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I will wait for a funday,

when no one can tell me what I can say and do.

After it all,

All of those who had their hearts filled of it all.

All of those who care not of yesterday’s pain.

All of those does not mind all the worry of tomorrow.

It is a funday after all.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, free verse, Life, pain and suffering, poetry

Pho-m .129!!


it is a system where one can get all that is needed.


it maybe a network of personnel that adheres to a policy of help.


some say friends and family are the best there is.

Maybe in my mind it is distorted,

When it shows me my history of support,

to the ones who are most close to me,

can support me if I can first give all their needs first.

Then the support can bought off.

Maybe in my personal past shown to me,

Support is there at the urgency of a real emergency,

that I need most;

in the hour when all else fails,

then the support shows.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, free verse, Life, poetry, Taglish

Pw3te #bl.oi:001

Letters to a pader

Oo, anak lan ako.

Ang dapat at katungkolan ko palaging tumulong.

Eh paano kung ang tulong ko sa inyo,

iba na. . .

di ko na alam kung paano ma ibigay.

Paano maging anak kung ang puso nya

punot dulo lahat hinanakit.

Kung ang inyong nakaraan ay sobrang lakas sa inyo,

At ni isang magandang ala ala ay wala,

kundi yun ang nakikita.

Alam ko na kung bakit ako ganito.

Salamat po sa mana nyo sa akin.

Your past is yours,

What you see in it,

will always be yours.

Carry it,

Never let go of it.

Because today I am free,

I may have your namesake,

You may have given my physical essence.

Today I will and be free from you.

I want to see and be with a jolly bellied happy man,

who wants nothing but a long good life.

I am free,

I am taking my past, yes.

I will see all the goodness,

I won’t deny of all the worst,

and yes I am allowing life to be what it needs,

Coz I need to have it behind me.

Not beside me,

Nor beneath me,

And always keep reminding me of what it wants.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, free verse, Life, poetry, Taglish

Pw3te #bl.oi:011

Letters from a sonne to a faja.

Ang nakaraan dapat maging tapos na.

Halos balikan ko man,

Wala na akong pwede i yak,

wala na akong gawin . . .

Kundi higpit ng leeg. . .

Sakit lan sa puso;

At ano man yang nalalalaytay.

Either nor neither.

Which of a past wont ever get past me,

do love a hunnin makes and flies over and never lands.

Only when it dies the memory begin.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, free verse, poetry, Taglish

Pw3te #bl.oi:111

Letters of  a sonne to a faja

Musmos lan ako,

Walang alam at kahit paano,

Kung kelan ka nawala.

Saka ka hinanap.

Ni minsan wala akong mahanap,

ang aklat ng pahina ng komiks ang libro ko.

In all the years that munnin serve me well.

He gave me a scene where you were supposedly to at least to protect me,

give me little or some guidance;

either way I expected you to held some responsible from a father to a son.





Blank Verse, Digital drawing, free verse, Life, poetry

The choice. Int.

On a beam lies 4 headlines,

To the north:


To the south:


To the east: 


To the west:


In my days of old I need not pick where my life began and have become,

yet only to find myself where 

one path shall be the one to pick,

in turn I need to want to choose this 

and go through it in 

that the choice 

I need to make.





Blank Verse, Digital drawing, free verse, Life, poetry

Pwm 2i

What ugliness is this,

that thereof which my pretty little lies,

can be cosmetic and superficial has caught your eye.

In doing so I can be your Ken,

so you can drape me with every fabric of your materialistic

love for me and still make me a whore for your smile.

I only hear and be here for your tasteless jokes,

which really doesn’t do nothing but to put my mind into a

claustrophobic coffin.