D.m.4. Lyn 


 “Where is the morning,

When all has gone into mourning,

Have I lost my own loving,

While I have none to take,

Only you can give a hand,

to make me triggered on every sense for me to be stressed.

Which one can do,

For me to invert and revert that which was negative,

Into a positive moment.”


©O.a.M , @rtsyDhude




Dhudle m3 4 Lyn

 “Each day is another story about the cycle does end yesterday’s pattern.”


® XhenoPagz 

© O. a.M, @rtsyDhude

The bulb.

. . .share me the idea,

share me a care.

where I can never have all of my life 

be redone in an instant as to 3up’s of Mario’s coffee. . .

be reset at the save point at my cartridge. . .

level up’d as to have a bonus round where all my ammo are replenished.