Have you been missed,


Yes U r,

I do.

As i want,

to keep you make me, to be. . .

I will not say it,

Its in your eyes,

I’d fidget myself into a corner,

not wanting to get next to you,

yet in a single phrase.

Please i need to hear it,

Three little words,

please let me hear it from you,

if you can not,

lets dare not,

Luv u anyway k.

Oooh dang, what. ,


Go ahead control me with your snaring dimples.

I can lock in and be lost in your controversial spaghetti hairs.

Its so convenient tha you can coordinate your smile, swag and that swinging hips of yours.

One might counsel me not to even look at that proficient eyes of yours, coz u see,

I am in love with you.

I asked your



then you kept my mouth at bay.


after that you aggressively kept me of my reflex,

although you tried being apologetic about our subject at hand.

Approximately already loving every minute of this objective discourse

in nothing of nonsensical debates that never ends,

It would be fun,

we end up naked in a 69.

Dracko Therapy : H101


Take these,

Your armor. . .

Your Helm . . .

Your stallion. . . ,

So it seems you have a quest.

someone told you to quest the beast of all and ye olde,

that serpent of a beast, the mighty dragon.

Take everything in sight before you slay that thing,

Yet it has something you want,

before you take its life,

You’d want to at least take all of its treasure,

Thing is the way i see it.

All of your hoard become his,

And its, yours.

Eye sea U


Coming back to you,

comes full circle and i have gone too far not having you,

I want your needs fulfilled in my lips, arms and waist near me,

just to know i am consoled,comforted and soothed by your eyes.

The long and winding path inside your loving and jitted ways of kisses gives me none,

alas missing the kisses we both can give into our lives,

in the glory days of loving each other.


in loving memoria


S. 21-34.


Please touch me . . .


where i can see myself pondering,

what’s your next move be.

where my mind interjects and intersects,

physical and verbal connotation of intercourse of our discourse.

Then it is decided,

no action needed,

just wants of our wanton

verbal sex and carnal lusts

of the wisdom of glossaries and word fallacies.

Let it, . . .



no i dont want that way.


no i want it in a such a way.


What you want me to give it up 

just like that.

I will make it diabetic with glucose at the end,

while my bee succumb to your flower,

while making it sweet as a honeypie.


@rtsydhude “July Babes” 2017.