You r my. . .

But not the boss of me.

then much to my demise,

I still do what and keep allowing.

Albeit that of our loving. . .

she exemplifies your attitude and behavior when it comes to be the boss of me.

How then

Can I be of a parent,

when I consistently persist on bad denotations and poor communication.

Please why can’t you just stop doing,

the princess will see

how much of no love you give,

Yet she can only love me.

Far more better and knows her Dad

only to understand how much. . .

how much.


The spirit . . .

. . . Do go on.

Loves none but not to move,

only to make someone,

… or any to be forward thinking.

In a way we are to make,

not of history,

even conforming or not.

A force which may or not do bind,

each knot of past and future,

a depression that states all of situational stress.

so, yes.

The spirit will make us all move,

into our own . . .