The joy of sorrow

it does not have to be,

it does not want to.

For if it was written,

one dirge comes first before the thirst: then it follows.

another deluge cometh; yet rainbows of promises are on the way.

So please don’t wallow, subscribe to your soul and follow

where its asking you to slowly smile,

look up then after you’d know there is no place you would rather be.

Ryhme & Metre : Tah – Uh

Then it was written at the part of my history,

Now thus the life I have to taste,

Of this abysmal ryhming of monotoned glory.


@rtsydhude c17j6


Ryhme & Metr3: Ha-e-lah

Ther3 is a cloud

among clear skies,

It is barking up

a storm.

Why of all things

does it cry?

Becaus3 in my eye,

a pressure so severe

it does do nothing but form.


Pen and paper


May 2017 @rtsydhude

And then

the rock turned to the moss,

gave it a name,

coz it wanted to gain momentum,

It called it,




While the water was flowing.


@rtsydhude=:Cutiepie… c17m25


12 muses. 3rd qtr. Lachesis’ line

To you

For you

About you,

I know you can,

i see you can,

thing is Why of all things

That the line has to drawn,

That a line have to be torn down,

that this time a line had a limitation.

Once upon a birth,

when the twine is thick now it runs

with fumes upon years

of frown and frustration.

Dream a thick nor thin,

the line as the same since

until it was then but not now.

My dear cute and sweet Lachesis,

please tow the line

before mine own is never the same

and keep my line intact

for i know not of the fate you can deal,

only the last sister decides not you, not you.