I am missing the part,

where your smile,

the love of your eye.

They cannot touch me not

love me here by my loins.

Thus your warm embrace of your loneliness,

Your lust of someone’s love.

A love no woman can ever comprehend,

A love any man can give.

It’s not love of lust do bring.

An embrace that no but can give.

An acceptable level of what cherished moments,

Only two know will ever have,

and no one will.


®Artsydhude 97-19



4traits -1902.ju14.




Oh baby I will get to you.




and when I do,

you still lead me into that air.



®Artsydhude 97-19



Smile to me,

Kill me your hot stinking bod.

Murder me in my mind as you lick into that pops.

Oooh what would I won’t give.

But crappie crap crap.

Your lustful mischievous smirks and laughs,

makes my panties in a bunch.

I dunwanna stand only to run where I am.

Still gutterbrained and want nothing,

Only to touch and feel you beside.

But wait,


I pre-cumed into my brained.

I didn’t know you sat next to me and said

 “Excuse me”.



®Artsydhude 97-19



Sweat me oh lovely

Curve those flaps,

Oooh What would I give.

Thing is, shit dunwannna.

The heck now I gotta wait 2nyt for a fap

and unloading on that sheez yoga mat.



®Artsydhude 97-19




For what lust in my eye will always stay there.

Please if you do, stay in the moment of what my hands do need.

Not of your tears.

Not the years.

Nor empty and beautiful lies you always utter.

I do love none but the curves,

Of the globes and promise

. . . Of a valley that never stop growing

adhering of penetrating what it offers.

Not only sensational and temporary fluctuations.

Only your hands can satisfy this eye.

A love no other can deny.



®Artsydhude 97-19



Go ahead and mislead me,

Go ahead give me the asswiping smothering smile you do oh so lustfully you give me.

At the helm of my loins,

I am not a sick puppy you need everytime you want a slave.

At night your image embeds at mine and alone yours mine,

To play.

In a way we need each other’s way.

Fore-trayts. M9102.ju

“In your eyes,

I can lose myself.

But if you had me at your hand,

I may have lunged at your lips,

then. . .


Yours would have been mine.

At the end.

Oh sweet maybe’s.”




My sweet sweet cherry smile,

My ever lasting hands,

will always be yours.

Give me your eyes from afar,

I will smoke like a genie named Jafar.

I may device a plan

to make you my best,

laid out covered with so much strawberry jam.

Only your skin does scream

as to my pallet as an Ice cream.

Oh minx you,

please please stop smirking.

Because baby,

In a jiffy

I can puff,

and huff as wolf to your cloth

like I will be yours as the same,

your jacket I am.

I need to turn away,

I know I cannot.

Your eyes loves me the same.



®Artsydhude 97-19