Rhe verzya tres

Black is the firmament of heaven,

White is the void of hell,

In its middle,

The light does nothing but to fill

The colors of us all.


©Oliver Melendez

®ohms, artsydhude



Into the eyes of . . .

a Minotaur,

Which it doesn’t fill anything but hate.

A hate that fester from those whom he called parents.

a Gorgon,

A longing of acceptance then denied that which was rightfully

hers to begin with and jealousy begat from the beginning.

tragedy . . .

trials . . .

tests. . .

Can I stare into all these and be depressed?

Can I anaylze all the emotions and be filled?

Will I become enamored or at least analogous about it?

I dunano. . . 

I might see myself out of it all,

Make myself an audience from all tragedy,

And not be entertained,

I want to hear their heart, soul and all that void that did fill.

I want to hear them all sing to me.

As if I was them,

And they can see themselves out of that play,

For all it is,

The eye of the heart,

When it beats, it can sing better than crying all the time.


©Oliver Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude


This bottle of . . .


I am trying to look. . .

for you,

for reasons,

of excuses.

The void which can be emptied and be filled,

Yet still be of nothing and something in between.

I asked it,

It told me.

Go out breathe that which is free,

Go out stand amongst the weightless water.

Go out and run into all hills of others.

You will see,

You will touch,

You can smell,

All that is and be all that can never be yours.

In some sense it was and will always be yours not to take nor make.

Only time will love you for what you are,

Not the one you are becoming,

Breathe damn fool,



© Oliver Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude


NsVs aeiou:v2

The void has a voice,

It tried to talk to me.

It had no choice

To air its grievance,

It said,

I am very sorry that this world

Has no more substance,

I see all of its existence i birthed,

Comes of this.

It became more chaotic than us.

I dunno,

I want you to know,

Only you can make this point across.


©oliver Melendez



NmBc 24k

Lose fear and you will gain hope.

Lose hope and fear seeps in by your doorstep.

Why then succumb to fear,

When hope always win at the end.

What hope promises,

While fear makes a fool of us all.

Then only when one decides to choose

Neither those two,

But to ride the process in which fear and hope is its own blade.


©oliver Melendez