Drawing/Sketch, hate and anger, Mixed media, poetry

NsVs x AuVi 88.z:1

Crap your mouth,

coz I know

your effing greed will always be yours

and yours to your own.

I am not,

I will not be,

. . . yet I do have your family name.

. .  . yet you gave me my own first name.

Then what else is there,

when all of my ranting and raving rage.

So go ahead,

do want you want,

I am not,

I will not be a part of what you think,

Coz i know

your eternal and words be always.

 “Akala ko”.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, hate and anger, Life, poetry

NmV #00.a3

In hatred life is vigorous.

In hatred it fuels all one can imagine.

In the mode of that anger,

The eye is blinded.

In the sensation of all frustration,

leads all senses as a rock.

Numbness is not a feeling,

Numbness is the power that keeps one,

everywhere caged and locked inside.

Vader asks me with intent and content,

Confront all of myself

 “Release your anger”

Seems to me his hate has much more,

than mine could ever be.


 “Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader” all rights reserved under Lucasfilm via Disney Entertainment .



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, doodle, Emotional warfare, hate and anger, Line art, Prose

AuVi .00088

The problem of all negativity is when the positive is happily laughing at him.

Thus the laughter makes it more unbearable for negative to be happy.

That jolly gay and rambunctious laughter makes negative wants to murder

positive ‘s face in.

The more she laughed and negative hid its face, started to walk.

Positive said to him,

 “Why so glum?”

 “Keep on laughing, k. Lemme alone”

 “Your a joykill”


A reminder for us all, laughter sometimes isn’t good when someone

does not want it.





abstract, Blank Verse, current state, Digital drawing, doodle, Drawing/Sketch, Emotional warfare, hate and anger, Life, Line art, noodling, pain and suffering, Personal, poetry, relationships

NmBc 20i

To honor someone

Is to respect what they had become.

To admire their history 

You’d still give them what they expected and wanted to hear.

So Do I dare,

Please your shit,

With all the fuck ups you gave me.

In spite of all greed that you keep til this day.

I know not to be of you,

I know not to be like you.

Yes I will always pray for your petty soul.

Yes I will always ask for your salvation.

 In that sense I will always cherish,

In that sense I will respect you.

Only to know only in his day,

When I am in his court

 I will weigh in at that gaping mouth of the crocodile,

And heralded into that escalators of heaven.


©oliver Melendez

® Ohms, artsydhude


anxiety and worry, Digital drawing, doodle, Drawing/Sketch, hate and anger, Life, Line art, meloncholia, noodling, pain and suffering, Personal, poetry, reflective, relationships


Why should I,

How do I?

The thing is,

Both of us grew into our own epitaph of what life fell,

Although yes we are related,

Through some traits and behaviorism are there.

We still are different,

I don’t want to relate and not be your soldiers who’d tolerate.

My life you took by its reigns and kept twisting it to your benefit,

Telling me I can do anything I like,

At minutes pass your hypocrisy is so predictable and very judgemental

Towards whatever and who ever comes your path.

So please,

Don’t tell me you have been there.

Coz I knew,

You weren’t even there when

I needed no one,

And called Him at my side,

To tell me. . .

It’ll be ok, and it will come out hard life in the road

Where I am home abode.