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. . . let my soul sleep

While the spirit dreams

of a new age.

An age where

You are here with me,

loving me tenderly,

I’d caress you lovingly.

Upon all the life can bring,

on all fights of argument and tempers,

I know that your hands will put up to me

and love me as I submit to your lips,

and of your hips to mine.

Coz baby, the makeup is as much sweeter

than fighting with our mouth open,

and ours close.

Oh such sweet forgiveness,

Upon your strawberry lip gloss.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, poetry, Portraits, relationships

MiniMacros ds.00004

You’re fantasy is not the one I want.

My normal is not the practical reality;

which you keep brushing.

Why am I still in front of you,

expecting anything from your hands.

While your eyes won’t even look at my device.



®artsydhude 97-18


abstract, Digital drawing, doodle, poetry, relationships

Pwm 30.a5

Empty your tears on me,

I will not carry anything for you.

Cast your wailing and keep on,

while my ears bleed as you scream.

On a note of nothing I can not be,

yet I am here.

For you will not be alone,

In my own way I will always be.

Let me know when you

do not want my hand.

No biggie,

Coz baby.

I know you and I are always

gonna be.


®Artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, love, poetry, relationships

Poem. ,

a definitive accusations wherein lies a heart dismantled.

a defining minutes of every second of centuries of emotional languishing upon a heart. . .

. . of one’s own amusement;

. . of one’s own lamentations;

but only one true construct

and of condition to train,

One heart remains beating to the rhythm.

would that be,

yours, mine

or someone

who still loves us,

Who can . . 


©oam®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, free verse, Life, meloncholia, pain and suffering, poetry, reflective, relationships

Deflect to Reflect.

A feather was given to me by a crow.

It has rainbow colors.

The crow looked at me sideways.

I pulled yellow,

I saw myself at 80’s.

I pulled blue,

I saw myself from a toddler into my 8th year.


I saw none but I felt all of the fear I felt

through all my years.


All of the opportunity missed and experiences.


Felt all the range of rage,

to all my loneliness of all my sorrows.


My immediate and relatives

the ones who loved me,

those who can say but not even dare show.

On a whim of a breeze, I feel the last feather

Shown a color of what people are,

shown the true test of a person’s love and affection.


why even bother to give when one can not even leave

his ego behind, 

and ends what a past can hold.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, Life, poetry, relationships

Pw3te #blui:333

Love is an unending fire.

Love cannot be douse by any water.

Yet when it is misconstrued,

It aims the target,

and not focused enough to see the arrow thru.

If that fire calms down,

if that aim is not there,

is the love not enough?

has the love died?

I dunno you tell me,

who gave the apple to you and threw it away,

just to blame you everyday.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, Life, pain and suffering, poetry, relationships

NmV #00.a1.o9.iii

Share me a mirror,

Which a partner who you can stand.

In aspect of you would love to aspire. . . 

would love of all her,


Good, bad, ugly memories. . .

through positive outcomes and the other’s.

Why then such negative enmity is always there.

Have I filled my mind of evilness against,

or was it the real neglect often reflect from you.

Now moat is up,

The black rook stands against everything,

I hear no one coming. . .

I hear only myself sobbing;

Letting no in but the sky who promises the love of the sun.



®artsydhude 07-18