Qui- phu- lou- ge3.


Think not of the last,

when was the last,

did it last?

But when to and not how to think,

Where were your beating heart,

alas mine went out from my longest and lovely farts.

I realised as soon as. . .


I lost and got defeated,

You were the one whom i lost to,

but in the process U never left,

but in the kisses we loved each other,

both our charms got our arms mingled

It is a sweet surrender,

It is a sweet fall,

If were Adam tha tried to posses your Lillith, but stuck as Eve would,

then please madam, 

call me your “Adam”

-X phactore pg.58

The pragmatic eye


To care and dare not,

needlessly said and done.

To believe and hardly to be in,

is not to be left unseen.

Then why even bother,

when You care enough,

while the other undo

the effort you kept,

Even so for an optmistical theorem,

Dont even end a beginning,
when you can keep up with them.

8th step


Come to me,

I’ll come to you.

I will give you my hand,

will you trust me enough,

to accept me,

for what and who I am.

Take me as i would you,

Take me to floor,

who leads who, 

Who wants to,

be as close, just to know and ask “is that a colgate smile?”

So move in and lets dance the love and be in love all the way.

Libris de la vida


Share my soul to you mighty pencil,

yet when the pen bleed,

then the bindery leads the knots of the life,

of a papyri.

After what happens in this digital paper,

are my words gotten ill on a laser,

in a form of any writing at the stars.