Digital drawing, Line art, pain and suffering, poetry

miniMacros ds.901


hopeless sorrow,

always bother me by the end of each day,

and always do me in,




™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Blank Verse, free verse, hate and anger, pain and suffering, relationships

Rant on. wtfhshz.

Mornings are always like your rain.

Its the same as your face.

Blunt, hard and offensive as u R.

Sometimes why do a I even bother

Give what loving patience I have.

Yes I know I am a sarcastic one

For you.

Thing is, u cant even see beyond your thick glasses,

That makes you once very,

Voluptous and alluring that made

My knees weak.


I cant even stand looking at you.

I cany rant and vent as much.

I will not deny my right on that.

That is the only thing,

I do for myself.

Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

MiniMacros ds.00003

Napaka sarap ng mura mo sa akin,

kahit paano alam ko may emosyon ka pa,

kaso kung magmahal ka, at malumanay pa ang tono.

Alam ko may pakay ka na di ko ma i inom at mahigit pa sa ulcer ko.

In a way,

I want to be alone all the time,

rather to spend it with you.

Coz all I know of the love you will ever


is when something is coming

into that almost zero balance at what said bank,

that is either depleted or you want to control.



®artsydhude 97-18


Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

A far familiar place.

Once upon a land far away from me.

A land that had nothing for me.

I came to close,

it loved my wallet,

used my loins against me.

Disrespected, disregarded and put me in a difficult place.

Now on!y a thought and what a moat can be my own reality.

As I come back to my fantasy,

The clouds kept barking along my way.

Never letting up nor lift all spit from its froth.


®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, pain and suffering, poetry

post strez. nb06

-editions –


Find yourself in a world the hurt of others.

Then be lost in all the heartache of what you’ve been dealt.

Should I see myself in someone I know I can help,

Yet I am so much more damaged than of the that has been.

I now know how much my love aches and go to the who needs.

I will make myself open,

but never closing to the one who needs me.


®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, free verse, pain and suffering, poetry

I must . . .

. . accept all of it.

. . fail the failures.

. . leave all of the love.

So i can end my miserable life in tow.

So i can see a new end in sight of emotional trauma.

And in the end;

It shall begin a new day.

It does begin a new era of my anger beneath all of it.

It can start the fire of all focused opportunities;

Life can offer me.





Digital drawing, free verse, Life, meloncholia, pain and suffering, poetry, reflective, relationships

Deflect to Reflect.

A feather was given to me by a crow.

It has rainbow colors.

The crow looked at me sideways.

I pulled yellow,

I saw myself at 80’s.

I pulled blue,

I saw myself from a toddler into my 8th year.


I saw none but I felt all of the fear I felt

through all my years.


All of the opportunity missed and experiences.


Felt all the range of rage,

to all my loneliness of all my sorrows.


My immediate and relatives

the ones who loved me,

those who can say but not even dare show.

On a whim of a breeze, I feel the last feather

Shown a color of what people are,

shown the true test of a person’s love and affection.


why even bother to give when one can not even leave

his ego behind, 

and ends what a past can hold.



®artsydhude 7-18