Blank Verse, Drawing/Sketch, Emotional warfare, free verse, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

Add me an ordeal.

Deduct all pains of life,

multiply it by seven divine years.

subtract it by 2.

Then add all the good memories that you really knew happened.

Another additional good memories that did happened

divide that into the age yoy have now.

I guess,

Life isn’t life

worth living.

When one’s arithmetic cannot do,

when the emotional tenses are easily the 10th exponential errors

that do mar,

any of what life is 

and is not to be.



® Artsydhude 97-18

™ XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

anxiety and worry, Blank Verse, Drawing/Sketch, Emotional warfare, free verse, hate and anger, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry

. . . I am to presume all of the years,

and the muddled,

scrubbed and soiled,

tattered and shed.

None at all by my own assumptions

since all of these lovely anxieties,

all of my disappointments,

are nothing to someone but,

an emotional tantrum.

Yet someone who had a paper saying,

that is the only case.

Then she hands me a paper saying,

take a number,

take this pill,

and shove everything.

Since all of my life’s trial

are none but all

that matters to no one.

Only to myself

I am to see.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

anxiety and worry, Blank Verse, Drawing/Sketch, free verse, Mixed media, poetry

Chicken pride

My subjects are the sense of my own pride.

I am proud to be an owner of my emotional assumptions,

which takes none of what

truth can show,

truth can give.

For my evidence has no bearing,

of any objective facts lies at the core 

of the divine which leads me.

None to cry nor try,

what can be contrasted but always compared,

that is where I,

grew up on.

grew into.

and where all my family loved since then.

I am to break,

I am to shake,

I need to bake,

So at least the ones do come up,

need not to change,

for they can correct it,

themselves for their life,

incomparable from my pride.





Blank Verse, Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, free verse, poetry, relationships

Txt me a Tear.

Worry my mind,

so I can see myself as that past took my life away.

Make me into a habit,

when they came as they were always prolonging all the fear and doubts.

Leave me instead of,

giving care or even a loving tone that a real woman would,

a soft voice that can easily defend me,

a concerned love encompasses no one,

and rebelled under any yoke who would give me a shot,

knowingly their good intentions are always righteous.

So please make this bi-polar life of mine,

make hell each this as you leave me daily.



®Artsydhude 97-18