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Leaves of Dwindor.

A leaf stood and left all dead leaves, then it ran with the wind. . .

and sang,

lets do the north where the air bleeds,

if not then, south so we can yearn all of my needs,

well if you wanna go east, why not,

i dunnwanna go west,

men lives there.

They will crush me as soon their foot welcomes me.

When can men ever trust, when they can’t even respect us leaves.

Anthromorphs, Art, Digital drawing, Line art, Portraits, Short stories

When the

Turtle spoke to the rabbit,

it said,

Here we are to set the stage,

we will fright them all with all we got,

The rabbit kept the eye,

while the turtle left in a slow jam.

All animals society waited for the turtle

while the rabbit listened fast enough to see the setup they would be.


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