Incoherent sense of improvement.

Sweet incense of all of my garbage thnking. Enamored the love of my writing, have sweet joys of a pencil, . . from and to a pen guided by my own sheer raw non-sense of fruitful mind. In which babbling, gibberish and yes shit predictive setting of devices ; permeated all of my works. I would visit those times and see to it, and preserve my naive mind, chaotic ❤ heart. Yes my love that was broken and shattered across  time and memory. I am to have that which and not bother to improve. Only a reminder that I am … Continue reading Incoherent sense of improvement.

NsVs 0067

Contradict me your Oxymoron. As would my fallacy upon the ironic melody of this life. Please cut the core of my clue, in the line of my twine. Rope me then than now. For all of wrongness of my shit. Can come out, Yet I still eat and swallow; Every time I am in all of my juxtaposed ideas. What I needed and wanted to be scolded and barked in front of me. ©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 95-19 ™XhenoPagz Continue reading NsVs 0067


b2.xiii  X phacks 😀🎲😜😀🎲😜🆚📎📍📌🎲 Sure, Yesterday wasn’t far away, was stated by a little Beatle that kept smoking one I should. But the ones here to stay would not to become suddenly, I will not expect not anticipate not even, assume to assimilate. I can sing, dance and even live All of it. Only to know I can believe, It will never stay, It won’t be there today. 😜😝😜😝😍😍🔚 ©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 95-19 ™XhenoPagz Continue reading Khonsti.twine


b2.xi  X phacks. 😳😳😳😵 My Sun never shone. Where was the night when I want it to be day. Then it is to be than  of all these in front of me. Were I to be me or of them. Whom am I to be, therefore I want none of theirs; Only Myself never. I want none but to run. This mind won’t give me of all of that. 📌📌♈🔚🆚🎲🎲🎲 ©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 95-19 ™XhenoPagz Continue reading Enduro.cut