Aah sweet diamonds.

A room filled with gold and jewels cannot be protected.

-Tao te ching/ Lao Tzu

Human capacity is leveled with good intentions,

personal limitations are therefore with best congeniality.

Whereas for me, Id rather have something that I can be proud of,

than to have more and keep going until either it eats or deprive maybe even deprave me of me.

-X phactore pg. 64

If a touch. . .

would be the subject of the matter.

Then these fingers,

would chase after you.

These hands may,

want to hold and cup the base of your neck.

My arms to hold you,

down and pin as i drop my kisses-

where ever and randomly entice and arouse, You.

Then baby, life begins,
as I enter your mind,

intellectually fornicating your senses,

before we can even touch,

emotionally what we need most.

Your smiles . . .

. . . makes me uncomfy

. . . makes me on edge

Coz baby, 

with that,

i can fly. . .

i can soar. . .

my undies can spill a little,

not so much but if i get a brush,

i will be a blue rabbit humping a wall unending…


It only takes to say hi, hello from me,

not a line,

maybe a touch. . .

then id fall 

head over wheels at my heels,

doing so many cartwheels,

and not going down.

I will want to,

how can i caress thee, 

my lovely.


Syl… u r d best. @rtsydhude c17m26


Hard to break

If it is fixed, then it again becomes character . . . 

pg. 73/Bruce Lee-Artist of life


Dear Habits,

You revisit me,

you love me,

thing is id rather blame myself coz i came to your door,

and you let me in and play with you again. Can i break you, and make you at least a thing of the past.

Can you let me go and make new friends? or must we dance everytime we are near, just right beside each other.



@rtsydhude=: The cuteness c17m25



Art blocke v2. khol.1a.i



@rtsydhude c17m23

“to see my folly, is to be my fault

blinded nothing but my undie”

-OAM M17TH25/5

excerpts in “The x phacthore”. pg 71
All are blind;

until one has a mind,

that never ends,

that never sleeps,

until all left is to be kind;

enough to see,

without a libido,

and castrated in love

so to speak.

Anywhere but nowhere

Sweet sweet nectar

My darling ambrosia,

why did u even looked at me

and led me.

And of all things

what i need and can not have

yet everytime i see you

I would like to feel you,

caress you and make sweet 

sweet love that you will be mine.

I am haunted for a fact alone 

that i can not have you,

far more it seems

As close as i can get,

still cannot even touch the slightest kiss upon from me to you.

Ahhh tantalise me,

Tantalise my head,

sweet Clotho spin me my dream,

sweet Clotho keep spinning til I fall asleep upon the shores of my own.




The cuties of May.


My dearest apologies,

For your eyes it is very enticing,

For the lips i am a slave,

and my voyueristic eyes hold you in contempt of my socks and undies.

Ouch those curves,

ouch the swing of the hip,

ouch mercy mercy merci me, 

how yoy carry your clothes like it was me

like a disposable clothing 

That you can just put on

and off,

oh sweet mama cita.

Please take me now, wherever you want me,

i will be,

but for a 

nominal . . .   .





May Cuties