Felt the pelts.


And when Daedalus saw the fall,

I saw the rise the love of one’s own.

thus then the tears fall from Denethor,

I felt the love of Eowyn’s charisma.

after Luke descent in and out

I know what it feels like be within none without.


D3D14$-VDL C4:P2/OAM 48


Does the mind. . .


stay idle,

i dunno.

lie in wait,

for another stray thought.

Why then do i leave my door open to all sides then,

when this mind dont mind the evilness of the past thoughts comes and goes.


》》》>>{D3D14$}[VDL] C3

○●⊙▪■□ OAM17.9 P67 © oliver a. melendez

Lbl., dp., 0048


Catch me a dream, while i bask in this nightmare of a life.





》》》>>{D3D14$}[VDL] C2.P10

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