Qwipzeeoligy 02.h1

That red crayon lable told me its vermillion.

Then when i used it on a thick paper it bled purple.



Be steadfast in quatrains,

in all the loveliest stanzas of old,

though i do pen my grief and pain

the sorrow of my tommorow is and was be told,

Then why ask Y, when i can hear thy name of, I.


Poems and artwork by

© Oliver A Melendez



Can you hear me,

my blind justice.

Can you see me,

my stalwart hands.

Do these balance take hold.

Do that check hands fold.

Make me an instrument of your amendments.

Make me an instrument of the practice.

Who am I,

then to uphold and upheld,

to which end.



@rtsydhude, fan-@rt 2017.



Burned at sight.

To see beyond sight,

in the forest that burns bright. . .

I saw it looked at me,

so fearful for his life.

Still it thinks Iam an anti-gonistic in nature,

for it was at home

it only needs to depend to defend and I was

the one to offend,

doesnt matter how i try to be gullible about

fear of it and by it…

So please lets not,

burn the night coz

its symmetry does

shine ever bright.

At midnight in the forest

of my twilight night.


© oliver a. melendez.

© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 126. b2.35/ Dhudles


UNVC3: Elpis de coda

Set this elpis on fire,

set this motion and let it roll on the wire.

As Skoll went and lament yet laughed hard,

Then Hati never had any score settled.

Did that flames of all the doubts,

and the scorn of my fears,

it does get born.

Erstwhile that Elpis did move under my jar.

What hope can,

what life maybe,

where is step,

She may be,



em. prompt, u. . . “existence”

To be alive is power

– Emily Dickinson

That power resides,

where one moves,

the other loves,

the life grows

and lessons mature in time.

We live in power that we all

take and take and take,

but not to eat its own cake,

still sharting out

farting it out,

not using it,

where and when to know how to bake

that power of the powder,

where we all once got caked.


1st way

It has been a long road of admission of sins of the past.

The path of thorns of adopting habits accumulated just like that.

To adjust from mood, attitude, and behavior comes and go like no other downwind.

To be and to know that Acceptance cannot be just like so, its hard to bear but once its there,

Its not easy nor hard;

at least for the part of having it near,

causes the concept of love much more clear.