NsVs vs NmBs 245

We may be each other option at a time,

Now we have choices to bring,

Do we waste all these away,

Or keep each other’s reach,

So we can blame each other

At hurt and a distance.

Then did love guide us then,

Or are we making excuses

For each other’s graces.


Galleria de los amigas

You were,

You are

And you will fill my heart,

My mind,

The longings 

I can find.

Yet to have known,

And loved you the years,

In which I had grown.

I will love as the same,

‘coz in my eye’s

You will always stay the same,

And be loved,

With no other name.

AuVi 00.08

Some people say,

Count your blessings.

Some say,

Be positive,

Take up arms and fight the negative.


In my terms,

Nothing is as sacred as being stupidly intelligent.

Knowing how to use my own god damned mouth and pick my tongue as the

Weapon of choice,

first to be quiet,

Then to be silent.


AuVi 8b.c3

Know to know,

How to know,

Knew that a life is a world,

And the world is not ours to take,

Only to make it in an improvement

Yet we can make things,

By not losing,

Not winning,

To help is not always the answer 

Rather spend the time together

So we can unite

For a better day

Into the year that follows,

Never lose any second,

And allow foolish heavens.


WpB 0091

If it were to carry over,

That all things probable,

That some things is not possible.

I will at least put my vanity on my shoes,

I will at least show my pride that fit my socks,

And will use expectations and life’s lesson upon my sleeve,

To know all of it are pure sanctimonious, superficial and cosmetic

Designed flawlessly

And enough to know it’s just 

A mask,

But for my alter ego

To show my pure weakness,

Coz that is the strength I only know.


NsVs vup009de

You say love is,

I say define it.

You say appreciate them,

I say understand the situation

You say appreciate all there is.

All I hear,

All I can say, 

That they are,

They were…

And yes they can,

Thing is. . .

Contemplate me a commitment of,

Consistent life.

where I know my place

And time,

To know them,

And to miss them. . .

Knowing how to balance what

And who to be with and without.


NsVs 008a1

On your lips it parts,

On your arms that hold me so

My love

My heart

My thea,

only you can make my life sing.

Only you make my mind numbed and dumbed.

Love me and leave me, yet you cannot.

I give you take,

You take O give.

Your hands balanced mine,

As my embrace love yours.

Unwillingly my hands involuntarily loves your hair.

As you with my heart and hold me close,

Before I even break a nose,

And care to make it dry 

before it ran away every tear that pours.