Ga ly-Rhee



.0998 d5

Bruce Wayne, Batman. Third in command of JLA. Dark Knight of Gotham. 

DCU, DC comics




Fan-na thic.


Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, princess of Themiscara. Daughter of Hippolyta.

Second in command of JLA.

DCU, DC comics


This mind sets upon a rising sun.

Its zenith of its yellow beams,

While its ember does some effect,

while that green weaken.

Yet i can bound,

with a single thought,

that were, was and instilled by

those Kents,

now to claim my real





Clark Kent

Kal El.

Trademarks and all rights reserved under

DC Comics




by ohms and artsydhude.

2017, 3. 11


Poems and artwork by

© Oliver A Melendez


The other side of the coin.

I take tails,

then you start bashing what is not my principles.

U take heads,

then i kept askin your past.

Who then is the one,

then to make it all call,


I take Wayne’s side of the story,

You take Dent’s.

Or was it,


Lets penny up and get a coffee with this little penny.

Thus my drama

comes to a comedy

turns into a dramedy

Have these eyes cried enough

have these ducts swelled enough

but this curl of a lip

would rather smirk and cackle

with Joker

with Loki


I might as well hang out at the tower

and ask Yakko

to go to Del Taco 

While Dot makes a face and Wakko runs in place.


Batobot 2007


Just another mask

This face is not my face

this suit is of my body

that i sculpted


into something

that kept me alive.

This mantle is my career

i take upon my vengeance

not my own

but someones justice.

A might that is my right to equalize

by not my standard

someone else’s life.

So please take your aim, as i deflect it

and put you where your life in someone’s hold.

This is who I am,

I am the night

I am vengeance

I am Batman.



Playing as a guardian is nothing more but a hired security. Thats what Oliver Queen plays in all his incarnations from the point of origin to the last resurfacing in the small screen.

Yet a guardian is always the one who takes the mantle to the point where there is a boundary. Once that is set, limitations are as much more than a line from and to.

“Us small guys…” a line from Justice League unlimited from the character itself to the six that was soon to be 7th, coz they needed Queen’s influence at the “small time heroes”.

With Queen as the 7th and last League founding member, he i s the limitation of what human conscience to keep them with what humanity left in them.