Go ahead push your luck, keep pushing it,

till i dont do nothing but watch

you push yourself into something,

far more than someone were to keep it,

pushing it too much.

—–>>>>>》》》 De Dias/\Veeda de Libro p13

Dracko therapy: Acid Fumes


Slay my dragon,

that has been keeping me here,

in here where I need my water,

in here how I fill myself,

at the bowels of my funnel.

I take it as a fuel for my,


self loathing,


Because thats all i know of my own guzzler,

So please before all of it

I swallow. . .

Slay me,

before i drink you just like so.

Into my encampment. . .


i rage and bellow,

coz of my bitterness.

I violently shake and shook

of my hatred.

Yet if I do try the best of my calmness,

then maybe.

But if I am still then i can be released

from all of this.

Pambihirang tae ka,


Whaa. . .

No ats ka duy. . .

Ano ba naman yan . . .

Sige umagang umaga, ganyan na naman. . .

Why of all people who really irritates me,

annoys me,

persistently and diligently being a hypocrite of your face.

It seems to me, you think you know someone that you call your own, keep giving me.,


Nah its yours not mine,

alongside with that ebbs my tide,

then I’d know,

U r just being one of those.

-Unang aklat

Kaka T.I. ka talaga p.46

Ano ka ba at ganyan pa rin. . .


ilang araw na,

ilang beses na,

bat ganito pa rin,

bat ganon pa rin.

Sa pananaw ko ganyan pa rin kayo,

Eh wala talaga ako na magagawa,

ganyan na yan,

Ipag dasal ko na lan,

kahit paano at humarap kayo sa kanya,

at least he knows what mercy can be done for you,

what trials can he give to you

and what of love can given to you.

Its all i know how to save you.

It all i know how to give love to you.

-Unang aklat pg.47 / Kaka T.I ka talaga