AuVi vs NmBs rv1

Fried chicken is the addiction of all fools.

Crispy on the outside,

Get empty caloric proteins on the inside.

That’s is the feeling I get when I know

All my mistakes gather at my brain,

And my mouth is deep fried and dried,

And succumbing to all sugar coating since last year,

I have eaten,

Then it’s a hard thing to swallow.

When the chicken is not even 

Half eaten and all pink inside.


NsVs vup009de

You say love is,

I say define it.

You say appreciate them,

I say understand the situation

You say appreciate all there is.

All I hear,

All I can say, 

That they are,

They were…

And yes they can,

Thing is. . .

Contemplate me a commitment of,

Consistent life.

where I know my place

And time,

To know them,

And to miss them. . .

Knowing how to balance what

And who to be with and without.



When did the life of love was introduced,

where its meaning has lost in interpretation. . .

in translation,

in giving not so much taking.


AuVi vs NmBs rf6

At what height of all that peaked,

where I once in of all those

tenses that took me places,

was it in dreams. . .

was it in vivid and lucid REM’s. . .

were it a visual aide that had me,

I’d know to come back from 

a pit,

where I knew that Virgil protected by his utterance,

Only Dante can surmise and landed upon an age ago.

Only were it the first, or the last I was,

when I were there among with the gifted.


Dhe’ Linea F18:3.15i


Dhe’ Linea F18:3.15


UNV 10245

I wrote a letter to the past,

I told him,

please if you’re going

to remind me of all things,

can you please

make the memory

pass each second

I re live all that was,

how much all the scars,

and just leave it all,

and let me turn all

those into something I can use now.

My eyes are tired,

that my mind shed its 

last tear from it all.