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Pw3te #blui:333

Love is an unending fire.

Love cannot be douse by any water.

Yet when it is misconstrued,

It aims the target,

and not focused enough to see the arrow thru.

If that fire calms down,

if that aim is not there,

is the love not enough?

has the love died?

I dunno you tell me,

who gave the apple to you and threw it away,

just to blame you everyday.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, Life, pain and suffering, poetry, relationships

NmV #00.a1.o9.iii

Share me a mirror,

Which a partner who you can stand.

In aspect of you would love to aspire. . . 

would love of all her,


Good, bad, ugly memories. . .

through positive outcomes and the other’s.

Why then such negative enmity is always there.

Have I filled my mind of evilness against,

or was it the real neglect often reflect from you.

Now moat is up,

The black rook stands against everything,

I hear no one coming. . .

I hear only myself sobbing;

Letting no in but the sky who promises the love of the sun.



®artsydhude 07-18


abstract, Digital drawing, doodle, Emotional warfare, free verse, Life, Line art, noodling, poetry, relationships

Pw3te .b1.ei

I want to feel the bruises,

Of a lining and suture of the scar

upon the beige of a skin.

I need to hear your feet at the sound of my voice,

While you trample me with your poetic heart,

Always will and stops lying to me of your intent to my my content.

Sure we can be happy with our lies, 

deceptive, and mischievous ways

and call it life.

Who really is blind here,

my eye which never hears,

your lips that cries all of your kisses;

Of the love we say we do,

in a sense that our hands has no clue.





Digital drawing, doodle, free verse, Line art, love, lust and desire, poetry, relationships

Pho-m :57

“What is love,

Baby dont hurt me,

No more ”



Many thanks to love,

A love shared by true lovers abode,

In Trystan’s cup he did admit and accepted,

If love should ever live then til now,

Isolde would have vengeance upon her lips

As would Juliet’s wanton lust  not for Romeo’s breast.

Knowingly that love suffers at the core of being,

Understanding between a man and a woman’s love

endures while one can assume power not only in emotional,

only a love unrequited knows to kiss the floor first than

the lips of that lovers lustful smother upon each other.





Digital drawing, Life, love, poetry, relationships

M tee-ness: #7

Weary of my left,

I take it off.

Pain of my callous,

I bare its righteous imbalance.

Not dirty nor filthy but the clothes I shed off,

As I dry thine fingers onto the soul of each hair that does trigger.

You come to me,

Does not ask,

Nor tell,

Not bothering.

Clasping me as your favourite,

Never stopping or complaints of my hygiene.

Kissing all of me, loving me as I am.

I give back as we empty all that there is.

For you I can not give nor take,

willingly or an unconditional.

My love, my beautiful.

My dear beloved Thea.

Drain me of the day

As I empty myself unto you.


©oliver Melendez



Frost, Influences, meloncholia, Personal, poetry, reflective, relationships

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O.n:N.o #l3
As the crow cries while my dove dies,

To that which a tear is of my river and of the land

Whereas are the mountains grows from the ocean of my blood.

I will not carry this samsonite filled of linens soaked of all my anxieties,

Which the past bled onto it and left me in all the stations from Oslo to Kyoto.

My destination would be you and loving you with all of me,

as you will toss my baggage over that Danube,

While my naked soul will be clothed not by our love,

While my third eye is poked,

Time would be our shelter,

Space and thoughts are our transportation,

Love be the guide.


©oliver Melendez

®ohms, all works thereof


abstract, Blank Verse, current state, Digital drawing, doodle, Drawing/Sketch, Emotional warfare, hate and anger, Life, Line art, noodling, pain and suffering, Personal, poetry, relationships

NmBc 20i

To honor someone

Is to respect what they had become.

To admire their history 

You’d still give them what they expected and wanted to hear.

So Do I dare,

Please your shit,

With all the fuck ups you gave me.

In spite of all greed that you keep til this day.

I know not to be of you,

I know not to be like you.

Yes I will always pray for your petty soul.

Yes I will always ask for your salvation.

 In that sense I will always cherish,

In that sense I will respect you.

Only to know only in his day,

When I am in his court

 I will weigh in at that gaping mouth of the crocodile,

And heralded into that escalators of heaven.


©oliver Melendez

® Ohms, artsydhude