Dance against my elbow

Leave my fist into a twirl

Knock some sense in me

While all this hammerfist

Sound a spin into 

leverage that makes my kicks splits.

That no weapon can block.

Only the one thing blocking

is that of the love of an artist

that never stops to fly

straight high.



Catapult me an offense,

as i will and would have done,

a punch twisted enough,

to make you cringe a tear.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 66


So you want to. . .

be a determined, devoted and diligent.

be someone to somebody.

defend your rights.

be dependent on by defense.

But first, can you block?

can you be humbled by violent words?

can you take a hit without hitting back?

can you take defense without being offensive?

Only then you can take all these and more…

so do you. . .

do you really want to?


In memoriam of

Pat Morita

from Karate Kid.





Swing and I will miss.

Hit me and I will take,

But to scold me with your bandana is another

Use all weaponry at hand,

I shall ask and withstand

all barrage that there to come.

I will fly, when I see you

that vampiric lifeless drain on you,

Sorry to say

I can pluck your nose,

and with an elbow of my joints

Just to push you a little

is a violence

I can make,

for your life to take by your own,

not me,

not me.

Changing seasons

1:17 = According as circumstances favorable, one should modify one’s plans.

Laying Plans, Art of War / Sun Tzu.



So now you know,

half the battle has been failed,

and is a good consistent success rate.

For it is a good thing,

being a fallen hero than always being

the one who is a marionette of the system.

Then it is decided,

you adjust, adopt and adapt and keep the opposition guessing,

and not to be predictable.


@ c17Jul4 / @rtsydhude


Days unending.

7:17 Maneuvering pg.72

“Let your rapidity be of that of the wind.”

The art of war, Sun tzu.


To anticipate

death from all sides,

one must be omnipotent for himself

one must be judgemental of his self,

in turn he will know,

when to try and cry about his business.

Thing is,

Why assume and be anxious when one can,

see the wind move,

and dance with it.

-X phactore Ohmz pg.65

Internal Chi

“Martial Heart”

Immortal in form
But shape in flow
And when it lashes
Stings like no other


Only need two hands
To immobilized you
Only two feet
Can destroy you

Force negates force
There is no
There is no
Only a cause to subscribe to
Only a cause to set the mind

Gaining no momentum
As still as a beating heart

I am not bind by anyone
But bounded to which I am trained for


Martial Heart, orig @2015, Refreshed, 2017.

Full Capacity

I will do this,

I would have jammed your pretense,

I shall avert,

But my knees,

will be mine to relax hence,

on my fist I will open and prevent

my demise.

Em. prompt. u… 00.a

D.aily R.andom Q.uoted V.erse

”  1. . . . , The art of war is of vital importance to the State.”

—–>>>ยคยค SUN TZU.

—>ยค The art of war.
to what end of all it,

why does the state of it

but yes

it promotes

it does have a cause

to which Orcs and Goblins

grunt, smishes, smashes, shouting matches

yet an innocent fresh meats in the process

gets swallowed whole.

Yet in the affairs of any state,

we are to be minded, and to remind

that which can be capitalized

and if what happens

on any given terms,

us hobbits,

need to know one thing.

To the prancing pony we go,

to the prancing pony we down a pint.

Let anybody know,

where Merry only knew

what it meant to be

a vital importance

of any given state.


Tracing paper and pencil

April c.17