The tweltfh step. Step off

Count me down from these steps.

Accommodate me from all this agressive state, 

So i may come down with a concept in which 

I can be of use to someone’s life and be based upon their ordeal.

step 12.

according to the law of my life, 

Step out, Step in, let it begin.

The longest mile you’ll ever start and end

With a single motion,

that is; step into your shoes and walk beside a cloud.

Nearing completion

At the end of pain,

it would be there,

yet i see it was never there,

all i knew of what was,

all i had to go through.

Knowledge to begin and end then you do apply,

not even today,

on any given random event 

of any and or minute to moment.

-X phactore p58


@rtsydhude c17j23

em. prompt u… #06: Boundless

Psalm 119:25, Daleth 

“My soul clings to the dust, . . . ”


Whats in a word.

Was it mine to begin,

Did someone gave it to me,

how can i trust in the word,

only to have faith in the word.

Then i was shown to say it,

speak from it and write from it.

How then do u know when to summon and utter of it.

And when a disciple penned it,

I understood now what John meant.

Because all from whence it was,

He will always be, 

coz he said it and the beginning,

But can it ever end?