Reign on this parade


Light me in my darkest dawn.

Mark me upon the night’s storm.

Of might, fang and rage. . .

Don’t let your snarl be re awakened,

lest your father to trick this world again.

Fenris my cub, Skoll of my days, Hati of my moon…

Let my loose my Greki upon the Freki of myself,

then let see who gets swallowed whole,

in the turn of my own twilight.

—>>》》》De Dias

–>》》Veeda de Libros p5

Counting sands.


Success is counted sweetest

by those who ne’er suceed. . .

-Emily Dickinson

I would rather taste defeat

first than success, coz at least i knew

how to fall flat,

eat that dirt,

then get back in the game

so I can be me.

Aah my sweet Chiron,


Let me be my own Herakles,

as you watch me grow,

upon and unto your eyes;

yet when the crucial time that is ripe I am free

of your training,

of your edifications,

of your love you gave. . .

In one swoop my Icarus wings are built,

fascination will be my own downfall,

and I would fall,

so shall it be then,

I will plummet but rise into mine own.

In momento, et tu


Why of all things,

when we were there. . .

in the years of those,

that it was written not for amusement,

not for the imagery. . .

but as the message it conveyed.

I guess the message that Mr. Lee did write then was very subtle nuance,

that all we see behind Parker, Xavier and Mostly Banner,

that keep fighting for was all in vain,

for the amusement of that visual entities,

or shall we say the toad that sprung the green behind the greed of it all.



Are you proud of yourself,

and knowingly its a real achievement,

to know that feeling,

because you made the possible

out of the impossible.

thing is;

can u feel it only once, not twice nor everytime.

Its a state of sinful act when it becomes an addiction.

Half measure


To have an authoritarian heart with a rebel mind that listens to a firm mouth, and a steady hands that acts kindly.

-X phactore p.29