There is a letter from a world,

that was,were, and as yet would have become. . .

the now of ever lasting hour that has come from another.

Sweet sweet bitter poetic slumber,

Your world is not mine,

it was told and foretold by great olde Poesie’s;

The hour is near as I come here in place where my mind has gone by,

knowingly I am a traveler from and to,

the world of love life that we behold,

yet to be written and to be told.


To theorem:


i loved your ways.

you used to feed my brain.

Nowadays i am full so much of reality,

and it is killing me.

Id like to see you more often than i should.

Come by with Pegasus sometimes at my bedside,

get Nyx to bedazzle me,

while you are at it, take Sleipnirr with you,

a great race towards the end of my slumber, while 

I dr3am my day away with all of you.

I still love you,

mighty theorem…

We used to have so much . . . 

Prominence of Unconsciousness: spatial sleepiness


Come old ye faithful my wandering eye,

come senses please subdue all this,

coffee stay away.

I beg of your mercy,

do not tempt me, for i am weak the mere utterance of your empty calorie.

Sleep my beauties sleep,

go as i go to wander in the shadows of the night,

among the grass leaves of Erebor,

in the twilight sky of Rohan,

To the south I see Toril,

almost the dawn breaks, I see fire upon the skies breathing,

basking in Takhisis constellations. . .

Sweet sweet fragrance of lotus, let me hear your whisper 

among the reeds,

as i am in need of that  partial sleep.

12 muses. 3rd qtr. Lachesis’ line


To you

For you

About you,

I know you can,

i see you can,

thing is Why of all things

That the line has to drawn,

That a line have to be torn down,

that this time a line had a limitation.

Once upon a birth,

when the twine is thick now it runs

with fumes upon years

of frown and frustration.

Dream a thick nor thin,

the line as the same since

until it was then but not now.

My dear cute and sweet Lachesis,

please tow the line

before mine own is never the same

and keep my line intact

for i know not of the fate you can deal,

only the last sister decides not you, not you.

12 muses. 3rd qtr: Sweet Atropos


Spread the line

Spread the line,

please do not make a lie

in which all truth

would be your night

to lay on.

And if you do, try not to tread on the line,

do not test Atropos,

She is one trigger happy,

So please,

ask not.

So please,

tread not.

It is a pure madness,

She can make

an eventfull one,

let’s not dare;

to see the out come,

let death come;

into the view,

when she percieves it to be.

I AM Khwatlou


Hiss pa fisshhdish. . .

Sheesh oa  pheesh vishes….

Coming in about the corner of the eye

round under the slip of your toe,

Then is shall wrap that heel

where Achilles was screaming

was shouting. . .

“Kill me now!!! ”

“Kill me now!!!”

” I am in agony, swallowing turtle upon the heels of this wound”

And as Achilless would suffer,

Do i let you,

or can you tolerate as i watch you in slow agonizing pain.

Says the Gout

While all the joints are hurt.

Vengeance of Khwatlou


Arrgh, Rawrrgh, Barraaghhh,

Aahh someone give me a toothpick,

this flesh has been on my backtooth.

This last one really soured my taste in men.

Women as the same.

Then why bother with this race, they have a filth that no others can at least have some decent tang to it.