Ooh baby…


I am a sucker of women who just keeps loving their smile, and loving every minute of it.

For the love of a smile can encompass any lust, love or even sex can even muster.

A smile can see any obstacle and stampede through its gaping two front teeth, even dimples can topple an empire.

-X phactore pg.12

Sort to re sort,


The world of tommorow

sent me a letter,

It told me,

Don’t ever be

so bold.

Don’t ever be


Don’t ever be


Because it told me its not even here to begin with.

Skanoodle galleria 11


Why do i ask wisdom, when intelligence gets backed up here in my noggin? How then all information gets tangled

in a honeycomb of my own demise?

Can i simply just be me, or ask around;

Have you my brain?

-X phactore p.69

Skanoodle galleria 12


You can say, do and act anything u like. But once a real choice is made that has been backed up by a responsible

decision and you do go through; is the act of your own choice.

-X phactore p.37