C Major

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I’d like to share one for today, this one is for all who loves to draw.

Take any old or new sketch, rough or doodle, like so.

see that frame at the left which is to concentrated,

its loose and not much coherence on lines.

in another page,

i took that section and cropped to a much more magnification,

and did some details on that there was none.

so i kept working again.

if u can see, there is a cropped rectangle at the back left section.

I am gonna redraw that on another page.

i know i re added more details from none, yet the concept is that to use the hand to magnify 2 miles away, and make it 2 meters, in a sequence only a mind limited to, and abundance of the hand’s imagination.


inspired from PMU ink.

and yes this one is for you.


Lbl., dp., v1.c1.p3

© oliver a. melendez

D3D14$-VDL C3:P8/OAM 58


Chardevs: Elementals.

Of rock and stone,

I am.

Of grime and pebble,

I was.

I will roll,

I will be steadfast,

I can be moved,

so please push me and i will roll on.


© oliver a. melendez

D3D14$-VDL C3:P5/OAM 61



D3D14$-VDL C3:P3/OAM 64


Switching gears

The best of the spirit is when,

the soul gets threshed around

your mountain.