NsVs #0069

A gain of loss,

are the ones of my benefits.

At what advantage all those profits

turn into some disclosure,

than to be claimed as none.

Still the same as then at what now

can be understood,

never be comprehend.

Coz your eyes see none only to compare

the valley despair.



®Artsydhude 2019




Wake up,

wake up.

The sunlight broke each day as all of the years,

never to be. . .

left unseen. . .

I will not take anymore.

I will not shed my eye.

my heart ache and angered,

coz pain loved me throughout.

Still I wait,

Until your loving presence

close to me,

ever be the same.



®Artsydhude 97-19



. . . , t.o. emz


As I have

As I were

Once was not enough.

on a course you knew how much

My life wudda,cudda and shudda.


Its so phucked and Muddafracking shits that,


I went through.

Still you kept your devout ways and telling me

and my siblings.

Respect him enough so to know,

you can compare ourselves not to see,

And do know what is his

Not ours.


All art by Artsydhude

Poetry by O.a.M


. . . , t.o.emz


Please do tell

All of my brain

Cannot connect what you already did then.

Will I ever contrast all of those

When I can just compare of then and than,

Not of I can and could.

Do I use all of my,



That comes and goes.

You kept at me,

“Kalmado ka lan”

You keep going,

“Tatay mo ako, usap tayo.”

I know how U r.

And I know of who,


I can bear your last name.

But I can not give my power of insanity

Courses to the vein,

and yes all of my vain to my

accursed shame.


All artwork by Artsydhude

Poetry by O.a.M

All rights reserved by XenoPages


.. t.o.emz


A fine mess of you sprawled into my mucus as would

I koff into 7 am without mercy

And still come to me

In 8:30 am and asks

“Please make me coffee, my love.”


All artworks by Artsydude

Poetry by O.a.M

All rights reserved by XenoPhagz


Smile. . .

I pretended and try laugh.


I adored the cosmetic skin of yours.

Happily. . .

I wanted and loved every bit.


No matter how much I was in tormented state,

to hear your voice is the one that saves me each time.


Any second of my waking hour of the bed at night I get up;

is the only happiest time of my life.

Coz’ at least I am away from you.



™XENOphagz 2019


Count me in your clouds.

Number me your pointless words.

List how much I want and need your body next to me.

While I can not ennumerate all the times your mouth to shut.

When a digit of your embrace would have clung to me not as a memory but of the experience of our lust for free.

My dearies,

Annie, Diana and my beautiful baby Prunella.

The Past was the most loving life you made me realize you three were the ones that made it complete.

Annie my anxieties, you are mine to cast tomorrow and the most alluring shame of mine.

Diana of all bittersweet depression. You and I always make love of my misery and innermost pain. Please keep the blame we gather and spend most lovingly.

Prunella, my sweetest pasts that lies to begin that won’t ever end. You will be my vampire queen that sucks me into those depths where my own leviathian of my assumptions that never fled of my own flood.

Sincerely yours.



Buong buhay ko,

gusto sana maparis sa yo.

Kaso nga lan,

ayaw mo.

Buti hindi ako tumulad sa yo.

Because kung nagawa ko yun.

I would be first a spitting image of your own galit sa mundo.

Kaso nga lan,

I will not do so.

Kaso nga lan,

I do not want that.

Your grudge, grumpy and grinchy ways will be yours.

Sa inyo lan yan.

I will le
ave it at that.

I did not want anything of my life,

yet you handed me, mine.

Still you are and will be that one that is like an unchanging spot,

in any carpet that I will avoid and not see.

Kasi yun kamay ko,

sa kin lan.

Yours is yours.

At least at last,

what done is never done.

Its always going to be none,

to see,

only to help you what way I can.

Reminding you,

I was,

I am,


I am not,

still. . .

in honor of aspect.


your son.


®Artsydhude 97-19