Ns wat915

The word came back,

the art remained at that site,

where it wanted greed.

The word came back,

when it needed to be filled with an outlook,

coz art wanted income and it told word,

i cant go back,

‘coz I would be rejected.



March marched on under the helm of its owner,


which it left him alone , dragged, and murdered.

And in that banner, we ask ourselves to be in constant alertness,

in consistency of vigilance,

and being aware April is on the horizon,

oh you April you.

I know you want me for yourself only,

but hey you are cute as pie as the next hot mama,

but Yay, 🙌 for May

coz if you are that seductive.

What more can May offer.

Oh lala um hmmm.




List me a content,

where 1 loved 2,

then 3 lusted after 4,

5 repeated after 6,

then 7 murdered 8, coz he was a glutton so to speak,

and 9 left them all, only 10 can begin again the digits

to remain exponentially amending and append to 10.


NsVs wuv345

For time did spent with space,

the two loved their thoughts,

of what it means of energy

wields measure of volume,

which cannot be weighed on


Only to have the love what

dark and light be coupled in 

time and space.


NmBc 08a

Compose me a line where

metre can be defined by the love of thine word.

ryhme will be the beat of a heart that never dies.

lines gets to be the limitation of these skies.


AuVi 00.2i

An allocation of assets is always

invested in time,

when that debit of a thought

is always minding its equity

in shares of that distant space,

where all advantage is allowed,

yet no benefit can gain,

when a person does defy

the law of Love,

where the heart decreases in value.

If the time was well spent,

not on any eventful day.


AuVi vs BsNs rf3

Love me a draft,

where no outline can get there.

Even a silhouette can muster,

then what shade do I dust off;

when a hue did act as diffuser

of saturation that hampered

brightness and hated contrast.

Oh why then did a light source

gave none but a mid toned sphere in

my blank love letter.