Have you been missed,


Yes U r,

I do.

As i want,

to keep you make me, to be. . .

I will not say it,

Its in your eyes,

I’d fidget myself into a corner,

not wanting to get next to you,

yet in a single phrase.

Please i need to hear it,

Three little words,

please let me hear it from you,

if you can not,

lets dare not,

Luv u anyway k.



Go ahead push your luck, keep pushing it,

till i dont do nothing but watch

you push yourself into something,

far more than someone were to keep it,

pushing it too much.

—–>>>>>》》》 De Dias/\Veeda de Libro p13

Oooh dang, what. ,


Go ahead control me with your snaring dimples.

I can lock in and be lost in your controversial spaghetti hairs.

Its so convenient tha you can coordinate your smile, swag and that swinging hips of yours.

One might counsel me not to even look at that proficient eyes of yours, coz u see,

I am in love with you.

I asked your



then you kept my mouth at bay.


after that you aggressively kept me of my reflex,

although you tried being apologetic about our subject at hand.

Approximately already loving every minute of this objective discourse

in nothing of nonsensical debates that never ends,

It would be fun,

we end up naked in a 69.

El suportido de modelo en mi vida


Ganyan ang aking dapat estillo,

pero di ako ang gumawa,

kahit na- sya pa rin ang gusto kong maging

modelo sa buhay ko,

keysa maki pag wapahnation sa mga khups,

na sobra ang ego nila.

Well at least,

i know who to idolize after you,

does not matter who,

but to say the least,

she is real to me,

not just another figure in the background.

The memory of flowers


To be a bumbleebee of one’s dandelion,

lightly touch as you prick the life into life,

a fruit that seems diabetic at the stem,

to which the love would, could, and really be,

an eternity when the love of a honey,

does not submit to a bumblebee.