NmBc 14c

Snare me a rim while you strike that cymbals.

I shall keep the treble of my bass.

Let my tom toms capitulate,

Then only then all backbeat will and would

Accumulate into something I can sink my Hi-hat into.


NsVs vs NmBc 443

Scribble that beat into something 

My foot can bash the drumming

Sweet savage bass that cannot be beat.

While I try to doodle a rhyme

Where no metre has gone before,

I can make it with or without your backbeat.

Please write me a stanza in a chorus where your refrain makes no quarter,

And leave it all behind a levels of decibels that makes my ear shrivel.

You are not the only one,

who goes through.

who gets through,

who suffers day in and day out.

I get it

I simply get it,

thing is we needed you when we all go through,

now that you are gone,

who are we to turn to.

We cant simply listen to

crap on crap of crap.

I know music is not going to be same without

pioneers nor a spirit to drive.

So please when you’re up there with

Lennon, Cobain and the others we simply ask,

Give us another one to follow and this time

share their sorrow for all of us.

Dedicated to Mr. Bennington.

Skanoodle galleria 25

Getcha motoh runnin,

Heda outta the hi way

looki fo advenchu .. .

take the world in love embrace,

heavy metal thundaah.. .

Explooo in the spaace… ..

.. .I nevahh wannadie.

-Born to be Wild / Steppenwolf


@rtsydhude De lineas legaci 2017