NsVs vup009ef

Expectations are a bitch,

Disappointments would be the demons of my heart,

Thing is,

if I do put all these in everything I do,

Then I am no worse,

And yes I will

And yes I will make,

What of it,

That lies beneath from it.

Then I shall take my helm and use that which

Blinds my mind,

To beat my heels out of all things,

I know it may progress an improvement

And use every faltering failures,

As my boots,

And I may surely walk out of

That bolgia,

Into the clearing of limbo

Of my own 







NsVs wuv567

Knowing a simple smile

can make your life easy,

why do we hurt each other

with a tone like no other.

Only enmity towards

that bigotry can feed

into and propel

our lives

in meaningless


Behind the insanity.

Once upon a book,

It told me how to put people in their place,

only then Dante showed up on a doorstep of apt 57,

where I was and led me into a madness of my mind.

There I was in 9 sane hours in an insane of 2,

72 scolds of meds upon nonsensical and absent


only to put his mouth where his practice.

Then Virgil came to me with a private security guard suit,

Letting me know,

all is well and go to my Beatrice,

for she has all release papers that can get me home.

At that morning,

St. Joseph welcomed me with open arms,

Showed me the way home,

where all my light

and days with,

I saw him smile,

Never telling me

how the days,

will seem endless sorrow on my mind.

Only I can know,

when to quit,

or even do

everything what I am to be.


UNV 20212

. . .

Mind all this thinking,

where all of my anxiety were

the gasoline of my vessel,

it were not unleaded,

It was a little pricey way back.

Now its only a fart apart.

Have you gone away my little demon,

my anxiety.


NmBz 001 .cii

. . .

so be it,

and endl3ss thoughts

ran me through,

then u tell me i am more capable

to be worst than them.

U r so stinking right,

but know this,

i will conspire against u all,

and will vow to me,

and promise to the end,

I know i can do better,

I know i can be better,

The only way to do so,

that of i will

and do this

not for the sake to spite,

but be a better person that I was,

and will do

what i can

To improve,

my attitude,

and neve take off,

from what i can call,



Ghygeresque: Tabernacle

Covenant of lies,

betrayer of worlds,

See among you who is more dark than usual,

But for me, I will not succumb

For me,I will wait,

if time gave me some secret

of waiting,

in due time

I will not ever know what

is right

or you keep that multitude

you call your magnified

and absolute sins.

I will not walk,

for every silent prayer

I ask none,

but for your soul to be saved among

the wretched ruin and cesspool of souls

to be weighed onto the mouth of your own.


NsVs= Ka gagohan.

How to accept bad behavior

from siblings,

can ignoring it make it more upsetting,

or can one accept

coz those people

you think its impossible,

its possible for them,

coz they live in their way

of their own


and never come back down to the level

of understanding,

what it truly means

to be a


oh yah accept them for what they cannot do,

that is that human

compunction of approval from such parental guidance.