NsVs aeiou:v2

The void has a voice,

It tried to talk to me.

It had no choice

To air its grievance,

It said,

I am very sorry that this world

Has no more substance,

I see all of its existence i birthed,

Comes of this.

It became more chaotic than us.

I dunno,

I want you to know,

Only you can make this point across.


©oliver Melendez




Rhe verzya dos

Come at me suffering.

Come at me anxiety and depression.

Come at me destructiveness.

I will see to it,

You will be inverted

To reverse at every verse there is.


©oliver Melendez



NmBc 24k

Lose fear and you will gain hope.

Lose hope and fear seeps in by your doorstep.

Why then succumb to fear,

When hope always win at the end.

What hope promises,

While fear makes a fool of us all.

Then only when one decides to choose

Neither those two,

But to ride the process in which fear and hope is its own blade.


©oliver Melendez



Rhe verzya una.

Down down I go,

Spiraling the steps of a Benetton rabbit

Who took that purple pill of the things I held dear.

Now I take the stairs and saw Giger near.

He was smoking a vape with Dore,

With Dante and Virgil hitting that Hennessey at some whore ‘s door.

My head is a vertigo of its Homeric pieces and Socratic stoics instead.

Damn Purple hare,

Where are YOU,

I need that purple pill to lessen this

Delusional hallucination.