Arckhos Arche

Xrf: y@0008

©®Artsydhude 97-19



Oo yun lan ang dapat,

dapat kong akalain,

ang dapat kong malaman,

dahil sa mga baka, dapat at

akala dun ako dapat magkamali

na magmahal ng isang tunay

na tao.

If to be and when all should would could have been.

All those and that of my assumptions and presumptuous behaviour,

yet my attitude was not even true to your eyes.

Then I can

Than I shall

Will of my own.

For me to finish all

of not my,

yet in actuality.

It’s not mine at all.



® Artsydhude 97-19

™ XENOphagz

Walking with a Took.

Frost me an angel.

Thaw my demons away.

Whilst I do take every sip of bourbon mingled with this black tea.

I will watch the traffic go by.

See humans at their best rages ever.

Among that 7 mile stretch,

I’d rather walk along and not drive a single pedal.

Than have all the troubles of having convenience by my life.

I still have Reesa and Lemmy at the edge of my balls of toes,

and will make a life in unending and yielding love of my hobbit of a feet.



®Artsydhude 9-19