Dhie Rushke


left and right.

Missiles in and over above the head.

Logan to my left,

O’conner on my right,

Sarge on that Hill,

Cap rushing like a juggernaut,

Xavier that old geek nerd, but knows where to deploy.

Scott absently jarring every ammo in that damn warhead.

Then my hand does nothing but,

be a triggerhappy nutjob.

“Castle stop jamming so much ak, ther3’s no more Shit-heads. You got em all”.


To all servicemen of United States of America. I salute you.


Keep trying

Climb little spider

only to get squashed again

only to be ridiculed

then get back up



and again.

That is why,

you are human enough

to say

” I am trying to live

what life

is throwing at me.”



fanart @ 2000 by artsydhude

Marvel comics 

all rights reserved 

under Buena Vista Entertainment/ Disney

Sight beyond sight

To be feared,

one must have fear of dying,

then why i keep trying

night after night

i wake up 

and hear my beating heart

and see with my cane that which touches everything

taste every bit of my blood gushing out from every muscle I tear.

But now I know i can die,

so to speak then,

I am not the one to die,

I can dare to be 



fanart 2016

by artsydhude

Charge up

Hard metal on skin

Platelets of nanytes

that keep on going,

but need more charge than before

Beams on beam

rays of light that shines to those oppose his own design.

A fluid none other it seems was and always be his addiction.

But far beyond it,

a cause of intellect and logic

Then march on mighty mind

Then Charge up, mighty hand

as it lifts,

as you say unto your heart,

to see the white of the eye 

sparks fear into the night

rythmically beats

down upon the metal

sound whining upon light on light,

sound on sound,


“Repulsor blast!!!”

Just another mask

This face is not my face

this suit is of my body

that i sculpted


into something

that kept me alive.

This mantle is my career

i take upon my vengeance

not my own

but someones justice.

A might that is my right to equalize

by not my standard

someone else’s life.

So please take your aim, as i deflect it

and put you where your life in someone’s hold.

This is who I am,

I am the night

I am vengeance

I am Batman.

Army of me


Technology is my ally
Devices are my hands
My core is my nuclear reactor
My tools are my weapon
My torso is my armor
My toes are missiles

What am i
What are these for
Peace or the peace i justify with all these

I am my own army
An army of me
The church is my mind
My brain are my think tank

Who am i
Who am i fighting for
I fight for no one but me,myself and i.

Iron man are marks thereof Marvel comics
All rights reserved Disney entertainment