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Jean Grey

Scott Summers.

X-Men. First Class.

Chris Claremont, Stan Lee

Marvel comics.


NmBs 1099a.ii

What does friends make out of conviction,

when it lies never in all we know

of giving our best,

in no time

it always ends at

worst intentions.

Did Stark revealed what we greed for.

Does Rogers accept outcome most than life itself.

I am marveled more in the friendship than the power

moreover than the ability of my own understanding.


Steve Rogers/ Captain America

Tony Stark/ Iron Man

are likeness thereof Marvel Comics

under Buena Vista Entertainment.

all rights reserved.


fan art by artsydhude 2009


Can you hear me,

my blind justice.

Can you see me,

my stalwart hands.

Do these balance take hold.

Do that check hands fold.

Make me an instrument of your amendments.

Make me an instrument of the practice.

Who am I,

then to uphold and upheld,

to which end.



@rtsydhude, fan-@rt 2017.


In momento, et tu

Why of all things,

when we were there. . .

in the years of those,

that it was written not for amusement,

not for the imagery. . .

but as the message it conveyed.

I guess the message that Mr. Lee did write then was very subtle nuance,

that all we see behind Parker, Xavier and Mostly Banner,

that keep fighting for was all in vain,

for the amusement of that visual entities,

or shall we say the toad that sprung the green behind the greed of it all.

Thus my drama

comes to a comedy

turns into a dramedy

Have these eyes cried enough

have these ducts swelled enough

but this curl of a lip

would rather smirk and cackle

with Joker

with Loki


I might as well hang out at the tower

and ask Yakko

to go to Del Taco 

While Dot makes a face and Wakko runs in place.


Batobot 2007


Keep trying

Climb little spider

only to get squashed again

only to be ridiculed

then get back up



and again.

That is why,

you are human enough

to say

” I am trying to live

what life

is throwing at me.”



fanart @ 2000 by artsydhude

Marvel comics 

all rights reserved 

under Buena Vista Entertainment/ Disney

Of the few and the proud

Without a doubt

of all the effort

of all the time

for you among the few

the ones who never ask

the ones who do,

and keep going

we will never forget,

we will never regret,

you make us 


and prideful.


Captain America

Marvel comics.

Kirby/ Lee

Disney copyrights marks thereof.

Dedicated to the men and women in duty.

Sight beyond sight

To be feared,

one must have fear of dying,

then why i keep trying

night after night

i wake up 

and hear my beating heart

and see with my cane that which touches everything

taste every bit of my blood gushing out from every muscle I tear.

But now I know i can die,

so to speak then,

I am not the one to die,

I can dare to be 



fanart 2016

by artsydhude


As i punch through my depths of my soul,

Chi on Yang i injest

Chi Upon Yin i take rest.

Upon which i condition

my mind sets on inhibitions, 

let not my obssessive addiction of my ego

be the one who will be the devil of me.

Still i am one with myself,

I am one with 

as my Dao releases

as my Tao tenses.