NsVs #0069

A gain of loss,

are the ones of my benefits.

At what advantage all those profits

turn into some disclosure,

than to be claimed as none.

Still the same as then at what now

can be understood,

never be comprehend.

Coz your eyes see none only to compare

the valley despair.



®Artsydhude 2019




Justify that wind that came to the back of Boreal tongues of Vikings.

I will piggyback at the sails of mighty zephyrus to the shores which Erik never came round to equip before all that Pilgrims not the Quakers not one Salem northerners.



®Artsydhude 97-19



I can play rough,

When you keep pushing.

On any scar or bleeding,

Its either we take it all the way,

or time out for the day.


D.m3. 4 lyn


“All nodes do lead to that junction or rotation in which rational engineering do make me think,

`what the . .’ ”

artworks by artsydhude


Fore-trayts. M9102.ju

“In your eyes,

I can lose myself.

But if you had me at your hand,

I may have lunged at your lips,

then. . .


Yours would have been mine.

At the end.

Oh sweet maybe’s.”



D.m.4. Lyn 


 “Where is the morning,

When all has gone into mourning,

Have I lost my own loving,

While I have none to take,

Only you can give a hand,

to make me triggered on every sense for me to be stressed.

Which one can do,

For me to invert and revert that which was negative,

Into a positive moment.”


©O.a.M , @rtsyDhude