In at the line of. . .

Find me a strength to make a fight.

A fight that does not last,

that does make things

not right 

nor a wrong word to make my day,

be more colorful than a month back.

be mundane enough to see the black sky as the only blue clarity as I see fit.

Inasmuch to have nothing,

yet only a longing embrace from a deeper sense of what;

I will make,

I can take,

but of all the pink cake 

I shall not want.

Only to hear the spiders laugh,

the smirks of cockroaches takes the half

of humankind’s feet.



®Artsydhude 97-19


Lost in my mind,

then after losing my heart.

My stress became arrested,

not of days. . .

into things I cannot,




Only to exercise my 

submission to you.

Coz I know you do know

what it means,

to treat me as not,

to treat me as a,

yet I can only see your eyes

can not see me.

As I am now,

only for you to see me

as I were.

If we are to live like so,

I dunno.


®Artsydhude 97-19