Prominence of Unconsciousness: spatial sleepiness

Come old ye faithful my wandering eye,

come senses please subdue all this,

coffee stay away.

I beg of your mercy,

do not tempt me, for i am weak the mere utterance of your empty calorie.

Sleep my beauties sleep,

go as i go to wander in the shadows of the night,

among the grass leaves of Erebor,

in the twilight sky of Rohan,

To the south I see Toril,

almost the dawn breaks, I see fire upon the skies breathing,

basking in Takhisis constellations. . .

Sweet sweet fragrance of lotus, let me hear your whisper 

among the reeds,

as i am in need of that  partial sleep.

Prominence of Unconsciousness: Rebirth

Come up, come up.

Here you go south,

then i head on to north,

where all come from its bay to thenorthwest,

yet alone itself is a random one.

Where nowhere gets here at the now comes about here.

Then after september, comes about a wonderful species.

Yet another one begins when something ends just like that.


@rtsydhude c17j11


If a touch. . .

would be the subject of the matter.

Then these fingers,

would chase after you.

These hands may,

want to hold and cup the base of your neck.

My arms to hold you,

down and pin as i drop my kisses-

where ever and randomly entice and arouse, You.

Then baby, life begins,
as I enter your mind,

intellectually fornicating your senses,

before we can even touch,

emotionally what we need most.

The future

. . . gave me my love,

. . . gave me my strength, 

. . . told me to be inspired and to look for.

It did tell me that,

worry is a problem men do.

worry is the addiction that all “I” do,

worry is the love of things that i serve under.

I ask3d,

What do i have to  do, in order to be at peace?

It glared,

it got mad,

furiously shitting and shouting. . .