Chill me a spine


Let me drag my past, as i grimace my future of no tommorows.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

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Good times


Share your miserable power so I can be greater than you’ll ever be, Mocked Sauron to his mentor.

This is mine alone, if you do want this then i will put murder in your heart then only then you will be worthy of me, Melkor to Sauron.

Mock conversation of the best villains of Middle Earth.


@FANFIC of Silmarillion.

@rtsydhude Fanart Melkor/Sauron.

Skanoodl3 galleri4 02


Last night i thought i heard

Selene screaming at Orion,

as he was using his belt to defend himself from her.

While Pluto were trying to bark At Uranus.

Then I looked up and saw Alpha Centauri smiled at me,

trying not to bellow a chuckle at the scenario.

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The true form of a vampire is not how they keep draining their victims.

But the endurance and constitution of a life that drains them love after life,

knowingly they cannot and will not meddle in the affairs of life of their love.

– X phactore p.37

If it were. . .


A different time,

A different place,

You and I 

can share our. . .

but We live in a practical world,

where magic, love and life

is nothing but gains, benefits and fact of the matter remains.

A fate is destined, when you are slow to choose

Yet destiny is taken when its grabbed at the height,

where you were but not was.

-X phactore pg. 52



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To theorem:


i loved your ways.

you used to feed my brain.

Nowadays i am full so much of reality,

and it is killing me.

Id like to see you more often than i should.

Come by with Pegasus sometimes at my bedside,

get Nyx to bedazzle me,

while you are at it, take Sleipnirr with you,

a great race towards the end of my slumber, while 

I dr3am my day away with all of you.

I still love you,

mighty theorem…

We used to have so much . . . 

When the


Turtle spoke to the rabbit,

it said,

Here we are to set the stage,

we will fright them all with all we got,

The rabbit kept the eye,

while the turtle left in a slow jam.

All animals society waited for the turtle

while the rabbit listened fast enough to see the setup they would be.


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