6W n 1H

Where is the condition?

What is the Condition?

When did the Condition start?

Why did I condition myself?

Which conditioning can I use?

How much conditioner to use?

Writers do face all dilemma of what to work on,

in actuality its only 5w n 1h,

yet I am to add that last w,

for that changes the conditions of choices.

Its should be the editing phase that all writers use.

yet how to transpose all these into 

rough draft while sketching any types of writing medium.

I would like to ask the bloggers, poetics, and writers alike here in WP community,

how can you make your work flow while some shit still blocks all your work?

thoughts anyone?


Soc-pol-sci-rel. Ish I.1hs.

Aegyptus dynamos.


Masters of heaven.

Masters with slaves.

Men and women wanted

Work without work.

Men ascended as fates of themselves.

Men wanted to be gods of their likeness.

Needed to use others to gain none but their stairs to the heavens.

Yet when the peons and slaves 

did gain their wisdom, 

the upstarts left

to the beyond expanse.


®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

AuVi .00088

The problem of all negativity is when the positive is happily laughing at him.

Thus the laughter makes it more unbearable for negative to be happy.

That jolly gay and rambunctious laughter makes negative wants to murder

positive ‘s face in.

The more she laughed and negative hid its face, started to walk.

Positive said to him,

 “Why so glum?”

 “Keep on laughing, k. Lemme alone”

 “Your a joykill”


A reminder for us all, laughter sometimes isn’t good when someone

does not want it.





NsVs aeiou:v.iv

When negativity left,

All positivity reigned,

 There was no one to blame anymore.

Peeps got bored so much,

They rioted,boycotted, and chanted “Change”

So positivity did become its own negativity.




So if positive flows into negative,

And negative becomes positive.



So which one is superior?

I am so confused.


©Oliver Melendez



NsVs vs NmBc 447

mind said to the heart,

You better fall in line coz i don’t need your feeling get in the way.


Try and make me let’s see who gets that rage first.


You guys quit, coz i will be the one who will be innocent of all that fighting.


Mind your shitkies you numbnuts, You do know I call every shot here.

He’ll wake up and still be mine to control.


The verse ran with the subject, yet that adjective describe the verb then after that noun exorcised the adverb

Why then this question state that sentence far beyond a grammar that doesnt exist anymore here?

Parleyed inks.

“Since when did u tried composition on me?”

said the white paper to ticonderoga.

“I tried so hard to tell him, at least he knows your value.”

ticonderoga replied.

“I am cheaper, expendable and please do remember his love before and after.”

Both white paper and the pencil glared too hard at that filler paper, and both in unison shouted.

“You will die, if you dont shut up.”


© oliver a. melendez.

© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 48

Filler up

The cup pulled up by the bottle and said,

‘Fill me up’

‘With what’, replied the bottle

‘with the wisdom of your liquids’, cup answered.

‘sure whatever fills you up’.

© oliver a. melendez.

© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 110. b2.19

To see your opinion. . .

which can matter,

in lieu of the fact that can remain,

whereas the real truth of the matter;

dies in the end of all,




misguided emotional opinions

that are in play of the

equation of any situation.