BsNs 0z#27

I looked,

I listened,

I heard,

The world today is as depressing as it were,

How then do we ask,

How then do we save,

Which way to go,

What to say,

How about,

Can we all share to care all of our time,

that we take for granted,

give it to the one who need’s

the attention and maybe

some affection,

listen without saying.

Being there is still a reason

help that makes it worthwhile,

for any person.


AuVi vs NmBs rf8

All we are,

a dust that rolls.

All we are

a wind that blows

the scent from the wild,

a wild chaos of life,

once were and keep

the love showing,

when we do want.

when we need.

After day,

After week,

still gets back to

what normal things,

then that consistency

is a catholic.

NsVs wuv567

Knowing a simple smile

can make your life easy,

why do we hurt each other

with a tone like no other.

Only enmity towards

that bigotry can feed

into and propel

our lives

in meaningless



AuVi vs NmBs rf9

Your eyes are mine.

Your lips golden sunshine,

your body next to mine,

can not give anything,

only a love fulfilling,

open understanding of mind,

hands to make your life good.

toes to travel without a gas pedal,

a love of chatter without noise.

 milady Thea, 

I can give,

I am willing,

I can live,

that I cannot be without,

and after each day,

I hold my breath as I wake up next to.


NsVs wuv456

What is a tolerance,

how can you have a life,

that passed and does pass you by.

What is annoying feeling

when all this considered

can have none or have 

no impact,

coz the one who understood,

does not understand

what your life came to.


AuVi vs NsVs r1

Standing and comparing with a life a pine.

I sway when I want to,

It sways as it need to.

I eat with an open mind.

It eats with no mouth only to sip the life into.

Where do I begin,

when to need and want,

as the pine does not do anything but grow and reach for the sky.

As I, do grow in mind and spirit,

lacking to have a goal.

Only then I knew,

I have to grow up with you.


NmBc 10z

Does my mascara run?

While this blush make me look a little orange?

Will my vermilion stand out in the scheme of my pink collar?

The only question in my mind,

An infinite question to an annoyed mind.

In what pesky life I dread.

Every day questions,

make it so unbearable,

Every day I see you,

tolerance is not an option,

Only a chore.