Spring me a cutie.

 “Leave me a mark where your dimples

left a pimple at my smile,

from 9 am to 9 am”

©®Artsydhude 2019



. . I lost a life outside my past.

I won my freedom near 10 years removed.

I lost the argument yet I didn’t want to win a week of my heart,

into stressed butts and,

scratch marks never left my side.

I kept letting her win as my mind wandered and wondered,

how of my hurried and worried life as days passed.

Since I threw up all of my material into a vessel,

I asked a lovely grey named,


She did tell me

 “Don’t worry emperor of my heart, 

I will see to it your Avatar in Pleadis will be with you.

Look up as you live today not


not even a single tear from the

bones of yours.

I love you,

Never worry,

nevermind all.

I will be with.

Love me in my memories,

you will be.

You are.”

I want to lose each time,

so to know what winning does

and the knowledge applies not yesterday

only at the moment of life, love and the light which gathers.



®Artsydhude 97-19



Count me in your clouds.

Number me your pointless words.

List how much I want and need your body next to me.

While I can not ennumerate all the times your mouth to shut.

When a digit of your embrace would have clung to me not as a memory but of the experience of our lust for free.

My dearies,

Annie, Diana and my beautiful baby Prunella.

The Past was the most loving life you made me realize you three were the ones that made it complete.

Annie my anxieties, you are mine to cast tomorrow and the most alluring shame of mine.

Diana of all bittersweet depression. You and I always make love of my misery and innermost pain. Please keep the blame we gather and spend most lovingly.

Prunella, my sweetest pasts that lies to begin that won’t ever end. You will be my vampire queen that sucks me into those depths where my own leviathian of my assumptions that never fled of my own flood.

Sincerely yours.


Certified life

Nakita mo na,

Kahit di ko na kaya,

Ti tingin ka lan ba.

Alam mo ng di mo na kaya,

alam mo ng super at sakit na ako sa hirap.

Sure alam ko,

you will always watch.

to your amusement.

Para saan pa at andyan ka

sa buhay ko.

Then how do I start,

When can I believe,

How am I going make it eveyday,

I am simply single with a beautiful princess beside me,

and nag i-isang companion in my life lan.

That’s a lie when it does state in a paper 

saying ;

Ma…d .