NsVs aeiou:v2

The void has a voice,

It tried to talk to me.

It had no choice

To air its grievance,

It said,

I am very sorry that this world

Has no more substance,

I see all of its existence i birthed,

Comes of this.

It became more chaotic than us.

I dunno,

I want you to know,

Only you can make this point across.


©oliver Melendez




Rhe verzya dos

Come at me suffering.

Come at me anxiety and depression.

Come at me destructiveness.

I will see to it,

You will be inverted

To reverse at every verse there is.


©oliver Melendez



La memorie’ de los mortem historicae

Smile my dear nazguls.

Screech me your howlings,

As I watch not your turmoil,

As I not hear your dreaded songs,

As I not sense you’re electric sensitivity.

I will at least ask of him,

I will attempt to ask of his,

I would want those in tow for you.

Then let all those who were and in line,

Be free from litigation,

Be free from all misery,

Be free from it all.

In an instant it is a season to flame on.

In an instant all of not of your sins be raged on.

Like it or not,

Guide our world into the corrections of tomorrow’s future,

By our own decision that choose to see today . . . 

not the good,

not the intent,

nor for ill will.

But the strength that which guides the mouth,

nor mind or heart of any kind.


© Oliver Melendez



NmBc 20i

To honor someone

Is to respect what they had become.

To admire their history 

You’d still give them what they expected and wanted to hear.

So Do I dare,

Please your shit,

With all the fuck ups you gave me.

In spite of all greed that you keep til this day.

I know not to be of you,

I know not to be like you.

Yes I will always pray for your petty soul.

Yes I will always ask for your salvation.

 In that sense I will always cherish,

In that sense I will respect you.

Only to know only in his day,

When I am in his court

 I will weigh in at that gaping mouth of the crocodile,

And heralded into that escalators of heaven.


©oliver Melendez

® Ohms, artsydhude


Back Cover: DoE

​Pretend you are no one, how then can you measure the life you can depend on.

Assume you are plastic, then when can you be a glass beneath of that which was seen.

Days on end is never what it seems, yet it fades away into emptiness and devoid of all sorrow. Too much happiness sometimes means you are still pretending you are what you are not.

Days on End

© Oliver Melendez

® Ohms

™ XENOphagz


​If I were a plastic

I would have been a wide mouthed,

Longest and volumized depth bottle

ever seen.

Yet i will have a bottom and thus limits me,

To empty my bottle and be filled again for everything

To any emotional crap I can take.

And yes, I am only human

And I do make mistakes,

To do one thing is a never a good deed,

But if I wanted I can be a person who tries

To be as truthfully I can be,

With all words to be spoken,

I want all my shit farts have more stink

Than others,

Coz you know the most deadliest pink farts

Are more dangerous than a pretend sharts.

I won’t pretend anymore not for anyone.

In the end of it all,

I will relieve all that is, that were and where I need to be

Are the days on end, when I begin to go to that room,

Put my mask for the day,

And flush last night’s shit,

To begin a new one for today.

Days on End

© Oliver Melendez

® Ohms

™ XENOphagz