Drawing/Sketch, hate and anger, Mixed media, poetry

NsVs x AuVi 88.z:1

Crap your mouth,

coz I know

your effing greed will always be yours

and yours to your own.

I am not,

I will not be,

. . . yet I do have your family name.

. .  . yet you gave me my own first name.

Then what else is there,

when all of my ranting and raving rage.

So go ahead,

do want you want,

I am not,

I will not be a part of what you think,

Coz i know

your eternal and words be always.

 “Akala ko”.



®artsydhude 97-18


Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

MiniMacros ds.00003

Napaka sarap ng mura mo sa akin,

kahit paano alam ko may emosyon ka pa,

kaso kung magmahal ka, at malumanay pa ang tono.

Alam ko may pakay ka na di ko ma i inom at mahigit pa sa ulcer ko.

In a way,

I want to be alone all the time,

rather to spend it with you.

Coz all I know of the love you will ever


is when something is coming

into that almost zero balance at what said bank,

that is either depleted or you want to control.



®artsydhude 97-18


Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

A far familiar place.

Once upon a land far away from me.

A land that had nothing for me.

I came to close,

it loved my wallet,

used my loins against me.

Disrespected, disregarded and put me in a difficult place.

Now on!y a thought and what a moat can be my own reality.

As I come back to my fantasy,

The clouds kept barking along my way.

Never letting up nor lift all spit from its froth.


®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, love, poetry, Portraits, relationships

. . . let my soul sleep

While the spirit dreams

of a new age.

An age where

You are here with me,

loving me tenderly,

I’d caress you lovingly.

Upon all the life can bring,

on all fights of argument and tempers,

I know that your hands will put up to me

and love me as I submit to your lips,

and of your hips to mine.

Coz baby, the makeup is as much sweeter

than fighting with our mouth open,

and ours close.

Oh such sweet forgiveness,

Upon your strawberry lip gloss.



®artsydhude 97-18


anxiety and worry, Digital drawing, free verse, Life, poetry

Water of my melon.

Have you seen a past,

full of life?

Have you known that then is not now?

I used to be,

But I still do,

I longed for a hot sexy and steamy ones,

Yet when I looked at you.

I can be sweet in your face,

but do gag on my own when you are not around.

I do wonder how Adam,

how he took a bitter tasting fig,

not knowing what he got into.

not knowing what it meant to keep blaming.

not knowing what uncomfortable life they are getting into.

I would like him more than all of the ones, who fucked up the real eden.



®artsydhude 97-18


anxiety and worry, Digital drawing, free verse, poetry

Pwm 20.6x

Your extreme is not mine to resist,

Mine is not even yours,

Thing is why do I bother give not just,

but all of my edge of my sanity.

And you tell me I am always mad at you.

Think not of the event of a minute,

while I come down from the eternity of my own madness,

thus you keep pushing.

When I do, you back up knowingly 

you can see and observe for yourself,

I am not me.



®artsydhude 97-18