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“…that is not logical.Mutants are humans, therefore humans must be protected from themselves.”

 -Master Mold.

Mega Sentinel.

1992, X-Men animated series.

Fox/Saban/Marvel Studios in conjunction with Avi Arad affiliation.


Alienation, Xenophobia and yes discrimination in any form was Stan Lee’s written work and social commentary while he was working with all the artist of the golden/silver/bronze age of comics heyday from 1959 and on. While Chris Claremont in the social unrest of the later part of 70 had his take of bigotry, warring factions and international turmoil was brewing.

Me still growing up from Philippines to California had some experience with my were here in San Francisco. Yah I know from my own personal experience.

First from Philippines;

My own classmates have me a sense that I am different and kept teasing me off what they all think that is weird of me. Flash forward to 1988 to 1989, freshman in “Overfelt H.S.” . I had a diversed friends white blond chick, Indian cool chick, Bornean make and some Vietnamese.

Those who are still that whom I can try call “pinoys” that may look at me, I actually get away from.

Why would I pen this now? It’s very difficult for me to say, to those whom I am from “Filipinos” . They did and still do discriminate me for they can look and I may assume.

 “He is one weird loner.”

 Yet in my senior year, one Filipino invited me to hang out. 

I tried still I knew all along all these persons/people that are just for good times.

Yet in my later years I rediscovered old comics of X-men. I saw no one but only to have that heart of Wolverine and shared his anger as my own. Professor Xavier is an almost a tutelage homage to all I did love, respect,honor and yes had a profound influence on me; “Teachers” from Philippines to my community college teachers.

So what, Mutants: “Geeks, weirdos,Fanboys and comic book/sci-fi readers”. 

We are humans,we love, we hate, we lust,   we are greedy compulsive hoarding behavioristic personalities on the objective of wanton desires.

We humans do need to protect ourselves from own inhibition and addiction. How are we to tell the next generation of the lessons when as a whole unison of humankind cannot even unite on any common thread?

 It’s only when our life is at stake, then unison is there.

 We mindlessly keep watching FEAR unravel when our way of living of what is a “new normal” must a new X-men must rise from our own bigotry of our own ignorance of what is a definition of FACT and TRUTH.

In a way Master Mold can shed a light what a true “Artificial intelligence” that evolves into what his inventor want “Philosophically” in concept not practical function for the purpose of what truly to protect oneself.