Love to leave it.

What is it about,

When i cannot ponder,

Why I am always thinking,

Where was my mind and 

How i came into questions that

Which can never stop,

Does it ever anyway?

The only answer would be,

Leave it as it goes,

To let it go behind

The wall of 

Letting go.


Free the mind . . .

Of the love that was

Of the time was

All the longing of dwelling on and the 

Past that flew in and out

Of the life that spent on 

Reclusive state,

Repetitive mindless dribbles and squabbles,

Prideful grudges and stoic cynicism.

So it seems any of somewhat vices that held or lost,

Then please do held your senses responsible,

Not your behavior,

At least admit it to your attitude,

Unless it was intended,

Unless it was intentional,

For it was the brain all along that held you,

In all that was,

Can you try,

Just to adjust but not change,

Your cellulite and the scars that held you in pain,

And bathe in the rain.


what do you do,

when the past keeps you at bay,

then it happens,

the past is,

the past was,

and is the devil comes at you.

That present moment where it does not hide.

that does not care.

that tells you all truth of moments.

That is the Jesus message that makes me divinely blessed.

So do I dare compare the contrast,

the Why do I even do all things 

I can do for tomorrow,

coz I will be looking for optimum optimism in sacred places in between.

Ns wat925

Recipe for a better cake,

First sugarcoat your life without a wife.

Then sprinkle green dust, as your worklife begins,

which can be better if you knew where and when

investing some but not so much,

in a corporation of lives

that matters to what

you call company.

Take a time and sip

while doing a part time,

hold it as much as you can, before

someone tells you,

u have potential for a managerial position.

Then wait forever for a soul mate,

that love’s you in and out,

after which gamble

your life,

before you hold a line,

nor civil or even a non denominational church.

Also bake one single baby inside her,

wait for 9 months,

then YAY,

Life begins,

as the cake 🎂, gives you

a life,

a love,

a family,

where life begins at single warmth in

each day is cake,

coz baby,

it takes a whole lot of patience,

to eat a life of


As Lady Antoinette once said.