AuVi vs NmBs rf6

At what height of all that peaked,

where I once in of all those

tenses that took me places,

was it in dreams. . .

was it in vivid and lucid REM’s. . .

were it a visual aide that had me,

I’d know to come back from 

a pit,

where I knew that Virgil protected by his utterance,

Only Dante can surmise and landed upon an age ago.

Only were it the first, or the last I was,

when I were there among with the gifted.


NsVs 34ghi

. . .

open your mind

shut your mouth

listen with eyes

taste with your ears.

Silence begets wisdom from the heart.

gods of old and new touches and gives the touch,

of their love for you,

not the enmity you give.



Focus enough of that past.

This lich will fester on the cancer of the mind,

thus enter its vampiric force onto my heart in kind,

only life will be drained enough,

not to start, that in each day

never to think

what is in need,

to be sane.


Sluggin it. i2.


C Major

Repost from original.


Of my loins.