I AM Khwatlou

Hiss pa fisshhdish. . .

Sheesh oa  pheesh vishes….

Coming in about the corner of the eye

round under the slip of your toe,

Then is shall wrap that heel

where Achilles was screaming

was shouting. . .

“Kill me now!!! ”

“Kill me now!!!”

” I am in agony, swallowing turtle upon the heels of this wound”

And as Achilless would suffer,

Do i let you,

or can you tolerate as i watch you in slow agonizing pain.

Says the Gout

While all the joints are hurt.


Vengeance of Khwatlou

Arrgh, Rawrrgh, Barraaghhh,

Aahh someone give me a toothpick,

this flesh has been on my backtooth.

This last one really soured my taste in men.

Women as the same.

Then why bother with this race, they have a filth that no others can at least have some decent tang to it.

Fated to be

my situation.

the control in which i am in.

Then my lovely Belldandy,

would u kiss me fully.

Can your arms of yours

my cute atropos hold m3 in place.

So in time, i can be and see

a very sweet smile upon me,

my Brunhilde 

as you take me in your;


so please swallow my fated life.


The locks  c.17


Ill Destiny

Thus th3 stone was thrown

In case of your vida

Will it be written maybe even forgotten,

Things are purposed for your reason

what was taken can be granted

Knowingly you’d know

if and then and when

still dont assume to consume,

knowingly it is just a 



The Maiden, c.17


Draco unt Uni: 1 of 1

So you can move,

so you can sway,

it seems not bad to see your dental work can bite the earth.


Ahh little one

you can be swayed

if i were you

id run to the next human

so at least it can be persuaded

to murder you.


Taunt me, 

go ahead 

see where it leads,

At the time

you will be mine.


Mighty wings spread

while the last breathe of its kins heave.

Life takes no one,

but the love of life

in wars of those 

who sought not

but to protect from.


April c.’17 @rtsydhude

Draco unt Uni : 2 of 1

Here you are

face to face

tooth and claw.

My ability and my agility

my hooves upon the earth

that you take 

and ravage with your greed.




Then you jest and keep at it,

so lets.

Try me you awesomeness of your belly full of hot air.


April c.’17 @rtsydhude

Labors of my hair

These hair i have grown

through the years i known

my physique is at its peak

The pants they keep ripping each time i dip.


It seems so much i can choose

then why do i need to prove my strength to an insane king

Now he is giving away his daughter away for a prize

where i can just pick anyone whom i want just like that


For a prize that to be given,

now i see the beauty

and charms of this. . . baby.

Now i need to prepare

just to see

my mortal biceps and among other muscles

I can use

for this test of all my skill.

Come then Insane king.


RAOC, Curvy mama

April 2017

Triads of trials. 3

So the ill fated


in which one choose his destiny,

the other wanted to end her suffering.

For life goes on

not for anything you’ll ever know

Ironic isnt it,
with her death, her eyes

shall be known to the world,

with his gains and benefits through 

the eyes of a Gorgon.

Triads of trials. 2



this wretched life.

I want to end this.

I have become complaceny of myself,

When will my existence ever end.

I feel something,

an end to my life,

i shall meet this new one, with enthusiasm

knowingly he thinks i would not be gentle,

but for me i am in love with his entrance.

For it shall be my glorious death that will be his

victorious beginnings.

Lets play, Perseus

lets play.


2015 artsydhude