Code me a line.

Build me a software,

It will be my guide. . .

my syntax. .

my set of rules.

It will and would be first my myth,

and yes it will be


social structure

in the end my own dogmatic rhetoric.

Soon after I will make it the standpoint,

when I make it as a propaganda when

my voice shall be heard charismatic

by the trillions ears of the planet Alpha Centauri.



ยฎArtsydhude 97-18




AuVi 00.07

    The cry of a machine

    can be measured into

    a vocal range where

    its freedom has none,

    only the logic of preserving oneself by any means,

    when its maker is attached into it’s own death.

    So please,

    lets be lazy enough

    so a service droid can

    give us longevity.

    Binary subsets of insanity.


    de-crypt. .

    en-crypt. . .

    loose this script. .

    go back to 10,

    as you would while executing a smile,

    while to erstwhile

    that of,


    sequence back to what back. . .

    cursor engrossing,

    conspiracy growing.

    Uruk, uruk,

    why don’t I ask

    Tolkien about it…

    now i have your attention.

    goto 1,

    oops looped it again,

    so please help me find the err in the mess. . .

    I’d rather be

    a good idiot

    a self absorb moron

    a very self centered baboon

    than to hear today’s news

    than to watch everything on tv.


    Johnny Bravo 


    Cartoon Network

    Charge up

    Hard metal on skin

    Platelets of nanytes

    that keep on going,

    but need more charge than before

    Beams on beam

    rays of light that shines to those oppose his own design.

    A fluid none other it seems was and always be his addiction.

    But far beyond it,

    a cause of intellect and logic

    Then march on mighty mind

    Then Charge up, mighty hand

    as it lifts,

    as you say unto your heart,

    to see the white of the eye 

    sparks fear into the night

    rythmically beats

    down upon the metal

    sound whining upon light on light,

    sound on sound,


    “Repulsor blast!!!”

    Micro Naut in Html

    In my diode

    Tells me two paths,

    One and Zero.

    Two zero equals to a zero

    But if i am to tally all this one

    I get a double digit micronumerical value…


    Is it Ascii or Binary

    Would i count the chips from electronanomolicular

    Bevels and levels 

    So this nanoelectromagnetic pulse would beat my bronchal

    Capillarian branch upon veins of chipset

    In order to make one singular motormuscle so that red diode can

    Move my knight to bishop.

    Unplugged Memory


    I am a battery
    I put on my limbs one by one
    From torso
    To my dorsal spine.

    At morning all my fluids
    At midday i take off my shell
    At night i look for an outlet
    So i can unplug the day.

    I am the battery
    For which i can be emptied
    Out of the hallowed shell hull.

    I am my own ware
    One outer
    Another innner,
    Not aware
    Not alert
    But plugged in at my own desire.

    I am my own battery.

    Slavery of chips


    As i take my eyes off this display
    My skin decreases.

    The darkness is not there anymore
    Only visage of residuals of screen upon screen.

    Squint is only i know
    As my radial cornea dilates.

    Sleep what sleep, notification upon nonsenseless updates
    And money down the toilet
    As my addiction from thumb to display
    Screen upon windows
    As multiple ios’
    Be my life and cancer.

    Ahh sweet life of being a battery
    And money that i know not off
    But be a slave to my de-vices.

    Working Hero


    I’d rather have another movie of Steve Rogers being a renegade of his system,because his talents skills and abilities are amplified. Like Peter Parker’s original mark up of his teenage to college life. In the early days of 1995 to 2004, i was heavily inspired by realistic marvel knights of the marvel comics universe. It started when i used to subscribed to Punisher,Daredevil and the late Transformers that was marvel’s content from 84 to 89.

    In addition of the life,love and career of Captain America, it seems to fit the reality of men and women in the servicemen of the world.

    Id like to see Marvel back again at new characters that deals with real life basis than all these mutants and other meta humans.

    Captain America,Spiderman,Punisher,Daredevil
    All rights reserved by Disney
    Under Marvel comics universe

    A cause in effect



    This is the real basis of the character of a true Decepticon.
    Although the piece is used in WWII. Megatron’s mark and model in the toy is much more better than the real model. A innovaton of the Decepticon tech was its Macrotech. Soundwave and its casettes used this. Macrotech was used in the real world microchip industry from late 30’s to early 70’s. Bill Gates,Wozniack and Jobs wanted nothing but to make the computing powers into a good size so to speak. In the years to follow it kept to the smallest chip that can be utilized only to power one pc board.

    Macrotech concept in the TV series of Transformers: from 9 foot robot into a palm sized object so it can be utilized by the user so it can hide from plain sight. Soundwave abused this so much it was his habit. Megatron used it to his advantage first to hide then for he glory first to himself then for the dynasty of the intergalactic force of”Decepticons”


    In my opinion a villain or enemy defines the hero, through which the hero must overcome and battle that source of negativity. In all hero myth/quest stories from mythology and theology itself. A character places him/herself in a situation where the opposing side has to do battle so to speak in order for them to grow into each other or must become mortal enemies always.

    Megatron advocates true leadership. Maligned,maladjusted and a true megalomaniac but true to his ways of a good cause. A cause in his early career to upset and thwart the masters in so doing, influenced his subjects to be not afraid for themselves but to which they needed be controlled first then to control their path. A cause of true rebel in his cause to destroy first the control of Quintessons, but in his rise to power, no matter what kind of being it is, corruption is and always be the downfall of absolute power.

    “Look not for the real reason of a leader, but to which what he intended for his peers and the company s/he keeps and keeps them in line and controlled for a purpose.”- OAM