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Pesteng lintian na Poisoned streamed netwurck

Sa inyo aking mahal na katribo,

Ang aking mga  mahal na pinay at pinoy.

Le miserable’ gents and mademoiselle,

Danke Frauleinz undt monsieur.

To ye olde Gaels, Brits and Eires.

Shalom namaste to the ones whom are favored,

In a word of two.

All we are are specks of what was.

Yet to him,

now we must face.

Or can we all suffer our prolonged historical love that never does cycle,

only to repeat.

An emperor that never died,

only to live and feed of greed that did end,

on the world’s knees.

Please check your bags and keep two pennies.

The Ferryman will not wait,

It is indiscriminate,

Non ethnic,

political or not.

He will not come,

Only would to reap.

Because mankind is ripe for the taking.

…you love fear,

…you live in worry and misery,

…you love all of miserable object and subjects of wanton desires.

 “Never stop loving and face our own as it were ours to begin,

when the consciousness is awakened none but the voice that spake,

‘Believe in me, as I

Believe in you.’



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