Ano ka ba at ganyan pa rin. . .

ilang araw na,

ilang beses na,

bat ganito pa rin,

bat ganon pa rin.

Sa pananaw ko ganyan pa rin kayo,

Eh wala talaga ako na magagawa,

ganyan na yan,

Ipag dasal ko na lan,

kahit paano at humarap kayo sa kanya,

at least he knows what mercy can be done for you,

what trials can he give to you

and what of love can given to you.

Its all i know how to save you.

It all i know how to give love to you.

-Unang aklat pg.47 / Kaka T.I ka talaga

Storm cometh

I faced my storm,

It took me places,

It dragged me to the stars and back.

Its mercy raw,

Its power indefinte,

It claimed me,

In the end,

I was and will never be in that storm again.

coz it told me,

“I am you,

you are me,

Dont you forget,

your life,

is never what it seems,

just to know to take it as it is.

Then you know,

what is the real

storm and the fury of me,


I am you,

you are me.”