Art, Drawing/Sketch, fable, Fantasy, Mixed media, poetry

NsVs vup009cd

Tell me a battle of old,

where I can sit and hear with eyes open.

where I can read with my fingers and mouth shut.

where my mind cannot think yet only my heart can shout.

Have I seen this movie, Do I get lost in all that detail and devour the

image of entertainment as it comes not from a projector,

only from my imagination that begins,

and ends when I stand up,

and still be moved,

by a story of timeless antiquity.

Fantasy, Tolkien

NsVs xuv234

Go ahead and smoke um, Pippin.

Go ahead eat them all Merry.

Purse your lips, so all of us want to kiss you, Legolas.

Swoon and sing me a smirk a cute blush under, mighty Aragorn.

Why am I so stuck here, with a monocle with a bleak smile

As I keep reading and watching.

Aah for the love of being a nerd, a dweeb and would love Eowyn with all

her dirt ash blonde by my side.

The joys of a world,

in a world,

that was never,

now realized

in New Zealand.

Art, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, Fantasy, Mythology, Norsk, poetry, Portraits

Scaffolds of the north.

Point me where Tyr, left me the tears of Mimir,

I will eat that Idunn’s power apples.

Then if Sif pursed my goats,

i will take the oath of loving towards

all maiden that defy those heavens.

Oh what beaut, u r, but i am not like that,

yet still a pretty boy that makes

everyone blush in your stead,

then onto that hall of old, i am near.

Don’t slip mighty Baldr, if i put you arse in

that hall dead again,

Ragnarok will be the butt of me.

abstract, Art, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, Fantasy, Greco Romano, Mythology, poetry, Portraits

Head back, where . . ?

Thunder me an adventure,

go back, go back,

lets pack. . .

ulysees is coming back.

O ye, o ye of common faith,

lets turn that eye

into a cyclopean ryhme,

where no minotuar can find us.

Clue me clue, where all twine is made into Circe’s diner,

Then lets head to Krete where Theseus saw Icarus

flying over under and running the nymphs.

Lets head back,

o lo, o ye,

of common faith,

let not the grace of the Fates,

if you ever invoke their tale,

better watch for Jonah,

its a gonna be a whopper.

Anthromorphs, Art, Digital drawing, fable, Fantasy, Frost, hate and anger, Influences, pain and suffering, poetry, poetry fallacy, Portraits

Leaves of Dwindor.

A leaf stood and left all dead leaves, then it ran with the wind. . .

and sang,

lets do the north where the air bleeds,

if not then, south so we can yearn all of my needs,

well if you wanna go east, why not,

i dunnwanna go west,

men lives there.

They will crush me as soon their foot welcomes me.

When can men ever trust, when they can’t even respect us leaves.

Art, Blank Verse, fable, Fantasy, free verse, Frost, Influences, Life, poetry

A path into of that.

In the clearing of that path,

winded down at last,

at my foot which i took

left to right

while i hummed a good tune by my side.

on to a gravel grey graveyard of stick and stones,

i saw a lone tree at about 7 to 9 yards from me,

it took 5 minutes to scan

i thought i saw someone.

I rushed at that lone tree,

there it stood not so lonely

coz in all its glory

had friends from its starting path,

a forest took my sight.

Do i back down and come back,

shall i partake of the air

so I may transcend my time

into age of what that Lone tree,

can offer me.