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Water of my melon.

Have you seen a past,

full of life?

Have you known that then is not now?

I used to be,

But I still do,

I longed for a hot sexy and steamy ones,

Yet when I looked at you.

I can be sweet in your face,

but do gag on my own when you are not around.

I do wonder how Adam,

how he took a bitter tasting fig,

not knowing what he got into.

not knowing what it meant to keep blaming.

not knowing what uncomfortable life they are getting into.

I would like him more than all of the ones, who fucked up the real eden.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, Life, poetry

Parle vous comunicado

If language is the thread of civilization,

If language would link all that of then and now.

Can it make more life easier,

Should it be a barrier when

all things are possible.

Or do we all prefer as a person as a singular


that we all want to be left alone.



® artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, free verse, Life, meloncholia, pain and suffering, poetry, reflective, relationships

Deflect to Reflect.

A feather was given to me by a crow.

It has rainbow colors.

The crow looked at me sideways.

I pulled yellow,

I saw myself at 80’s.

I pulled blue,

I saw myself from a toddler into my 8th year.


I saw none but I felt all of the fear I felt

through all my years.


All of the opportunity missed and experiences.


Felt all the range of rage,

to all my loneliness of all my sorrows.


My immediate and relatives

the ones who loved me,

those who can say but not even dare show.

On a whim of a breeze, I feel the last feather

Shown a color of what people are,

shown the true test of a person’s love and affection.


why even bother to give when one can not even leave

his ego behind, 

and ends what a past can hold.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, Life, poetry

There is a train. . . 

Coming out,

but never going in.

Coming thru

yet don’t want to get to.

One is asking,

please stop.

The other,

has that black fuel all of the emotional stress with it.

How do I stop,

can it take a break

so my body doesn’t can make something

out of this brain.





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Fly my thoughts . . .

unto the heights of where no one can follow.

into a wide narrow slits of memories have never left,

only to be with me. . .

. . . Loving you there.

. . . what was once I knew of the real family I once held dear.

. . . where all of the lust in me left me, wanting none but to have you



and little kiss upon my eye.

Telling me.

 “I will never you, 

will never forsake our moments,

won’t ever forget your love,

‘coz in my heart we never left each other’s eye.”


© oam

®artsydhude 7-18