doodle, Drawing/Sketch, filler, paper, pencil, poetry

In between lines.

Stimulate me,

Indulge me,

As i pull up.

I drink in this cup,

A love of words

Spoken and written,

Maybe sometime in the future

Could be read,

When I am not around,

And arguing with Plath, Dickinson,Poe 

Yes Twain too.

See you around in a day or two.


©oliver Melendez



2hb, anxiety and worry, Art, doodle, Drawing/Sketch, Emotional warfare, Life, Line art, pain and suffering, pencil, poetry, reflective

AuVi vs NmBs rf6

At what height of all that peaked,

where I once in of all those

tenses that took me places,

was it in dreams. . .

was it in vivid and lucid REM’s. . .

were it a visual aide that had me,

I’d know to come back from 

a pit,

where I knew that Virgil protected by his utterance,

Only Dante can surmise and landed upon an age ago.

Only were it the first, or the last I was,

when I were there among with the gifted.