To have u.

Leave me alone, love.
I don’t want u here in my mind.
I want and need you by arms,
by my lips,


the one who at will hold me tight,
the one who wioo kiss my troubles away.


the one who validates all of my emotions
and do take care of my heart.
To know I need your lips,
my hips,


horizontal or any kind of posish.
Thing is,
that is not love.
A lust for you,


not a love,
I do utter,
I may under and over you.


Lustfuly yours.


your sense is not of,

yet to me;

It is.


Muy corazon may be yours,

not for a price,

not for a piece of;

then how am I to be.

Thine lips,

moist and gleaming with red glossy,

oh how i churn and turn,

Only a blink of yours makes me a puddle soon to be;

splashed around.

Oh your illustrious skin never leaves your side.

I am tempted and would be yours truly,

not a dog panting and humping,

not a tongue wagging and gagging by the look of your glances.

Oh mercy me. . .

Oh my sweet,

Can I be yours until,

. . .

Where did my love . . .


Maybe it went

when I stopped kissing your heart.


May be it had gone out,

where your mouth nagged me to hell and back,

each and every day and kept it all the way.


It wasn’t there to begin,

for I risked what I thought

I never had before then and now.

Am I lesser than I am,

Am I a person of lust than to think not of,

Will I ever use my heart before my underwear ‘s mind.


©XenoGrapx, XENOphagz

®Artsydhude 97-18

Oh babe.(18’s l.i.l)

Upon each twinkle of my loins,

I do love that saucepan of your glasses,

that makes my inside twirl.

that makes me a 10 year old horndog.

that can make a fool out of me.

Only of what stare you do linger upon me,

where I can fall madly,

spend all I have,

will make me shitting,

like any good puppy.

like any animal wagging.

and make a butterfly out of my own raging bull.

In a smile you slyly and oh so very,

ooh I can all year round lingering on each of your syllables.

Coz being in love,

not just of you,

not just the way,

coz each time 

of your face I see;

I know my day will be different.

I know my day will smile.

and take my life away.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx


Smile me a care from your lovely eyes.

Kiss me once or twice on my shoulder from your ear.

Then I know we can come near,

Yet be far as much as possible,

Yet your loving eyes snares me a lengthy happiness inside.

No flesh can render,

No words even to remember,

Only your dishpan glasses I am a butter.

stick me with your silly banter,

And yes,

Oh yes. . .

oooh yeahs.

I can be yours,

With that trillion credit smile.

Not forever,

But til this session is over.



®artsydhude 07-18.


Pho-m :57

“What is love,

Baby dont hurt me,

No more ”



Many thanks to love,

A love shared by true lovers abode,

In Trystan’s cup he did admit and accepted,

If love should ever live then til now,

Isolde would have vengeance upon her lips

As would Juliet’s wanton lust  not for Romeo’s breast.

Knowingly that love suffers at the core of being,

Understanding between a man and a woman’s love

endures while one can assume power not only in emotional,

only a love unrequited knows to kiss the floor first than

the lips of that lovers lustful smother upon each other.