em. prompt, u. . . “existence”


To be alive is power

– Emily Dickinson

That power resides,

where one moves,

the other loves,

the life grows

and lessons mature in time.

We live in power that we all

take and take and take,

but not to eat its own cake,

still sharting out

farting it out,

not using it,

where and when to know how to bake

that power of the powder,

where we all once got caked.

1st way


It has been a long road of admission of sins of the past.

The path of thorns of adopting habits accumulated just like that.

To adjust from mood, attitude, and behavior comes and go like no other downwind.

To be and to know that Acceptance cannot be just like so, its hard to bear but once its there,

Its not easy nor hard;

at least for the part of having it near,

causes the concept of love much more clear.

2nd part


Last before the least,
Will it end the mark of my own beast,

Will Cain submit to me,
For Abel isnt my reality.

Can my frenemy call me “mentor”,
Although he isnt that likeable as one would say a good pagterno.

I may be a lone rebel but my thoughts mimic a pack of wolves that can stampede and we will level.

Skadido #10


Then it cried,

alas at last,

the end of the lines of my worry will come to pass,

After which another would,

or will it begin amassing near sol,

or would Luna be full first before,

creations starts again over and again.

Full on


Roar once more.

Its not about your confidence,

Its not the things to be one with self.

Cry as a wolf,

Loneliness is not an option,

Its there as your slave to the bone,

commiting itself as your throne.



c15 @rtsydhude, original.

c17 @rtsydhude, re-invizioned, updated.


The unneccessary thing.


“… with the evils of war can thouroughly understand. . . ”

II: 7. Waging war. p52

-Sun Tzu / The Art of War


In profit
or gain,

investments are ordained.

In love

nor war

emotional are refrained.

Trust are betrayals,

Betrayals are the thrust

are the sole purpose of


and that is nothing to be

ashamed nor to blame coz,

here we go again and again.

Ryhme&Metre:= Wha-yha


To be and ought to be is my main concern,

It is a reality this conforms.

Should the could’s, would be a wood burn,

It confirms, i can douse my anxiety and the need to be firm.