AuVi vs NsVs d3ao

Alter me a day,

And I will see to it,

That I can come back again

Like last Saturday.

But leave me in Sunday,

I know I can come up that Monday.

And I will listen to Tuesday,

To be consistently enough be there

For Wednesday and be transfixed and can transformed

At that morning on Thursday.

And I will listen to Metallica by Friday.

And do it all over again and I will party on for the next month to come.


NmBc 12zx

detach all line to that cutie pie.

Attach all ugliness inside,

Then you can be attracted

To the one who you will help

All your life,

No matter how much cosmetic

They become.

Doesn’t matter what it becomes them.

And it matters to myself only,

When I know the time

To be attached to a concept,

Not any other materialistic precept,

Then how much I fall.

Coz all I know,

When I do . . .

I can count that concrete or any surface,

And I can look up to heavens,

And see and to count,

Those blessings.

AuVi vs NmBs rv1

Fried chicken is the addiction of all fools.

Crispy on the outside,

Get empty caloric proteins on the inside.

That’s is the feeling I get when I know

All my mistakes gather at my brain,

And my mouth is deep fried and dried,

And succumbing to all sugar coating since last year,

I have eaten,

Then it’s a hard thing to swallow.

When the chicken is not even 

Half eaten and all pink inside.


AuVi 8b.c3

Know to know,

How to know,

Knew that a life is a world,

And the world is not ours to take,

Only to make it in an improvement

Yet we can make things,

By not losing,

Not winning,

To help is not always the answer 

Rather spend the time together

So we can unite

For a better day

Into the year that follows,

Never lose any second,

And allow foolish heavens.


Donde esta mi corazon.



Mi amor.

My heart is not broken,

My heart is not where it used to be.

My love were with you.

My love is not there anymore.

Bakit pa ako ang dehado,

Kung ang ating utak ay nasa calyo,

Kung ang isip ayaw tumigil.

Ano pa,

Kung ikay mainstay ang iyong kamay

Dalisay hindi lan sa kamay,

Sana buhay at walang hangganan

Pag yaan ang isang kulay

ang iyong may Mata papuntang 

Mga daliri at aking

Pagmamahal sa yo lamang.

Wow to me,

Why then I falter,

When my heart thinks

And my mind aches.

Leads not into anything,

But life eternum.

As it was

So it can be. 


NsVs vup009de

You say love is,

I say define it.

You say appreciate them,

I say understand the situation

You say appreciate all there is.

All I hear,

All I can say, 

That they are,

They were…

And yes they can,

Thing is. . .

Contemplate me a commitment of,

Consistent life.

where I know my place

And time,

To know them,

And to miss them. . .

Knowing how to balance what

And who to be with and without.


WpB 0089

. . . 

Into the great beyond,

A mind is suppressed,

A soul tether and blinded

By its own mouth,

Then it begins

As the dawn speaks

Of love and devotion

Which Bacchus held

At the end of each bottle was entertained

Last of the night and late through the day.