Exponents : ts i1


The X phactore. 68p

art blocke v2. khol 3e.i


Th3 world of sorrow

is not of this earth,

nor of its heaven,

its how we deal with our own medicine.

En progresia

Art block collection. blk 0.a1c1

Lines of my symmetry

douse this imagery

never amaze me

but delude me with

your forgery.


@rtsydhude c17m7


Alam nyo

di sa maging bastos.

di sa maging laking am-boy.

di sa pag dis respeto.

Pero hindi ko po kaya eh,

Pero hindi ko po ma intindihan,

kung kayo po nagkaganyan

kung kayo po naging ama ko.

Ayoko na pong gawin sa inyo,

Ayoko na pong maging anak nyo.

Walang wala na akong magagawa,

at kayo wala kayong masabi,

at kayo wala kayong magawa.

yun lan po ba ang pwede nyo

udyokin ako at sabihin

“usap tayo?”

Pasyensyahan na lan po ngayon.

at opo, 

Magulang ko kayo.

Kahit paano nandun pa rin

ang respeto ko,

kahit ilang ulit ako


In a sense,

In a word

of a phrase,

but  to know that i have loved, tried, gave,

still kept my tongue under wraps

hey i have come so far in my life to be silent.

I asked not to be born to this,

I asked not to be like  this,

I am what i am

and  if you liked me

and gave me my own responsibility

yet you take that away from me

and never gave it back

coz you of all people

do not know the real value of it

never taking the full capacity of what it means.

Thank you for you mistake,

i will cherish that

and will honor your model

i will take it  to heart.

Thank you.


Line paper with generic watercolor

April 2017


Victim of days

Now i know

its hard to change someone

yet when i am on the line

Why does it feel

the change of change

changes and shifts in favor,

then i see the victim

is me.



April c.17 /w Phoebe and @rtsydhude