So am i the only one,

to make one.

So am i the only one,

to be the one.

To keep on going,

when all candles

got waxed.

when the fir3 dies,


when all the bulbs,


Why am i doing this,


Have you been missed,


Yes U r,

I do.

As i want,

to keep you make me, to be. . .

I will not say it,

Its in your eyes,

I’d fidget myself into a corner,

not wanting to get next to you,

yet in a single phrase.

Please i need to hear it,

Three little words,

please let me hear it from you,

if you can not,

lets dare not,

Luv u anyway k.

Reign on this parade


Light me in my darkest dawn.

Mark me upon the night’s storm.

Of might, fang and rage. . .

Don’t let your snarl be re awakened,

lest your father to trick this world again.

Fenris my cub, Skoll of my days, Hati of my moon…

Let my loose my Greki upon the Freki of myself,

then let see who gets swallowed whole,

in the turn of my own twilight.

—>>》》》De Dias

–>》》Veeda de Libros p5

Dailiez 11.8.17cd29




as the cookie gets eaten not by oscar,

not by Big Bird,

nor ernie,bert or even elmo,


its everyyyyyyy…. bodieeeeeeee.

Says who, you know who….

El suportido de modelo en mi vida


Ganyan ang aking dapat estillo,

pero di ako ang gumawa,

kahit na- sya pa rin ang gusto kong maging

modelo sa buhay ko,

keysa maki pag wapahnation sa mga khups,

na sobra ang ego nila.

Well at least,

i know who to idolize after you,

does not matter who,

but to say the least,

she is real to me,

not just another figure in the background.

Counting sands.


Success is counted sweetest

by those who ne’er suceed. . .

-Emily Dickinson

I would rather taste defeat

first than success, coz at least i knew

how to fall flat,

eat that dirt,

then get back in the game

so I can be me.

em. prompt, u. . . “existence”


To be alive is power

– Emily Dickinson

That power resides,

where one moves,

the other loves,

the life grows

and lessons mature in time.

We live in power that we all

take and take and take,

but not to eat its own cake,

still sharting out

farting it out,

not using it,

where and when to know how to bake

that power of the powder,

where we all once got caked.