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©Artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, poetry, Portraits


Were I geek once,

now I have so much to rant on.

Were I have the library at 1st and Maine,

now I just go to that table and put you on.

If I can not even touch a single skin any leg, finger nor hold neck.

at least i know you’re programmable at least to amuse me at my terms.

My own Makina,

My own femme bot.

Can I ever love you as one should take care of,

given concern with,

and any tough love that will,

make me strong enough.

Can my legacy be built in silicone,

will my immortality be built on post that can be swiped

and deleted.

Will you ever know any human interaction,

while this innocent shithole,

know not of a touch from

a loving woman,


a young girl

needs of.



®Artsydhude 97-14



Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, poetry, Portraits

Full swaggering smile

Smile for me my beautiful Thea,

Smile as if you cannot anymore.

While I kiss your neck as if it was

mine and mine alone.

That cannot be given or taken.

Coz I alone,

will be yours,

as you smile beside me,

when life gave me,

all of its woe and sorrow.

I will compensate coz 


my darling you,

my love 

my hope,

my Thea.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Art, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, Line art, poetry, Portraits

My weakness

Be gentle with my mind,

for it is fragile and weak.

Be gentle with my heart,

for it loves and weeps.

Yet you have callously rendered it,

singed it and kept bleeding it all over,

the room,


from hallways to the kitchen

where my life started ever since when.

I was always that broken,

you alone offered me as your lamb,

a pathway to that stairway 

to heaven.

They did not want me there anyway,

No heart was given,

only strength which was performed neither in mind nor heart.

Waking up upon any day given,

His smile alone accompanied my life unending.



®Artsydhude 97-18