Smile on.

U No wat. . .

I know such,

Do help me not

To. . !

Understand you.

For I am doing myself the flavor of all flavor.

I dunno what did I.. .

I will twiddle,

I will dumdum.

Understand me as you always perceived me.

Your 14 year old husband.

ยฉ O.a.M ยฎArtsydhude 97-19




. . i love your memory.I loved you in my own memory.In thought, we loved each other in our way.

On actions of our concerns and care,lovers we were.

The thing is though,to confess this in an empty halls of dawn,

Morpheus shall take me inmemory of you.

Nor what fantasy of such lengths.

If only. . ,those woodschuck the curds,outta me.๐Ÿ’ฌ



ยฉO.a.MยฎArtsydhude 97-19โ„ขXENOphagz



For what lust in my eye will always stay there.

Please if you do, stay in the moment of what my hands do need.

Not of your tears.

Not the years.

Nor empty and beautiful lies you always utter.

I do love none but the curves,

Of the globes and promise

. . . Of a valley that never stop growing

adhering of penetrating what it offers.

Not only sensational and temporary fluctuations.

Only your hands can satisfy this eye.

A love no other can deny.



ยฎArtsydhude 97-19



. . . Why would we kid ourselves when we knew not of loving, only that to be of service to and of love to our own families.

Not our own.

-@# Carpe mi amor

-@# librix undt diem .9102/06.24


ยฎArtsydhude 97-19


You r my. . .

But not the boss of me.

then much to my demise,

I still do what and keep allowing.

Albeit that of our loving. . .

she exemplifies your attitude and behavior when it comes to be the boss of me.

How then

Can I be of a parent,

when I consistently persist on bad denotations and poor communication.

Please why can’t you just stop doing,

the princess will see

how much of no love you give,

Yet she can only love me.

Far more better and knows her Dad

only to understand how much. . .

how much.

Fore-trayts. M9102.ju

“In your eyes,

I can lose myself.

But if you had me at your hand,

I may have lunged at your lips,

then. . .


Yours would have been mine.

At the end.

Oh sweet maybe’s.”


forward to marital complaints.

. 25%


. . . , t. o. emz

Madda phacking shiskabobbie.

Oh what a good glossary of my monotoned lips.

Phracking sunnababich-eng eng.

What a lovely content of topics that this carnal mouth I will have when I can,

If I ever see that wondrous lovely thick and luscious scolding from U.

Pha-ack fhack Phlacking, Shmack dat arrhzze.

So u did tell me you wanted out but my kiddo doesn’t want her Dha-da getting a new B.

and yes in front of her,

Still smear that you cannot be a woman and a wife to me.

But almost 24/7 kissing,listening and so attentive to a guy that has you.

A dud3 by the name. Samsung 8.

Isn’t he gr8t.

He will not shame,

nor blame,

nor he won’t betray your trust,

And he even can wake u.

For me, I am not those

I can not be,

For U can’t get over

Marrying a broken,damaged, deranged and oops,

Sorry I didn’t mention I am.

A mental cas3.


Art by Artsydhude 1997-2019

Poetry by O.a.M


. . . , t.o. emz


As I have

As I were

Once was not enough.

on a course you knew how much

My life wudda,cudda and shudda.


Its so phucked and Muddafracking shits that,


I went through.

Still you kept your devout ways and telling me

and my siblings.

Respect him enough so to know,

you can compare ourselves not to see,

And do know what is his

Not ours.


All art by Artsydhude

Poetry by O.a.M