These Days of This&That.

Start to restart,

Yet a feeling of the real love,

Only books to a magazine of thoughts beyond

A panel,

A paper,

Between lines,

And a pencil without a sharpener,

Also a pen which bleeds my blood on my wants and needs.

It and will always be,

A labor of love.

If I were Odin himself, wisdom was never given

It was taken by sacrificing one’s own time, effort, commitment and love

Of the mead which I am solely of a greed that i do blame myself.

Yes the greed of wisdom of aching everything yet only by theory,

Not applying. 

A Solomon of my mind,

An Odin in paper.

But in living a life in isolated bottle,

That fills a love of pure stupor

Of emptiness.

Than living a life knowing that would have been good enough,

To be

Just be.



These days of This&That.

Life began,

With me of all the memory I sought. . .

To protect,

To hunt,

And to keep.

The day I left you are the days seemed unending.

The day I saw you did nothing but denied my self

What life did left me.

Why then the blame for you.

For that alone,

Let Mother Eve forgive me of a sin;

Blame, which was always seen.

Please release me my love,

Were you of my lust of 10 years 

Subtracted my life of loving you.


These days of This & That.
It ain’t heavy

But yes they will always be my family.

I have always been the one . . . 

That always get undone;

Were the one that never got nowhere;

But now.

I often see their negatives than all the ones

That supposedly did save me all the years

When I was stupid enough to be fattened

With an apple on my mouth and never given

What life would have been, were I enough be given refuge of

Responsibility and decisions on my own.

AuVi vs NsBs rv3

When does the mind cry,

Where the heart does try,

Why then my eye loves to use it’s sight to unsee,

All of the love that was meant for all the money,

Yes do touch and taste your greed when its sweeter than honey itself.

Yes love that money when it can give you all you will ever have.

One thing for sure,

For any of your incessant addictions and whatever it costs you.

My gift to you;

A gift of prayer,

That does never cease.

NsVs vs NmBs 224

Up way too high with my feet 2 inches off the ground.

Down lo where my mind did go.

Left of the sun where my arms flew with all that wingspan.

Right where I want my food as the basis of my nuclear combustion that fuels

All of my emotions that never dies,

My eyes have gone dry,

All of nose leaks all its lubricant.

However my life was,

Will stay since 1988.

Only a memory of my own that year

I left you at ’87,

I will stay here where 2018

Does want me to know.

I am here,

I am not queer,

And i don’t drink any beer,

Only a hard long cold iced coffee,

That do keep me on my edge.

NsVs vs NmBs 221

Knowing what I don’t wanna know,

Having seen all the unknown in my past,

I would like to be my own mistake,

To grieve all those fumbles that stumbled

Of all the women i held dear,

Who knew not of the love and lust I keep giving,

Upon the rear of my mind that was never spoken upon their lips

Yet i was as close as i can to their sway,

Yes i admit my defeat in the presence of what lust was,

Never the true hand of love that left my aching heart.