Dreaming in style


While the hands do click clock tock,

i do sleep in varied positions,

yet my hands are bound the covers i am in.

All that is inflammed are my dreams,

which it said,

“were r u?”


Β© oliver a. melendez.

Β© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 80


Phoenix codicus


In a world of constant sorrow. . ,

In a world of volatile violent tommorows. . ,

Can we be like thereof that holds our jars,

Can we imitate that which can be held down in a box,

I dunno, will u?

I dunno, can I?

If there is an elpis of Pandora left in us,

can we try not to say,

can we try not to do,

will we ever act accordingly

in each of us

a responsibility,

first to be selfish,

then be selfless,

and sacrifice time

to the hopeless.


Β© oliver a. melendez.

Β© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 99. b2.08

The avenging dhudle


All i gotta do, is nuthin

but roll off.

Rock on and keep

this phunk off.



Β© oliver a. melendez

@Vb 142. b2.52



May it be you,

the one who have helped.

I needed you when i didnt want you,

now that i want to need you,

you are not there.

Oh my darling, I am missing you,

My sweet close heart.

I want but i cant coz i need not of yours,

but your comfort, your lovely eyes to see.

Knowlingly with a sound, touch or even whisper.

“dont, im here. Let me help you up, we’ll face it together,

maybe not forever. I am here dont bother. I am here now . . .”


Β© oliver a. melendezβŠ™β– D3D14$/ VDL C8.3 / B2.87


Halfway among the stars I travelled in the lake in which i take the mast of my,


In the sea of the ocean of my heart there is a room unknown to me yet i cling as branch for you,


Then after than breathe i can and cannot make to take and years to break what more can you do,


How much more if you do what you have to,



Β© oliver a. melendezβŠ™β– D3D14$/ VDL C8/B2:90



It was a time that meant to be,

It was a time that it were to have been.

Then and now mirrored the latter and the preconceptions,

Then and now gave me the insight why things had to have been.

What later meant,

Were it before,

Did I lament,

Would have i been an ass,

with all these grass

in my mouth and thought.


Β© oliver a. melendezβŠ™β– D3D14$/VDL C7:4-P03

o’ to thee


hail, Michael.

hail, Gabriel.

hail, Raphael.

hail, Ureil.

Light my eyes,

let your eyes shine upon me,

let my eyes be guided, protected, illuminated and shown the way,

where the heart of thy father,

is not bothered,

and never does angered.