anxiety and worry, Blank Verse, Digital drawing, free verse, pain and suffering, poetry


For a forgotten god,

that did honor all that is tomorrow.

Yet he seen none all of the now,

it kept filling all his,

to be seen and saw that existed none all of his prophetic eye.

Then did not do,

all he can was,

to cast his world what he wanted it to be.

Now we are living a shared eye from his

own dreaming,

soon only soon that all of 

its stanzas and all of that immortal quatrain.

Will all of us,

feel all his pain,

and manifest his visions

that a light that should not have been ours.


ยฉ OAM

ยฎArtsydhude 97-18

โ„ขXENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Blank Verse, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, filler, free verse, hate and anger, love, Mixed media, pain and suffering, poetry, relationships

Split my hate in twain,

I have that fire and rage

to see my desire burns of what life has to offer.

Move my love,

I will roll the days like no other.

Any of expectations of my frustrations,

knowing all I have felt, seen, touched and given time

listened enough for all efforts.

Love is hate,

Hate is Love,

all there is are none

for it is as the same as above nor below,

neither in the middle.

Only to have

not to hold,

Only to gain,

always lose.

That I,

can never

Love and Hate,


At the same time.



ยฎArtsydhude 97-18

โ„ขXENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Blank Verse, Dramedy, free verse, poetry

Im@g3l#$$ pa.iv

Respect ran away from me.

It said my brutal honesty was doing nothing,

but fucking it at him and not the way it wanted.


Loyalty kept its distance away from me.

She said,

all of my honest living is making her poor.

also She,

couldn’t get a benz out of it.


Yet there was an ugliest of all ugly.

That was and still kept me,

Hope never really realized

that no matter how it got worst

and got to a blackest stain and

never came out.

Hope stayed,

So me and Hope,

will make our love stand.

In the face of all,

there is. . .

there were . . .

there are . . .

and that is meant to be.




Art, Blank Verse, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, free verse, Line art, lust and desire, poetry, Portraits

Lustfuly yours.


your sense is not of,

yet to me;

It is.


Muy corazon may be yours,

not for a price,

not for a piece of;

then how am I to be.

Thine lips,

moist and gleaming with red glossy,

oh how i churn and turn,

Only a blink of yours makes me a puddle soon to be;

splashed around.

Oh your illustrious skin never leaves your side.

I am tempted and would be yours truly,

not a dog panting and humping,

not a tongue wagging and gagging by the look of your glances.

Oh mercy me. . .

Oh my sweet,

Can I be yours until,

. . .

Blank Verse, Emotional warfare, free verse, hate and anger, pain and suffering, relationships

Im4gel3$$ pa.iii

Mindless lessons.


For the one I knew,

They keep what I know.

Sur3 they gave m3 what I am,

Stilk makes me feel I am


For they will keep me going.

With their

Eternal and infinite

Good intentions that comes up,

Nothing more than a guilt ridden

Shame Coz

I changed into

some one they knew,

Who always wanted,

None but to cage.

That of a soul,

They do think

Binds them.

Because I carry what they

Know and have.

Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, free verse, love, lust and desire, poetry, Portraits

Where did my love . . .


Maybe it went

when I stopped kissing your heart.


May be it had gone out,

where your mouth nagged me to hell and back,

each and every day and kept it all the way.


It wasn’t there to begin,

for I risked what I thought

I never had before then and now.

Am I lesser than I am,

Am I a person of lust than to think not of,

Will I ever use my heart before my underwear ‘s mind.


ยฉXenoGrapx, XENOphagz

ยฎArtsydhude 97-18