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Roar once more.

Its not about your confidence,

Its not the things to be one with self.

Cry as a wolf,

Loneliness is not an option,

Its there as your slave to the bone,

commiting itself as your throne.



c15 @rtsydhude, original.

c17 @rtsydhude, re-invizioned, updated.


Seek out and . . .

destroy what you have been doing inthe first place.

destroy the fire that you have been living.

destroy an unquenchable thirst of life,

which never dies.

Now that which died,

We seek not but,

to recreate.

We seek not but,

to begin again.

We get back up,

after ever falter of fallen destructions.

Here lies our reincarnation,

Here lies the eternal moebius,

It shall create not the new nor any old,

only to reveal the real promise of

Transcendance of creating,



Daily prompt: Create