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Pentikoste de Vida

Point 1.

Once upon a lifetime of memory,

whether it was 12 or maybe even at 14.

My life wouldn’t be as much to be seen,

only numbness resided.

Point 2.

Hardness of my soul would not even be there,

if it weren’t for a friend who would at least,

be the one who gave something back.

Point 3.

The best intentions were of your designs,

not mine I complied not because I don’t want to drag a rebellious side,

coz I had to,

in doing so just to survive.

Point 4.

What life would have been,

if it weren’t for images of unending lust of my eyes,

love which I wanted but could not have,

and moments of the memories of you.

Point 5.

The last of the recent events which is now current

of my daily s’s.

Which in turn are deadly to me,

in each turn there is a hard steep choices,

and barrages of non stop S’s;

which I capitulate onto myself.

Realizing and admitting,

I need not describe only to make an adaptation of it,

to know I can try to accept these and make that omelette of lemons.



®Artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, poetry, Portraits

The music of us.

You and I,

must see the music and harmony,

between our love and life.

You and I,

must make new memories and cherish old ones.

You and I,

will make our peace,

thru whatever the day brings,

and what night comes into our current situation;

knowing only what is in front of us,

not at the back and we keep worrying what will.



®Artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, poetry, Portraits

At my place of. . .


I have known you are always there.

my solitude,

I see you beside me loving my insanity.


you listened but did not say nothing.

Nor a hand or a touch you gave not,

A kiss or a hug that never did embrace my wants,

Only a look that loved me,

only a look protected,

a look that did melt,

where your eyes could be in mine heart,

to fall and be yours,

that will always follow;

wherever and whenever.



®artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Digital drawing, poetry, Portraits

Amuse me my Muse.

Thea you have gone the way,

I knew that I didn’t want any of.

Have I been losing you,

where’s your hand, where’s your face, where’s my heart that beat

upon a spring flower that loved my jagged hard hand.

Which you always cling and loved to hold.

Have I truly lost you,

or I am lost in the way

I am still loving you.

You are in that place,

You are in the farthest reach of my life.

Come back baby,

or must I travel the world and sit upon that journey,

to mercury and on.

Please my Thea,

Where are you,

I need you,

My life needs you.

Coz I want none of mine.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, love, poetry, Portraits, relationships

. . . let my soul sleep

While the spirit dreams

of a new age.

An age where

You are here with me,

loving me tenderly,

I’d caress you lovingly.

Upon all the life can bring,

on all fights of argument and tempers,

I know that your hands will put up to me

and love me as I submit to your lips,

and of your hips to mine.

Coz baby, the makeup is as much sweeter

than fighting with our mouth open,

and ours close.

Oh such sweet forgiveness,

Upon your strawberry lip gloss.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, poetry, Portraits

Sunday’s epiphany 07

Upon that midnight sky,

I see none but my life passing towards dawn.

While my significant other snores and the fruit of our loins,

whisper her catlike sniffing beside.

One of your angels falls from your skies.

I hear it calling.

A dawn no one can see,

yet it keeps me calling.

As it falls,

I run with all of me,

and meet up with who will need of me.

Then why am I still here,

while my spirit run,

my body grounded here with these two.