Lined archs

Filled days of old.


©®Artsydhude 97-18



BvBs xz.00084

Reflect me a pool of myself,

Then I will see the one I need in my life.

Rather to want the one in my life to make it easier.

When will I have the glory,

to kiss you again and make these days seem easier

said than done.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

NsVs x AuVi z.66i

Where is my emptiness does lie?

when my mind betrays my heart,

inasmuch possible that I keep doing that,

not to me,

to someone I once held dear.

to someone I expected so much,

after a bond,

it took me into an eternity of misery and sorrow and lay

upon the second bolgia what my life laid on.

Emptiness may be there,

I filled it with my past habits.

I can go on like so,

where would it get me.

In my own degraded thought and memory,

I may,

in turn I see none but a faint light.

not anywhere,

but my heart beats its own light.


® artsydhude 97-18



. . . play me a whisper

when my heart sheltered of an undying love.

. . . leave that ground and touch my sole

where I needed to reminded that I may lay

on the ground to believe that I held you where you were not.

. . . to make my mind a fertile soil of evil lust among women

that always makes me more wanting of such sin,

not against them for I am always left dried and soulless

in the absence of what should be what love was meant to be.

Fly baby fly

You are,

you were,

and still here.

You remain,

you stand,

and stood

still here you are.

Always thereafter and hereafter,

the now and then of things that never stops

and as silent as the creation of what is and what was.

You once told civilization,

it will be up when they cannot even mend their ways.

You still give them every chance they get,

in everything they will fuck up and keep trying,

yet no matter the age nor any stupidity they can.

You have at us our significance,

You have us at our point of non existence.

Still you are here beside,

not just for me,

for everyone to see.

Still I am baffled why do even make use 

of names and constructs to measure you,

or even a stupidity of worshipping such nonsense.

When we all can work with and beside.

What are you anyway?


My mind was on my mind.

That all thoughts kept bashing my mind into something tensed all stresses.

All of those stressful stress never seems to go away.

Can my mind ever stop stressing that’s not ever to begin,

and does end all of these stress and will at least stop,

when the brain flex into a mind that has no mind at all.


®artsydhude 97-18


Krappe on crap

Thus the world had crept in me while I slept.

Into the night of my dreams,

in my sunshine of my life,

left me washed not with my tears,

only the years that had passed 

pain used me nothing more as a means to live on.

Guided my wrongness into a righteous thinking,

that challenged all of my tenses,

into all of reversed senses.


®artsydhude 97-18