Have you been missed,


Yes U r,

I do.

As i want,

to keep you make me, to be. . .

I will not say it,

Its in your eyes,

I’d fidget myself into a corner,

not wanting to get next to you,

yet in a single phrase.

Please i need to hear it,

Three little words,

please let me hear it from you,

if you can not,

lets dare not,

Luv u anyway k.

Oooh dang, what. ,


Go ahead control me with your snaring dimples.

I can lock in and be lost in your controversial spaghetti hairs.

Its so convenient tha you can coordinate your smile, swag and that swinging hips of yours.

One might counsel me not to even look at that proficient eyes of yours, coz u see,

I am in love with you.

Moving at turtleneck speed


I am a slug in time.

I am a snail of a turtle.

I can slow down to a screaming halt,

yet when i need the want of that urgency,

I am truly sorry to beat you to the punch

as i can carry that kick as a lightning from

and to the ground.

I asked your



then you kept my mouth at bay.


after that you aggressively kept me of my reflex,

although you tried being apologetic about our subject at hand.

Approximately already loving every minute of this objective discourse

in nothing of nonsensical debates that never ends,

It would be fun,

we end up naked in a 69.

Does not. . . ,


your eyes eludes me,

to see the rise and fall of your babe-ness.

your lips seduce me,

to make and break this arousal in me.

Oh, let me be your gentleness that makes me love you,

make me a slave of your touch,

then only you can break this phoenix fire

that wants nothing to put you and bask in your estranged illuminations of your eyes