AuVi vs NsVs r1

Standing and comparing with a life a pine. I sway when I want to, It sways as it need to. I eat with an open mind. It eats with no mouth only to sip the life into. Where do I begin, when to need and want, as the pine does not do anything but grow and reach for the sky. As I, do grow in mind and spirit, lacking to have a goal. Only then I knew, I have to grow up with you. Continue reading AuVi vs NsVs r1

BsNs 0z#k

Don’t shed a tear my blue sky, as my dry earth come near to me would I be good son to you two, and never ask why. Coz i know of you, I will protect my heart, and in your honor I give, not of promoting but be of service a kind gentle soul. Know I can begin not today nor tomorrow, as the moment makes me not to be in sorrow. Continue reading BsNs 0z#k

Scenick coll.1 f4

Call me a skeptic, but when a blue sun shines on a purple mud. Believe you me I can sing me a come undone hum. Then I can dance to the rhythm of the beat of a wind where I can almost see the grain from its reign. And will I sail on the idea, where the idyllic love  where men sail the air of Cassiopeia  to the shores of  Orion’s tail. Continue reading Scenick coll.1 f4