Skadido #07

In light of dark,

to the dark of light,

we get gray over time,

yet at day the colors remains with

and on that surrounds every step from where light ends

and darkest within begin.


@rstydhude c17j20 “Re colorization”


Did i ever tell you . . .

That you are not the first. . .

That you could have been . . .

still you are here,

still i am with you,

And i will tell,

that you are my last.

And i will tell,

that you need to be.

Because, I love the way our days as it to be,

Because, I love the way we talk of pure nonsense,

You are, were, would and will be here in me, 

that we can,

or can not have.

I’d die without you,

I’d die losing you,

yet i dont need that attachment.

The joy of sorrow

it does not have to be,

it does not want to.

For if it was written,

one dirge comes first before the thirst: then it follows.

another deluge cometh; yet rainbows of promises are on the way.

So please don’t wallow, subscribe to your soul and follow

where its asking you to slowly smile,

look up then after you’d know there is no place you would rather be.

The unneccessary thing.

“… with the evils of war can thouroughly understand. . . ”

II: 7. Waging war. p52

-Sun Tzu / The Art of War


In profit
or gain,

investments are ordained.

In love

nor war

emotional are refrained.

Trust are betrayals,

Betrayals are the thrust

are the sole purpose of


and that is nothing to be

ashamed nor to blame coz,

here we go again and again.

This time around. . .

. . my right will follow.

. . my left wont wallow.

A membrane will make use,

of my insanities have been abused.

Then no more of it,

while my day will be nothing more than complete.


Watercolor and Marker c17j4 @rtsydhude