Nearing completion

At the end of pain,

it would be there,

yet i see it was never there,

all i knew of what was,

all i had to go through.

Knowledge to begin and end then you do apply,

not even today,

on any given random event 

of any and or minute to moment.

-X phactore p58


@rtsydhude c17j23

Full on

Roar once more.

Its not about your confidence,

Its not the things to be one with self.

Cry as a wolf,

Loneliness is not an option,

Its there as your slave to the bone,

commiting itself as your throne.



c15 @rtsydhude, original.

c17 @rtsydhude, re-invizioned, updated.


To succeed; after all

Sweet sweet days of old,

a young virile promise of dreams afoot.

An old song battered yet remains in thought and memory

as Luthien wore out Tinuvil’s song.

as Beren would be laughing with Huan on this one.

I will always cherish  as my Pandora’s dream.

It will remain the gospel of my future.

As i will walk and carry no more,

leaving Golgotha behind,

never being Lot about it.


c17j17 @rtsydhude

Inner Sanctum v3.

East of the sun,

I traveled alone.

I held always you in memory.

West of the moon,

then in the showers of th3 night

I saw the god in me.

South of the sea

swam, saw and spoke to Tiamat.

and told me, how to hold a lie and

lie in it as long as my life can hold.

North to the valley of doubt,

There lay the gorgon of  my life,

in which the hydra kept me awake in sight.

Insomnia upon somnubolistic reprecussions,

yet all circumstance took my life, and i will

champion my greatest treasure,

the light which was given to me, on a fated easter morning 

in Mid October of 20th.