AuVi 8b.c3

Know to know,

How to know,

Knew that a life is a world,

And the world is not ours to take,

Only to make it in an improvement

Yet we can make things,

By not losing,

Not winning,

To help is not always the answer 

Rather spend the time together

So we can unite

For a better day

Into the year that follows,

Never lose any second,

And allow foolish heavens.


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Define me a term where two things are almost the same

But not even remotely possible.

then why do we lose the identification of it.

Where one cannot draw the line between,

Lonely and loneliness.

One of being

One of condition,

Where I was in

And still am,

Or have I been living with,

All of it,

That I cannot distinctly discern anymore.

Will I fade into it,

Will I come out of it,

Do I make something happen,

Do I need to break of it.

Then what is a demon,

Of it,

When it lives and keeps me caged in my own bolgia.

It’s time to fight the battle,

Take up arms and make pieces out of it.


© Ohms , artsydhude


™ XENOphagz



When did the life of love was introduced,

where its meaning has lost in interpretation. . .

in translation,

in giving not so much taking.




June of 89,

marked a year

where I was,

where I were,

In a state of my own self.

A lover of words,

A lover of girls that do not speak . . .

of girls that enter that atrium where

they were the buffet 0f my ey3.

Then an eye took my breath away,

while I looked under while I sang,

with an angel in the midst of

girls inside a varsity of voices.




Spring was the culprit

did made my loins

ache and got hold

of my insane unrequited.

Yet from such thing’s

what I knew what was

and now understanding,

where lust falls and true love begins.

It was always that first love between,

relationship of what we all needed,

not just my understanding.




Then that past since winter’s summer,

and summer of rain that did fall in autumn twilight.

Came and went as with my heart behind my underwear,

came and went as friends were a passing wind.

That she came into my life just as He planned for me,

that she would stay,

not because of nuptial bondage,

not because of such benefits among the gains,

becaus she wanted to be here for me.

And yes this one can stay,

as long as I

don’t Fuck

myself out.




How much can the

 current situation give 

any sense nonetheless,

when I see none 

and no one but what 

did that past brought to me,

this current present

 that ceases upon what

 sense my senses bring.