This mind sets upon a rising sun.

Its zenith of its yellow beams,

While its ember does some effect,

while that green weaken.

Yet i can bound,

with a single thought,

that were, was and instilled by

those Kents,

now to claim my real





Clark Kent

Kal El.

Trademarks and all rights reserved under

DC Comics




by ohms and artsydhude.

2017, 3. 11


Poems and artwork by

© Oliver A Melendez



Can you hear me,

my blind justice.

Can you see me,

my stalwart hands.

Do these balance take hold.

Do that check hands fold.

Make me an instrument of your amendments.

Make me an instrument of the practice.

Who am I,

then to uphold and upheld,

to which end.



@rtsydhude, fan-@rt 2017.


In momento, et tu

Why of all things,

when we were there. . .

in the years of those,

that it was written not for amusement,

not for the imagery. . .

but as the message it conveyed.

I guess the message that Mr. Lee did write then was very subtle nuance,

that all we see behind Parker, Xavier and Mostly Banner,

that keep fighting for was all in vain,

for the amusement of that visual entities,

or shall we say the toad that sprung the green behind the greed of it all.

Dhie Rushke


left and right.

Missiles in and over above the head.

Logan to my left,

O’conner on my right,

Sarge on that Hill,

Cap rushing like a juggernaut,

Xavier that old geek nerd, but knows where to deploy.

Scott absently jarring every ammo in that damn warhead.

Then my hand does nothing but,

be a triggerhappy nutjob.

“Castle stop jamming so much ak, ther3’s no more Shit-heads. You got em all”.


To all servicemen of United States of America. I salute you.


Keep trying

Climb little spider

only to get squashed again

only to be ridiculed

then get back up



and again.

That is why,

you are human enough

to say

” I am trying to live

what life

is throwing at me.”



fanart @ 2000 by artsydhude

Marvel comics 

all rights reserved 

under Buena Vista Entertainment/ Disney