forward to marital complaints.

. 25%


. . . , t. o. emz

Madda phacking shiskabobbie.

Oh what a good glossary of my monotoned lips.

Phracking sunnababich-eng eng.

What a lovely content of topics that this carnal mouth I will have when I can,

If I ever see that wondrous lovely thick and luscious scolding from U.

Pha-ack fhack Phlacking, Shmack dat arrhzze.

So u did tell me you wanted out but my kiddo doesn’t want her Dha-da getting a new B.

and yes in front of her,

Still smear that you cannot be a woman and a wife to me.

But almost 24/7 kissing,listening and so attentive to a guy that has you.

A dud3 by the name. Samsung 8.

Isn’t he gr8t.

He will not shame,

nor blame,

nor he won’t betray your trust,

And he even can wake u.

For me, I am not those

I can not be,

For U can’t get over

Marrying a broken,damaged, deranged and oops,

Sorry I didn’t mention I am.

A mental cas3.


Art by Artsydhude 1997-2019

Poetry by O.a.M



. . . , t.o. emz


As I have

As I were

Once was not enough.

on a course you knew how much

My life wudda,cudda and shudda.


Its so phucked and Muddafracking shits that,


I went through.

Still you kept your devout ways and telling me

and my siblings.

Respect him enough so to know,

you can compare ourselves not to see,

And do know what is his

Not ours.


All art by Artsydhude

Poetry by O.a.M


. . . , t.o.emz


Please do tell

All of my brain

Cannot connect what you already did then.

Will I ever contrast all of those

When I can just compare of then and than,

Not of I can and could.

Do I use all of my,



That comes and goes.

You kept at me,

“Kalmado ka lan”

You keep going,

“Tatay mo ako, usap tayo.”

I know how U r.

And I know of who,


I can bear your last name.

But I can not give my power of insanity

Courses to the vein,

and yes all of my vain to my

accursed shame.


All artwork by Artsydhude

Poetry by O.a.M

All rights reserved by XenoPages



My sweet sweet cherry smile,

My ever lasting hands,

will always be yours.

Give me your eyes from afar,

I will smoke like a genie named Jafar.

I may device a plan

to make you my best,

laid out covered with so much strawberry jam.

Only your skin does scream

as to my pallet as an Ice cream.

Oh minx you,

please please stop smirking.

Because baby,

In a jiffy

I can puff,

and huff as wolf to your cloth

like I will be yours as the same,

your jacket I am.

I need to turn away,

I know I cannot.

Your eyes loves me the same.



®Artsydhude 97-19


Puppy boy.

My eye,

my candy.

Oh baby baby.

What is it when you gaze to me in a second,

where I am 

what I can be.

In that loving smirk of your chuckle.

I do miss your eyes on me,

wink the wink.

bat the lash.

ooh baby,

gimme some lustful smiles.

I can go on.

Until at night,

your face is all I can hear in the light of the dark,

where something is swinging until,

your loving face is at me again.

I am addicted in you,

but don’t want 

none of your touch.

Only to long after you,

someone tugs my leash,

saying unto me.

We’re going.



®Artsydhude 2019


Creme filled sights

What poetry is this,

when all of the inspiration left with Thalia.

when my sweet sweet lovely Thea walked away.

Yet I danced on my head and lived

with Pandy and Candy.

with their lickity split throngs all of that 7 incher of a lollipop;

Must all of those pornographic description of these lustful fertile idle mind of mine.

Dwell and keep asking for something that I want so much yet I know of

such consequences.

such situational circumstances.

that my mind keep going on a probable cause.

So yah,

what poetry  

is this?



®Artsydhude 97-19