5:15

Bystander: hey buddy what time is it?

Pedestrian: Hold on, let me get my phone. Its 5:10pm

Bystander: wanna be rich?

Pedestrian: Not now, im late for dinner.

As the pedestrian moved on, the bystander veered off the left and into the overlay of bushes going to the park.

“Vouragh kuroagh ashta veneshi kutro”

A dimmer glow afar opened, ripples of luminescent light circled just about 15 inches from the ground


At around 6:15 at September 19 of 3069, a lone figure kept drilling an open air and credits kept pouring out of thin air. It had pumped almost pentillion creds and there was no one to give this monetary value. So how to sell or even pitch to someone who would have no more troubles for money.

γ€Šγ€ŠβŠ™  to be continued   <<¿‘¿
Vol 1: timeless tales, eps 1.p1