Ns wat903

A bag full of dirt spoke to the gravel,

Thus the gravel only grumbled,

when the road of mud kept its mouth shut.

A passing tumbleweed slew some hushed dirt,

then that red rock dust did shiver,

enabling the pebbles on a square foot of dryness shuffle.

What dust we are,

dust we stay,

only a wind can carry us in a hurry.


AuVi vs NsVs r1

Standing and comparing with a life a pine.

I sway when I want to,

It sways as it need to.

I eat with an open mind.

It eats with no mouth only to sip the life into.

Where do I begin,

when to need and want,

as the pine does not do anything but grow and reach for the sky.

As I, do grow in mind and spirit,

lacking to have a goal.

Only then I knew,

I have to grow up with you.