Entitlement of I.


For inspirations of all

imagination under the concept

of what is influenced

in inventions of innovations.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 107. b2.16


These stormy skies breaks the heart,

of an open eye who care not to see,

the narrowness of my crying. . .

the broken toy that i used to know.

the love of my heart that ached to blow.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 108. b2.17

Kholored Parleys.


Grey met up with silver, the two kissed and Gray came about.

Green loved red so much, he didnt want to let go, thats why brown was their offspring.

Yet when Black asked White a little question, White was truly angered, then Black went away just like that.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL C9.4 / B2.72



A patient patience can be found

upon the depths of his or her

own debt from whence it rooted

on its own.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL C8.4 / B2.86



May it be you,

the one who have helped.

I needed you when i didnt want you,

now that i want to need you,

you are not there.

Oh my darling, I am missing you,

My sweet close heart.

I want but i cant coz i need not of yours,

but your comfort, your lovely eyes to see.

Knowlingly with a sound, touch or even whisper.

“dont, im here. Let me help you up, we’ll face it together,

maybe not forever. I am here dont bother. I am here now . . .”


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™โ– D3D14$/ VDL C8.3 / B2.87

Interpolatia dysthorcia


Askewed variants of my visuals,

why then my eye sea the letter of my c’s.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™โ– D3D14$/ VDL C8.2 / B2.88