The tweltfh step. Step off

Count me down from these steps.

Accommodate me from all this agressive state, 

So i may come down with a concept in which 

I can be of use to someone’s life and be based upon their ordeal.

step 12.

according to the law of my life, 

Step out, Step in, let it begin.

The longest mile you’ll ever start and end

With a single motion,

that is; step into your shoes and walk beside a cloud.

Hard over time: in betweenie

Time wasn’t easy for us, you of all them never failed me,
That was the time, i keep expecting we will get we wanted.

Time gave you them first,

Distance was my girlfriend that made me love her more than our situation, 

When you decided to be a playboy on your terms.

Never again,

coz you were the one who left before me.


for the memories of CAS,91-17.

the golden friend i’ll ever had


Time over easy: the meetup

Then after the end,

I saw a shaded friend,

who would be the greatest

nor i did not foresee, only memories i have of you.

nor i did not assume, time spent together of us.

or even the loves and hates, the shouts the screams, or even our deepest pain and rages.

or even the girls we wanted to have, to be with or even the one we fought over.

Now the time spent to call,

is a sacred time not even to spare,

nor even tried contacting to connect.


for the memories of CAS,91-17.

the golden friend i’ll ever had


Did i ever tell you . . .

That you are not the first. . .

That you could have been . . .

still you are here,

still i am with you,

And i will tell,

that you are my last.

And i will tell,

that you need to be.

Because, I love the way our days as it to be,

Because, I love the way we talk of pure nonsense,

You are, were, would and will be here in me, 

that we can,

or can not have.

I’d die without you,

I’d die losing you,

yet i dont need that attachment.