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O.n:N.o #l3
As the crow cries while my dove dies,

To that which a tear is of my river and of the land

Whereas are the mountains grows from the ocean of my blood.

I will not carry this samsonite filled of linens soaked of all my anxieties,

Which the past bled onto it and left me in all the stations from Oslo to Kyoto.

My destination would be you and loving you with all of me,

as you will toss my baggage over that Danube,

While my naked soul will be clothed not by our love,

While my third eye is poked,

Time would be our shelter,

Space and thoughts are our transportation,

Love be the guide.


©oliver Melendez

®ohms, all works thereof



This bottle of . . .


I am trying to look. . .

for you,

for reasons,

of excuses.

The void which can be emptied and be filled,

Yet still be of nothing and something in between.

I asked it,

It told me.

Go out breathe that which is free,

Go out stand amongst the weightless water.

Go out and run into all hills of others.

You will see,

You will touch,

You can smell,

All that is and be all that can never be yours.

In some sense it was and will always be yours not to take nor make.

Only time will love you for what you are,

Not the one you are becoming,

Breathe damn fool,



© Oliver Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude



what do you do,

when the past keeps you at bay,

then it happens,

the past is,

the past was,

and is the devil comes at you.

That present moment where it does not hide.

that does not care.

that tells you all truth of moments.

That is the Jesus message that makes me divinely blessed.

So do I dare compare the contrast,

the Why do I even do all things 

I can do for tomorrow,

coz I will be looking for optimum optimism in sacred places in between.


Peel the light,

where you wore that sticker in two,

Then shine me wity a darkness of

this laziness.

Let that sleep steal me a sole,

where in my dreams

I can walk to you,

by morning night,

I will be there.

BsNs 0z#k

Don’t shed a tear my blue sky,

as my dry earth come near to me

would I be good son to you two,

and never ask why.

Coz i know of you,

I will protect my heart,

and in your honor I give,

not of promoting but

be of service

a kind gentle soul.

Know I can begin not today

nor tomorrow,

as the moment makes me

not to be in sorrow.

Nsvs vs NmBc z9

. . .

Let the wind in from my foot,

Let that sun shine at the back of my backpack,

Give me my excuse from a doctor

Hand me my emotion from a door that it bore,

Why then can’t I cry anymore,

Why am I glad to be mad at myself,

than you.

Into that night,

where I am not alone,

when the wind howls

where all of me breaks,

while the sky breeze plummet

into staccato shores.
Then I’d know at midnight,

only it’s veil

drops and my land chills

till the morning night come.

NmBz 000 a1.ii

. . .

Negative plane has shifted upon it’s reins.

no matter the rain nor pain comes in the wake

of all mistakes.

Can we endur3,

we cannot

we can,

only when the reign

of convulses into replication

of ethics and demoralization.

It has to be there,

one cannot lie

one cannot cheat

to steal of its love

to destroy

to maim,

and yes murder the mind,

coz Negativity itself

is flawed and does need

Positive alongside.