Weight of the wait.

“I know that he exists

Somewhere, in silence.

He has hid his rare life

From our gross eyes.”

       -Emily Dickinson

        Life. LXXX p49

        Barnes and Noble Classics


Dont hide,

but be in silence.

Be silent,

yet speak to me in turmoil.

Dont hide,

do show up where i dont need you.

Be silent,

I know you are there waiting.

Ghosts of the pasts

I hang upon this noose,

But it does not murder me.

All the shots fired,
The hail and embers surrounds me.


With your words;
With your intent;

I succumb into melancholia,
I enter my dementia,
I am lost and wander in memory;
Sickness turned into depravity,
Depravity unto beleaguered mentality.

Momentarily I am in my hell,
My brain defunct.
How do I miss you, where are you?

You are here.

But when I am with you,
I am empty and fulfilled,
Content and yearning at the same time.

I sure do miss you,
But I don’t want you.
Saudade, Nov ’15. Original,   June 2017, Edited, repost. 

The muse of my Art

Once I held you,

never before,

then after.

You are always beside me,

first as my Lady,

second an eternal bestie.

Third my constant lover,

the one who doesnt amuse,

never used me,

please forgive me,

for abusing your love time and again.

Still we part and be torn in our duties for our own.

I have loved you,

I always will.

For you my better half,

For you my beloved,

For you.

Internal Chi

“Martial Heart”

Immortal in form
But shape in flow
And when it lashes
Stings like no other


Only need two hands
To immobilized you
Only two feet
Can destroy you

Force negates force
There is no
There is no
Only a cause to subscribe to
Only a cause to set the mind

Gaining no momentum
As still as a beating heart

I am not bind by anyone
But bounded to which I am trained for


Martial Heart, orig @2015, Refreshed, 2017.

Ye olde gods arise.

Kali to me,

Shiva to my right,

Anubis by my left,

Zeus center in,

Odin with Sleipnir with greki and freki now on the loose,

Mighty pale horses lurking, four at the back.

Set upon the noose of all the abused,

the terror is without,

the terror is nothing.

When Loki 

and the coyote

at the front.

Prepare no more. . .

Of the might and judgement is his reckoning,

of this cleansing.


personal coll. 2007-2017.


A passage in time.



-S1:E2O “Innocents of Ryloth”



Bobba Fett, 

fanart c.’07-17

We all are innocent

until some one gives us,

a hand,

a tool,

a way of progress.

In that succession, 

we all want the same thing in life,

the need of our greed compasses and never stops,

thus the means to,

is nev3r adjusted,

is nev3r accomplished.

It is accquired until,

the wants of all our greed,

is an unnecessarry need.

Me, you and we all are accoounted for it,

we dont want it

Yet is a tipping point.

Still in the heaven’s way ,

they want no one but the innocent,

In the subscription of me,

 I believe,
the innocents gets to have it all.

The first ones

are innocent.

gets the free pass.

are the ones to get saved.

are the examples.

are the first,

in order for us to live.