NmBc 12zx

detach all line to that cutie pie.

Attach all ugliness inside,

Then you can be attracted

To the one who you will help

All your life,

No matter how much cosmetic

They become.

Doesn’t matter what it becomes them.

And it matters to myself only,

When I know the time

To be attached to a concept,

Not any other materialistic precept,

Then how much I fall.

Coz all I know,

When I do . . .

I can count that concrete or any surface,

And I can look up to heavens,

And see and to count,

Those blessings.


NsVs wuv456

What is a tolerance,

how can you have a life,

that passed and does pass you by.

What is annoying feeling

when all this considered

can have none or have 

no impact,

coz the one who understood,

does not understand

what your life came to.

Kailangan pa ba ako?

Alam nyo ba ang aking nakaraan,

ay isang magandang trahedya,

kaso di ko mantanto kung

ako ay magaling magalit

sa mga nangyari.

Ano pa ba ang dapat kong

ikabahala kung

ang mga tao sa pagilid ko,

ay labis di ako ma unawaan.

And in your comprehension,

I am no one,

but some one to take care,

of things that i keep going on.

Am I a maid,

Am I a son,

Am I father,

or a husband,

that never gets none.


AuVi vs BsNs rf4

Were I in need of lips that swagger my hips,

I can jiggle like a tree.

If there was any of a warmth embrace upon my face,

I can be as puppy slave to your demands.

Alas this is the reality of what truly a day or any day,

with a married stump slumped on a book day after day.


NsVs zto567

I am content here,

but I am caged.

I have everything I’ll ever need,

yet I have no one that understands.

Have I,

Do I,

need the greed

of wanting

the free air,

somehow don’t know

anymore how.


To all a good year.

To the audience that I am appreciated. Thank you all.

It has been lately since this year got into te swingof things.

I am trying to post other area’s of my work. May it be all avenue’s poetry, drawings, comic strips and lovely portrait drawings.

I do confess, all the stress of too much going on with

i wanted to share is taking some toll on me. I am deeply concern of my work.

Since then i was only writing poetry, but last month my emotional state got the best of me.

Thus an emotional stress barrier is blocking what i can, and cannot do with it this time around.

Just wanna let you all know,

I am here and working my insides to put myself back into all folds.

Thank you for your patience, God Bless stay true and

discover the self within you will know when you see “you”.


Merry Betrayals and New Year of lies.

Twas the season

not to me, but for you.

so please go on ahead

be merry


be your joyous self

then the next,

see where it lie for you.

I do not want all of it,

coz i know all those deciet

and scrupolous deals that you make,

I feast on my mind,

fester’s this hallowed halls of echo,

and hear your decepticon ways.

Now upon each turn you keep saying,

that you really care,

the only answer to you,

is a violent stare and in silence of my mind,

i am maiming you,

i would like nothing but to kill you with your own words,

that poisons my mind.

the one who has been on it all along.

So please go ahead and fork your

lies, deciet, deception and your evil ways.

The only thing i can say is,

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year,

hope you have a good one.