AuVi 00.7a

Share a song,

Love me a line,

where my ear would be kind. . .

to listen in,

to hear you say,

make me a new disciple of your way.

Then Believe on the backbeat of a Starr,

Listen to voice from Cash,

and let a Harrison’s guitar 

cry each tear ’til,

Bonham comes as zombie animal

so that Plant can wail again.


NsVs vup009cd

Tell me a battle of old,

where I can sit and hear with eyes open.

where I can read with my fingers and mouth shut.

where my mind cannot think yet only my heart can shout.

Have I seen this movie, Do I get lost in all that detail and devour the

image of entertainment as it comes not from a projector,

only from my imagination that begins,

and ends when I stand up,

and still be moved,

by a story of timeless antiquity.

NsVs vup009b

The light of day has dawned at last.

I saw the midnight sky and it told me,

stay a while and love my coldness.

Then I saw that fork upon the road of night.

I dont have time to traverse its way,

a path I took long time ago,

when all the nights of no slumber,

nights of weariness of this soul,

who needed none but an image

on a vcr that flutters,

and its remote always losing,

only the wind beneath the cover

does give a sensation of gratifying images

of women in my dreams.

Then of that entertainment where all controllers

are dead on arrival of its battery at the precise time of 2,


contemplate me now a memory of then.


AuVi 00.6d

If I were you and not me,

I want to stay stupid,

than to be intelligent

and being compared

to a machine.

I’d wanna stay mobile

in some garden or two,

to know I can grow,

my muscle and break my back in two.

To be in character than be indoors,



and in the end my hair all over there.

So yes please,

hand me over a real book or a magazine,

but if you give me that controller

of my console,

sorry I’d stay the week or so.

Just to level my Barbarian in Diablo.


AuVi 06.d3

Thank you negativity,

from your lines

every body I knew and know,

you easily motivate me.

So in my own way, it comes as

a positive day.

Though at times at least,

to say you kept staying

in the center of things,

I need to accomplish

the love of what life

I can lead,

not just for me,

for the one who will

carry my name.


WpB 099

… bring me that box 

from a vase that contained a jar,

where gods of old pre ordained.

Pandora knew to close that 

one and it lead an entity of belief,

when a prodigal son will come 

to take the world and give it hope

by dying and loving humans all the same.


NsVs aei.03

Walls can speak,

the ground can ache,

and a shriveled table hung by its last nail,

while all of cushion here on the seat i know,

is a comfort where my body can take,

none of a life it did take.