Art, Line art, abstract, pencil, Digital drawing, paper, filler, 2hb, Drawing/Sketch

Diz so lusyon fr18.9/a

Simple abstract line illustrations in paper with pencil #2

enhanced to maximum distortion in photo app editor.


®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, doodle, Line art, poetry

BvBs .00097

Time is always of the essence.

Still I keep wasting it.

I throw it away while I,







and never do nothing while i kill myself to tears.

and never do try anything new,

and when I do.

I will see,

it is going to be 2030.

Then time will have its reckoning on me.

So now,

Do I?

or I don’t?



®artsydhude 97-18


doodle, Drawing/Sketch, Line art, noodling, pencil, poetry

NsVs x AuVi z.66i

Where is my emptiness does lie?

when my mind betrays my heart,

inasmuch possible that I keep doing that,

not to me,

to someone I once held dear.

to someone I expected so much,

after a bond,

it took me into an eternity of misery and sorrow and lay

upon the second bolgia what my life laid on.

Emptiness may be there,

I filled it with my past habits.

I can go on like so,

where would it get me.

In my own degraded thought and memory,

I may,

in turn I see none but a faint light.

not anywhere,

but my heart beats its own light.


® artsydhude 97-18