My sweet sweet cherry smile,

My ever lasting hands,

will always be yours.

Give me your eyes from afar,

I will smoke like a genie named Jafar.

I may device a plan

to make you my best,

laid out covered with so much strawberry jam.

Only your skin does scream

as to my pallet as an Ice cream.

Oh minx you,

please please stop smirking.

Because baby,

In a jiffy

I can puff,

and huff as wolf to your cloth

like I will be yours as the same,

your jacket I am.

I need to turn away,

I know I cannot.

Your eyes loves me the same.



®Artsydhude 97-19



Puppy boy.

My eye,

my candy.

Oh baby baby.

What is it when you gaze to me in a second,

where I am 

what I can be.

In that loving smirk of your chuckle.

I do miss your eyes on me,

wink the wink.

bat the lash.

ooh baby,

gimme some lustful smiles.

I can go on.

Until at night,

your face is all I can hear in the light of the dark,

where something is swinging until,

your loving face is at me again.

I am addicted in you,

but don’t want 

none of your touch.

Only to long after you,

someone tugs my leash,

saying unto me.

We’re going.



®Artsydhude 2019


Creme filled sights

What poetry is this,

when all of the inspiration left with Thalia.

when my sweet sweet lovely Thea walked away.

Yet I danced on my head and lived

with Pandy and Candy.

with their lickity split throngs all of that 7 incher of a lollipop;

Must all of those pornographic description of these lustful fertile idle mind of mine.

Dwell and keep asking for something that I want so much yet I know of

such consequences.

such situational circumstances.

that my mind keep going on a probable cause.

So yah,

what poetry  

is this?



®Artsydhude 97-19


To have u.

Leave me alone, love.
I don’t want u here in my mind.
I want and need you by arms,
by my lips,


the one who at will hold me tight,
the one who wioo kiss my troubles away.


the one who validates all of my emotions
and do take care of my heart.
To know I need your lips,
my hips,


horizontal or any kind of posish.
Thing is,
that is not love.
A lust for you,


not a love,
I do utter,
I may under and over you.

Lustfuly yours.


your sense is not of,

yet to me;

It is.


Muy corazon may be yours,

not for a price,

not for a piece of;

then how am I to be.

Thine lips,

moist and gleaming with red glossy,

oh how i churn and turn,

Only a blink of yours makes me a puddle soon to be;

splashed around.

Oh your illustrious skin never leaves your side.

I am tempted and would be yours truly,

not a dog panting and humping,

not a tongue wagging and gagging by the look of your glances.

Oh mercy me. . .

Oh my sweet,

Can I be yours until,

. . .

Where did my love . . .


Maybe it went

when I stopped kissing your heart.


May be it had gone out,

where your mouth nagged me to hell and back,

each and every day and kept it all the way.


It wasn’t there to begin,

for I risked what I thought

I never had before then and now.

Am I lesser than I am,

Am I a person of lust than to think not of,

Will I ever use my heart before my underwear ‘s mind.


©XenoGrapx, XENOphagz

®Artsydhude 97-18

Oh babe.(18’s l.i.l)

Upon each twinkle of my loins,

I do love that saucepan of your glasses,

that makes my inside twirl.

that makes me a 10 year old horndog.

that can make a fool out of me.

Only of what stare you do linger upon me,

where I can fall madly,

spend all I have,

will make me shitting,

like any good puppy.

like any animal wagging.

and make a butterfly out of my own raging bull.

In a smile you slyly and oh so very,

ooh I can all year round lingering on each of your syllables.

Coz being in love,

not just of you,

not just the way,

coz each time 

of your face I see;

I know my day will be different.

I know my day will smile.

and take my life away.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx