. . i love your memory.I loved you in my own memory.In thought, we loved each other in our way. On actions of our concerns and care,lovers we were. The thing is though,to confess this in an empty halls of dawn, Morpheus shall take me inmemory of you. Nor what fantasy of such lengths. If only. . ,those woodschuck the curds,outta me.💬 😍😍🙊🙉🙈♾🆚️ 🔋📳🆙️⛾ ©O.a.M®Artsydhude 97-19™XENOphagz Advertisements Continue reading fr.0008888.i9c4


N.U.B/B+W For what lust in my eye will always stay there. Please if you do, stay in the moment of what my hands do need. Not of your tears. Not the years. Nor empty and beautiful lies you always utter. I do love none but the curves, Of the globes and promise . . . Of a valley that never stop growing adhering of penetrating what it offers. Not only sensational and temporary fluctuations. Only your hands can satisfy this eye. A love no other can deny. 🤩😍😍😍😚😚😚😛😜😛😜 ©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 97-19 ™XENOphagz Continue reading 02.16

To have u.

Leave me alone, love. I don’t want u here in my mind. I want and need you by arms, by my lips, the one who at will hold me tight, the one who wioo kiss my troubles away. the one who validates all of my emotions and do take care of my heart. To know I need your lips, my hips, horizontal or any kind of posish. Thing is, that is not love. A lust for you, not a love, I do utter, I may under and over you. Continue reading To have u.

Split my hate in twain, I have that fire and rage to see my desire burns of what life has to offer. Move my love, I will roll the days like no other. Any of expectations of my frustrations, knowing all I have felt, seen, touched and given time listened enough for all efforts. Love is hate, Hate is Love, all there is are none for it is as the same as above nor below, neither in the middle. Only to have not to hold, Only to gain, always lose. That I, can never Love and Hate, You. At the … Continue reading

Where did my love . . .

stop. Maybe it went when I stopped kissing your heart. went. May be it had gone out, where your mouth nagged me to hell and back, each and every day and kept it all the way. fell. It wasn’t there to begin, for I risked what I thought I never had before then and now. Am I lesser than I am, Am I a person of lust than to think not of, Will I ever use my heart before my underwear ‘s mind. 😜💉😏🙅 ©XenoGrapx, XENOphagz ®Artsydhude 97-18 Continue reading Where did my love . . .