The world is still the same but,

hearts of men change in a flutter,

as gunpowders remains in the shells,

as it takes a life for a life,

a love of loves,

and aside of it all. . .

world still does not change,

not for a bit.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez

@Vb 135. b2.45 / Dhudles


World record

“clos3 your eyes and see the world your in” super ego said,

“I dunwanna, mak3 me. Id rather put this two up and make you see black and blue”, The Id screamed.

“alright, lets make this your 100th rnd for the day, place your bets, i heard a cool mil that Id could not even lay a

hand on super ego.”, ego refereed the match as the two backed in a corner and started the round.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez

@Vb 138. b2.47 / Dhudles

Whaaa . . .

Do I dare repeat

all that is there to know about something

to someone who knows nothing at all.

All at who knows nothing to someone,

there is to know something about all that

I do dare repeat.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez

@Vb 146. b2.57

Living in the . . .

Burn bright

burn bright,

of the evils of the night. . .

burn low

sing low,

dont tell it aint so. . .

swing away

swing this way.

this world has lost its way.

Or are we all in it to speak none or without,

so please cast that rock and yell,



ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL VB.147 / B2.58

Breathe with a steady heart

so you can stand aloft in waves

of all gravitational muses that

never cease to amaze you.

ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL VB.149 / B2.60

on this matter of

There I stood alone,

There you stood hiding,

beside a pine which one can hide from.

Played it non chalantly.

Loved you so much with my hands,

you succumbed to me as I to you with fervor.

Then nothing stood our way.

As our lust was nothing more than love itself.

To go by with this, yes

Love was,

Love is,

Love has nothing on us,

coz we loved each other on separate terms.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL VB / B2.61


So then did the stylus cry,

Why why why.

Said the index and thumb to that worried stylus,

dont worry, we got you.

Then replied the tablet,

Its ok, i am here to support and stand with you guys.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL C9.14 / B2.62