Must this be always


no matter how much i want,

i simply can not have.

Sure maybe,

if i focus right.

Sure maybe binge all this video’s

if i watch end to end.

Sur3 make my ears bleed,

til i hear no other than a lullybye of Haydn.

How am i to do,

when you cannot even,

or dare not kiss.

when can we?

Eye sea U


Coming back to you,

comes full circle and i have gone too far not having you,

I want your needs fulfilled in my lips, arms and waist near me,

just to know i am consoled,comforted and soothed by your eyes.

The long and winding path inside your loving and jitted ways of kisses gives me none,

alas missing the kisses we both can give into our lives,

in the glory days of loving each other.


in loving memoria


S. 21-34.


Warp me angel


As i look into the constellations of your heart,

Reprimand this heart my dear Betelgeuse,

As i wander into Aldeberaan,

do i want any of your Belt, Orion?

Let it be then,

as the stars weeps while Persieds keep me afloat in this wretched boat.

Ahh, to b ask in the twilight of midnight,

To see,feel,touch and kiss the ground,

where I stand among the cosmos of my univers3.



Turn a leaf,

read a page,

see the world,

make me someone that i am not.

That would be an escape from myself.

But would I,

want to,

ask me,

Do i dare tell myself,

and turn into someone else?

Phacz of life


Today is and will be your testament,

Tommorow is nothing but the future of

constant circumstances, outcome and final phase

where the choices of

Yesterday that were done.

– X phactore pg.2