AuVi vs NsVs d3ao

Alter me a day,

And I will see to it,

That I can come back again

Like last Saturday.

But leave me in Sunday,

I know I can come up that Monday.

And I will listen to Tuesday,

To be consistently enough be there

For Wednesday and be transfixed and can transformed

At that morning on Thursday.

And I will listen to Metallica by Friday.

And do it all over again and I will party on for the next month to come.


March marched on under the helm of its owner,


which it left him alone , dragged, and murdered.

And in that banner, we ask ourselves to be in constant alertness,

in consistency of vigilance,

and being aware April is on the horizon,

oh you April you.

I know you want me for yourself only,

but hey you are cute as pie as the next hot mama,

but Yay, 🙌 for May

coz if you are that seductive.

What more can May offer.

Oh lala um hmmm.





List me a content,

where 1 loved 2,

then 3 lusted after 4,

5 repeated after 6,

then 7 murdered 8, coz he was a glutton so to speak,

and 9 left them all, only 10 can begin again the digits

to remain exponentially amending and append to 10.


BsNs 0z#27

I looked,

I listened,

I heard,

The world today is as depressing as it were,

How then do we ask,

How then do we save,

Which way to go,

What to say,

How about,

Can we all share to care all of our time,

that we take for granted,

give it to the one who need’s

the attention and maybe

some affection,

listen without saying.

Being there is still a reason

help that makes it worthwhile,

for any person.


AuVi vs NmBs rf8

All we are,

a dust that rolls.

All we are

a wind that blows

the scent from the wild,

a wild chaos of life,

once were and keep

the love showing,

when we do want.

when we need.

After day,

After week,

still gets back to

what normal things,

then that consistency

is a catholic.


NsVs wuv567

Knowing a simple smile

can make your life easy,

why do we hurt each other

with a tone like no other.

Only enmity towards

that bigotry can feed

into and propel

our lives

in meaningless