These lines of tears., #21


The currency of emotion is never static

yet dynamic in result.

The currency of my negativity are none

compared to your tears,

I have my waterfall

you have your fountain,

combined is that of our marriaged trials

that seems unending.


Β© oliver a. melendez.

Β© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 122. b2.31/ Butiez


These lines of tears.,#10


Life does give trials that never ends,

albeit its lesson at bay lie in its wake.

Sorrow misery depression,

three graces that ever grace my eyes

they do feed me.

Β© oliver a. melendez.

Β© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 123. b2.32 /Butiez

These lines of tears., #00


The trails of what used to be

can ever be and not denied,

coz in doubt it is afloat

in these misty eyes

that do not float.


Β© oliver a. melendez.

Β© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 124. b2.33/Butiez

Chaptered Struggles


It was the yesteryears where infancy, infatuations, naive and misguided hands

that took this youngling into much of his demise, upon the summary what it is to be,

unrequited. Whether it to be validated or not, he is, he was, he could have been. Alas, he is still

mislead by what is the name of a love that wasnt, lust was always on hs head and never after,

any goal he can write or muster.

The other side of the coin.


I take tails,

then you start bashing what is not my principles.

U take heads,

then i kept askin your past.

Who then is the one,

then to make it all call,


I take Wayne’s side of the story,

You take Dent’s.

Or was it,


Lets penny up and get a coffee with this little penny.

Sort to re sort,


The world of tommorow

sent me a letter,

It told me,

Don’t ever be

so bold.

Don’t ever be


Don’t ever be


Because it told me its not even here to begin with.