WpB 0091

If it were to carry over,

That all things probable,

That some things is not possible.

I will at least put my vanity on my shoes,

I will at least show my pride that fit my socks,

And will use expectations and life’s lesson upon my sleeve,

To know all of it are pure sanctimonious, superficial and cosmetic

Designed flawlessly

And enough to know it’s just 

A mask,

But for my alter ego

To show my pure weakness,

Coz that is the strength I only know.


NsVs 008a1

On your lips it parts,

On your arms that hold me so

My love

My heart

My thea,

only you can make my life sing.

Only you make my mind numbed and dumbed.

Love me and leave me, yet you cannot.

I give you take,

You take O give.

Your hands balanced mine,

As my embrace love yours.

Unwillingly my hands involuntarily loves your hair.

As you with my heart and hold me close,

Before I even break a nose,

And care to make it dry 

before it ran away every tear that pours.

NsVs vup009ef

Expectations are a bitch,

Disappointments would be the demons of my heart,

Thing is,

if I do put all these in everything I do,

Then I am no worse,

And yes I will

And yes I will make,

What of it,

That lies beneath from it.

Then I shall take my helm and use that which

Blinds my mind,

To beat my heels out of all things,

I know it may progress an improvement

And use every faltering failures,

As my boots,

And I may surely walk out of

That bolgia,

Into the clearing of limbo

Of my own 







AuVi 00.07

    The cry of a machine

    can be measured into

    a vocal range where

    its freedom has none,

    only the logic of preserving oneself by any means,

    when its maker is attached into it’s own death.

    So please,

    lets be lazy enough

    so a service droid can

    give us longevity.


    AuVi 00.3e

    Each tear that ran down,

    you kept me alive in misery.

    Each moment of aggression

    you murmured into me hatred.

    Why of all things, my Debbie

    you came and went out,

    then when you left me at a curb,

    of my consequence.

    Alone I am with all things,

    to sort,

    to think,

    and process.

    How am I to come up

    all of tracks of tears of mud,

    and a pool of insanity drowned

    my shoe.


    Behind the insanity.

    Once upon a book,

    It told me how to put people in their place,

    only then Dante showed up on a doorstep of apt 57,

    where I was and led me into a madness of my mind.

    There I was in 9 sane hours in an insane of 2,

    72 scolds of meds upon nonsensical and absent


    only to put his mouth where his practice.

    Then Virgil came to me with a private security guard suit,

    Letting me know,

    all is well and go to my Beatrice,

    for she has all release papers that can get me home.

    At that morning,

    St. Joseph welcomed me with open arms,

    Showed me the way home,

    where all my light

    and days with,

    I saw him smile,

    Never telling me

    how the days,

    will seem endless sorrow on my mind.

    Only I can know,

    when to quit,

    or even do

    everything what I am to be.


    AuVi vs NmBs rf6

    At what height of all that peaked,

    where I once in of all those

    tenses that took me places,

    was it in dreams. . .

    was it in vivid and lucid REM’s. . .

    were it a visual aide that had me,

    I’d know to come back from 

    a pit,

    where I knew that Virgil protected by his utterance,

    Only Dante can surmise and landed upon an age ago.

    Only were it the first, or the last I was,

    when I were there among with the gifted.