AuVi vs NsVs d3ao

Alter me a day,

And I will see to it,

That I can come back again

Like last Saturday.

But leave me in Sunday,

I know I can come up that Monday.

And I will listen to Tuesday,

To be consistently enough be there

For Wednesday and be transfixed and can transformed

At that morning on Thursday.

And I will listen to Metallica by Friday.

And do it all over again and I will party on for the next month to come.


NmBc 12zx

detach all line to that cutie pie.

Attach all ugliness inside,

Then you can be attracted

To the one who you will help

All your life,

No matter how much cosmetic

They become.

Doesn’t matter what it becomes them.

And it matters to myself only,

When I know the time

To be attached to a concept,

Not any other materialistic precept,

Then how much I fall.

Coz all I know,

When I do . . .

I can count that concrete or any surface,

And I can look up to heavens,

And see and to count,

Those blessings.

AuVi vs NmBs rv1

Fried chicken is the addiction of all fools.

Crispy on the outside,

Get empty caloric proteins on the inside.

That’s is the feeling I get when I know

All my mistakes gather at my brain,

And my mouth is deep fried and dried,

And succumbing to all sugar coating since last year,

I have eaten,

Then it’s a hard thing to swallow.

When the chicken is not even 

Half eaten and all pink inside.


NsVs vs NmBs 245

We may be each other option at a time,

Now we have choices to bring,

Do we waste all these away,

Or keep each other’s reach,

So we can blame each other

At hurt and a distance.

Then did love guide us then,

Or are we making excuses

For each other’s graces.


AuVi 08.a1

Lay down the mind,

Put the coffee down,

Turn the light off,

Douse the flame

Then you know where and when 

Your shame is the blame of it all.

One can be his own divinity of demons that leaves its feathers behind.


What I knew of what hell my mind keeps flaming.

When that heaven of a place I keep, is where I know you are always there,

To love me and be with,

On days on end.


Galleria de los amigas

You were,

You are

And you will fill my heart,

My mind,

The longings 

I can find.

Yet to have known,

And loved you the years,

In which I had grown.

I will love as the same,

‘coz in my eye’s

You will always stay the same,

And be loved,

With no other name.


AuVi 00.08

Some people say,

Count your blessings.

Some say,

Be positive,

Take up arms and fight the negative.


In my terms,

Nothing is as sacred as being stupidly intelligent.

Knowing how to use my own god damned mouth and pick my tongue as the

Weapon of choice,

first to be quiet,

Then to be silent.