The unneccessary thing.

“… with the evils of war can thouroughly understand. . . ”

II: 7. Waging war. p52

-Sun Tzu / The Art of War


In profit
or gain,

investments are ordained.

In love

nor war

emotional are refrained.

Trust are betrayals,

Betrayals are the thrust

are the sole purpose of


and that is nothing to be

ashamed nor to blame coz,

here we go again and again.

Ghosts of the pasts

I hang upon this noose,

But it does not murder me.

All the shots fired,
The hail and embers surrounds me.


With your words;
With your intent;

I succumb into melancholia,
I enter my dementia,
I am lost and wander in memory;
Sickness turned into depravity,
Depravity unto beleaguered mentality.

Momentarily I am in my hell,
My brain defunct.
How do I miss you, where are you?

You are here.

But when I am with you,
I am empty and fulfilled,
Content and yearning at the same time.

I sure do miss you,
But I don’t want you.
Saudade, Nov ’15. Original,   June 2017, Edited, repost. 

Ghunnes of Khwatlou

Khapahk, Burrackhhh . . .

Ka chik, kerplank.

Zzhit, zzhesh, khaphezz. . .

. . .

So it beg8n

two days removed since the other second day,

You t0ld me,

that I’d be not the one 

to tell you so.

Ahh, tsk tsk. . .

you brought what you gave me,

A weapon.

Of your liking and doing.

You showed me yours, now its my turn.


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