NsVs vs NmBc 447

mind said to the heart,

You better fall in line coz i don’t need your feeling get in the way.


Try and make me let’s see who gets that rage first.


You guys quit, coz i will be the one who will be innocent of all that fighting.


Mind your shitkies you numbnuts, You do know I call every shot here.

He’ll wake up and still be mine to control.



The verse ran with the subject, yet that adjective describe the verb then after that noun exorcised the adverb

Why then this question state that sentence far beyond a grammar that doesnt exist anymore here?

Parleyed inks.

“Since when did u tried composition on me?”

said the white paper to ticonderoga.

“I tried so hard to tell him, at least he knows your value.”

ticonderoga replied.

“I am cheaper, expendable and please do remember his love before and after.”

Both white paper and the pencil glared too hard at that filler paper, and both in unison shouted.

“You will die, if you dont shut up.”


© oliver a. melendez.

© all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

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Ooh baby…

I am a sucker of women who just keeps loving their smile, and loving every minute of it.

For the love of a smile can encompass any lust, love or even sex can even muster.

A smile can see any obstacle and stampede through its gaping two front teeth, even dimples can topple an empire.

-X phactore pg.12