FANBOYS. ssp01

For the turtle to have a turbo feet. And the rabbit will have no say nor even have a voice in such manner. But the turtle was in turmoil because he knew what losing meant or the love of the sport.  Yet all these time the world knew why does this myth goes. So the stage is set again and again. 🐌👣👣😎🎭😎👣👣🐌 ©oam ®artsydhude 97-18 ™XENOphagz Advertisements Continue reading FANBOYS. ssp01

NsVs vup009cd

Tell me a battle of old, where I can sit and hear with eyes open. where I can read with my fingers and mouth shut. where my mind cannot think yet only my heart can shout. Have I seen this movie, Do I get lost in all that detail and devour the image of entertainment as it comes not from a projector, only from my imagination that begins, and ends when I stand up, and still be moved, by a story of timeless antiquity. Continue reading NsVs vup009cd

Leaves of Dwindor.

A leaf stood and left all dead leaves, then it ran with the wind. . . and sang, lets do the north where the air bleeds, if not then, south so we can yearn all of my needs, well if you wanna go east, why not, i dunnwanna go west, men lives there. They will crush me as soon their foot welcomes me. When can men ever trust, when they can’t even respect us leaves. Continue reading Leaves of Dwindor.

A path into of that.

In the clearing of that path, winded down at last, at my foot which i took left to right while i hummed a good tune by my side. on to a gravel grey graveyard of stick and stones, i saw a lone tree at about 7 to 9 yards from me, it took 5 minutes to scan i thought i saw someone. I rushed at that lone tree, there it stood not so lonely coz in all its glory had friends from its starting path, a forest took my sight. Do i back down and come back, shall i partake … Continue reading A path into of that.


There is a letter from a world, that was,were, and as yet would have become. . . the now of ever lasting hour that has come from another. Sweet sweet bitter poetic slumber, Your world is not mine, it was told and foretold by great olde Poesie’s; The hour is near as I come here in place where my mind has gone by, knowingly I am a traveler from and to, the world of love life that we behold, yet to be written and to be told. Continue reading S.A.S.E

To theorem:

i loved your ways. you used to feed my brain. Nowadays i am full so much of reality, and it is killing me. Id like to see you more often than i should. Come by with Pegasus sometimes at my bedside, get Nyx to bedazzle me, while you are at it, take Sleipnirr with you, a great race towards the end of my slumber, while  I dr3am my day away with all of you. I still love you, mighty theorem… We used to have so much . . .  Continue reading To theorem:

Prominence of Unconsciousness: spatial sleepiness

Come old ye faithful my wandering eye, come senses please subdue all this, coffee stay away. I beg of your mercy, do not tempt me, for i am weak the mere utterance of your empty calorie. Sleep my beauties sleep, go as i go to wander in the shadows of the night, among the grass leaves of Erebor, in the twilight sky of Rohan, To the south I see Toril, almost the dawn breaks, I see fire upon the skies breathing, basking in Takhisis constellations. . . Sweet sweet fragrance of lotus, let me hear your whisper  among the reeds, … Continue reading Prominence of Unconsciousness: spatial sleepiness