Good times


Share your miserable power so I can be greater than you’ll ever be, Mocked Sauron to his mentor.

This is mine alone, if you do want this then i will put murder in your heart then only then you will be worthy of me, Melkor to Sauron.

Mock conversation of the best villains of Middle Earth.


@FANFIC of Silmarillion.

@rtsydhude Fanart Melkor/Sauron.


Fivahs., cl1.3


Touch me an angel, cry like a demon;

but if you are to take a weapon,

be sure you know how,

if not,

don’t bother talking to me

with your forked words,


you are messing in an endless

verbal war.


>>>>>ใ€Šยคใ€‹โ—‹โ—โŠ™ D3D14$, VDL., P26



Go ahead push your luck, keep pushing it,

till i dont do nothing but watch

you push yourself into something,

far more than someone were to keep it,

pushing it too much.

—–>>>>>ใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ De Dias/\Veeda de Libro p13

Dracko therapy: Acid Fumes


Slay my dragon,

that has been keeping me here,

in here where I need my water,

in here how I fill myself,

at the bowels of my funnel.

I take it as a fuel for my,


self loathing,


Because thats all i know of my own guzzler,

So please before all of it

I swallow. . .

Slay me,

before i drink you just like so.

Into my encampment. . .


i rage and bellow,

coz of my bitterness.

I violently shake and shook

of my hatred.

Yet if I do try the best of my calmness,

then maybe.

But if I am still then i can be released

from all of this.