abstract, Digital drawing, doodle, Emotional warfare, free verse, Life, Line art, noodling, poetry, relationships

Pw3te .b1.ei

I want to feel the bruises,

Of a lining and suture of the scar

upon the beige of a skin.

I need to hear your feet at the sound of my voice,

While you trample me with your poetic heart,

Always will and stops lying to me of your intent to my my content.

Sure we can be happy with our lies, 

deceptive, and mischievous ways

and call it life.

Who really is blind here,

my eye which never hears,

your lips that cries all of your kisses;

Of the love we say we do,

in a sense that our hands has no clue.





abstract, Digital drawing, doodle, free verse, Line art, noodling, poetry

NmV #00.a2

What is a poem,

When that poet,

Lacks of vision.

When a poetry,

came late at the hour

of his own destruction.

How poetic it is,

when the money came first,

then the imagination was the last at his mind.





abstract, Art, Digital drawing, doodle, Line art, poetry

Ode to mornings

Once upon a purple moon,

All grounds were bought from a store,

Which the bucks were really quality star.

Of its ground sold everywhere, I loved it then.

Now I have to bare a granule of a tablespoon

only which to pour on a cup of mornings

that start my body to shake and shiver,

Only to deliver from 2 to 5 pieces of work.

Albeit to my hands,

It will starts like no other.

Only stressed emotions sparks all over

when this caffeinated mind works over.