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My beloved, Thea.

What face is this,

a face that triggers my loving embrace.

What love is this,

when my heart loves you as the same 20 yrs ago.

When can i have you,

to feel your skin so close,

as close as mine to keep you attached 

as much as possible.

I love you,

is not enough,

I love you,

is a passing wind

I need to hold you,

To make you feel

how truly. . .

how much. . .

and make you know,

I am and will always.



®artsydhude 07-18.

™ XENOphagz

Digital drawing, doodle, free verse, Line art, love, lust and desire, poetry, relationships

Pho-m :57

“What is love,

Baby dont hurt me,

No more ”



Many thanks to love,

A love shared by true lovers abode,

In Trystan’s cup he did admit and accepted,

If love should ever live then til now,

Isolde would have vengeance upon her lips

As would Juliet’s wanton lust  not for Romeo’s breast.

Knowingly that love suffers at the core of being,

Understanding between a man and a woman’s love

endures while one can assume power not only in emotional,

only a love unrequited knows to kiss the floor first than

the lips of that lovers lustful smother upon each other.





Digital drawing, Life, love, poetry, relationships

M tee-ness: #7

Weary of my left,

I take it off.

Pain of my callous,

I bare its righteous imbalance.

Not dirty nor filthy but the clothes I shed off,

As I dry thine fingers onto the soul of each hair that does trigger.

You come to me,

Does not ask,

Nor tell,

Not bothering.

Clasping me as your favourite,

Never stopping or complaints of my hygiene.

Kissing all of me, loving me as I am.

I give back as we empty all that there is.

For you I can not give nor take,

willingly or an unconditional.

My love, my beautiful.

My dear beloved Thea.

Drain me of the day

As I empty myself unto you.


©oliver Melendez



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AuVi bb:v99


We have been apart from some time.

Here you are beside me.

Loving me,

Sucking all of my rage,

Making love to you is like the love I crave,

Not of flesh desires,

Not lust of my loins.

Coz your time is an infinite love,

That no one can ever fathom nor comprehend.

So I lean on, chills me to the bone.

Gives me shelter,

And never stops to tell me,


Im here,


Doesn’t matter how much, many or just the same.

I am here, no one else is here.


©Oliver Melendez



Digital drawing, love, lust and desire, poetry, relationships


To my beloved. . .

You know who you are.

I haved loved you when were introduced ever since.

You became my only barrier of my mind’s programming.

You still are, will and be with me where ever I roam in my lifetime.

My beloved.

-oam 2018.

Days on end

© Oliver Melendez 


Were you the one who kept me all along,

Yet a way of seeing things that I feel differently;

Your eyes of Morrigan,

Charmed me in an insanity as Quixote would love his amore.

Admired afar upon a lithe and alluring shoulders of Freya’s glare.

But then only then you come to me again,

Staring a love not of,

But a feeling i wanted so much,

Yes which needed most.

A sister of my own kind,

That loved me most of what I left behind.

Digital drawing, love, lust and desire, poetry, relationships


Days on end

© Oliver Melendez 


Love me the worst and bitter sorrow’s of the world hereafter.

All of the yesterday’s joy bring me all my toys.

Then those jalapeno nights and sizzling cuties that left my sight,

That put my thirst not only in sight,

Left me a bitter taste delight

Thus leaving me high and dry…

Only to know what pornography can murder my soul inside.

Begin me a love which I want to have, only to wait 4 decades in tow

To know what a woman should be . . .

To know what equality means. . .

And the will to show me

What Love is and what it needs to be.

Not always we want it as we always see.