The day called out the night.

Right as the dawn told Dusk,

Why even meet me at midday,

When you can’t see me by twilight tonight.



®Artsydhude 97-19



of all things,

October. . .

why do go by and make my life so good.

October . . .

why do you go crashing down on me.

October. . .

what did I do to deserve all things for you to give me pain.

October. . .

you are a misplaced month.

Octo is 8,

not 10.



®Artsydhude 97-18


As the sun is of be like a moon,

which shines far up above

and make any day,

hell to pay.

I will make the night to be as my day,

than the day is not of my night.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Thursday’s transition p4

of the fourth friday,

did I agree with all of thursday’s power.

When it got to saturday’s tv channel,

only a sunday sermon got me knowing.

Only what a monday can bring.

Only Tuesday can attach to any Wednesday ‘s ring.



®artsydhude 97-18


AuVi cc.y5

One day,

isang araw.

The mind talked to the heart.

M: You n I need to know that, I am fed up with U.

H: What is it this time, with U.

M: Dont you dare tell this mofo, that he cannot go on without ME.

H: How about U to him, not ME.

M: Again with you, come on keep at it.

H: Sure lets give him, cardiac arrest and psychotic break, and lets see who really would be in trouble.

silence permeated. . .


®artsydhude 97-18


Plethora II.

Will Blue ever be brighter than its bitterness,

Yet its eternal skies streches a smile 

Far wider to infinite galaxies.


®artsydhude 97-18


AuVi .00081

To you my good Sunday,

It has been a good radiance upon the day where everybody goes out to the houses of holy. Sure,Theology will make you just be another day that the past did record.

Ra made you an olde god, Aurora was your counterpart.

Then what is a name beyond names.

All I know that you are here, although some will want you to be “funday”.

For me, I will ask none but to make of you will become to shine and radiate.





NsVs vs NmBs .452

Dearest of days,

I would like for you to know,

I am here to state from the days of old and into the newness of things.

I wanna remark and remind that you have been never an inspiration nor influence on anything, yet you are there.

Never to guide me nor to remind me, only to be beside me all the way.

Thank you for the past and present, for there will never be a future without the two.





Rhe verzya quatro

Sunday are the Monday ‘s beginning to any business cycle.

Yet Friday cannot have Thursday without being Saturdays the most.

Only Tuesdays are making sense,

While the inverse waves of Wednesday’s will always be my cosine to a tilde

That no android qwerty can offer, only to dig deeper from all updates of emojis

Really can make my finger curve into a hollowed halls of a wormholes that

Never stops and end in plain sight.

©Oliver Melendez