A path into of that.

In the clearing of that path,

winded down at last,

at my foot which i took

left to right

while i hummed a good tune by my side.

on to a gravel grey graveyard of stick and stones,

i saw a lone tree at about 7 to 9 yards from me,

it took 5 minutes to scan

i thought i saw someone.

I rushed at that lone tree,

there it stood not so lonely

coz in all its glory

had friends from its starting path,

a forest took my sight.

Do i back down and come back,

shall i partake of the air

so I may transcend my time

into age of what that Lone tree,

can offer me.


Gathering moss

Gather to me my knights,

unfold the scales of your mail,

as the wraiths of time wail by the second hand that trails.

In the dusk of the night,

I dar3 tread the path of that beacon at midnight.

Then we shall see at dawn,

where all things do yawn,

in the first hour of the twillight morn

I will see your spear,

with my that rear of the axe i weild.


© oliver a. melendez.

© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude


Good times

Share your miserable power so I can be greater than you’ll ever be, Mocked Sauron to his mentor.

This is mine alone, if you do want this then i will put murder in your heart then only then you will be worthy of me, Melkor to Sauron.

Mock conversation of the best villains of Middle Earth.


@FANFIC of Silmarillion.

@rtsydhude Fanart Melkor/Sauron.

If it were. . .

A different time,

A different place,

You and I 

can share our. . .

but We live in a practical world,

where magic, love and life

is nothing but gains, benefits and fact of the matter remains.

A fate is destined, when you are slow to choose

Yet destiny is taken when its grabbed at the height,

where you were but not was.

-X phactore pg. 52



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