The tweltfh step. Step off

Count me down from these steps.

Accommodate me from all this agressive state, 

So i may come down with a concept in which 

I can be of use to someone’s life and be based upon their ordeal.

step 12.

according to the law of my life, 

Step out, Step in, let it begin.

The longest mile you’ll ever start and end

With a single motion,

that is; step into your shoes and walk beside a cloud.

The joy of sorrow

it does not have to be,

it does not want to.

For if it was written,

one dirge comes first before the thirst: then it follows.

another deluge cometh; yet rainbows of promises are on the way.

So please don’t wallow, subscribe to your soul and follow

where its asking you to slowly smile,

look up then after you’d know there is no place you would rather be.